Stuck at work and horny in sweden

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More Things to Hate about Sweden

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Sofie Aand absolutely only comparison with Swedrn that I made was that it is a big city. March 16, at Sweden is technologized all over, while USA…. People always use polite words over here but it got me thinking how many do actually mean it when they say please or thank you? February 22, at And I wonder weather or not what you were doing when you wrote that isnt in fact the exact same thing as you accused swedish people of anyways?

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S or Canada or something. No one fucking Smiles all the time sweren holds up the door or small talks with strangers. February 14, at The whinning about the weather, people do that everywhere I think but its alot more noticeable when you are scanning for differences in people. Make your hopes and dreams happen! Just for fun of it ; http: No hogny where you are from you are grown into that particular society ,the norms,culture and mentallity of things, it becomes your natural element so when you are taken out of the place you are used to all the walls come crashing down and it confuses you, upsets you and so on, you miss how it used to be so to say because you are used to it and havent experienced anything else, you notice peoples norms alot more when you come to a new place.

February 2, at When I first came to England I thought it was very historical and beautiful but after living here for a couple of months I started noticing the differences from what I am used to, and I did not like it, LOL.

February 22, at S or Mobile or something. Its a big booty shake.

It wasnt even going that fast so it was obvious that I wasnt hurt. I have been to the US numerous times but I would never in my life think of the absurd idea to complain about the things that I dislike about the US. So I have no idea where you get this comparison to Stockholm. Buckinghamshire, Birkshire, Kent are a lot of places where Londoners live, and travel into work. This wasnt directed towards anyone in particular, just my own thoughts and feelings about it, I hope I wasnt being too confusing Dano says: Its a big city thing. March 12, at

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