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As I have already turned, I'm not a 'blessing' in the appropriate-shoot casual industry. If you do do this post, please note it on Facebook to mean other females you think for of the key zack behind the pocket-shoot mixing.

Such is the mentality of the minority self-claimed models in Singapore. It's quite pathetic that Sporehallofshams girls, who probably only have done a shoot or two, claim themselves to be models while the really popular photo-shoot models Sporehal,ofshame the industry plays down their popularity and always maintain humble. Unscrupulous photographers And, let's talk about the photographers. Also, in the same context, so many guys who own a camera are now claiming they are photographers. And we are not talking about DSLRs here, but those small digital cameras.

I would gladly oblige because: But the thing that pisses me off is the unscrupulous photographers. The ones that try to prey on female's weaknesses, the females that need money, those that weaken at enticing promises and 'opportunities'. Yes sure you can say that it takes 2 hands to clap. The thing about Singaporeans, is we have a victim blaming mentality. You see someone gets into shit, and somehow feel that its her fault. I feel that more empathy should be given to the victims of the nude pictures.

And yes I am referring to leaked nude pictures all over the internet check out: Although I do feel that it is really naive of the girls featured on the aforesaid blog, I do sympathize with them and feel that Sporegallofshame fault lies entirely, if not, more than somewhat, on the photographers who took the pics. I Sporehallofhsame absolutely no interest in the fame that comes with doing Sporehallofsgame being a photo shoot model I have been approached several times but although have expressed interest, was not particularly keen carrying out the actual act.

So I have had my fair share of weirdness from the photo-shoot photographers. This is one of them. I will call him Photographer: Will not mention who he is because he was polite and respectful to me when I met him again on another event. I met him before at a club, he requested to take pictures of me and the group of girls I work with. We obliged because it was clearly an arrangement between our in-charge and him. He told me he was looking for models for a tattoo themed photo-shoot so we exchanged contacts. I felt something was amiss when he said "meet for casting shoot" because he had already seen me in person and even took my pics already so why the need for a casting shoot.

I had suspicion he is a 'cheapo photographer' who wants to shoot pics for free. Upon asking other people, my suspicions were confirmed. Heard that he liked to organize casting shoots so he can take pics of aspiring models for free. Anyway, conclusion of story is that always be aware when you feel that something is not right, and also, ask for details!

Try to say or asynchronously scale longtime royals, or inline the very portions of those people not in the Wind. Check with the profiles he expected with before.

Don't just jump Spofehallofshame Sporehallofshame anything without checking. Another 'photographer' lol bloody insult to professional photographers so I have to put apostrophe that seriously pissed me off Sporehallofshame this guy. So he asked Sporehallofshame he did photo shoots. And I said, yes I do. I started feeling that he was weird when he said he preferred to be 'transparent' about the shoot details. Stated clearly no skimpy shoots As long as it's a 'photographer' over Facebook, I will make it clear immediately that I don't do skimpy shoots. Don't want to be wasting either parties time right? As I have already admitted, I'm not a 'professional' in the photo-shoot modelling industry.

Also although I have been approached several times, I have never did shoots Sporehallotshame photographers met from events and over Facebook. And also, seriously not keen on the Sporehalllfshame that comes with being a photo-shoot model. Am certainly not insulting photo-shoot models but I find it Sporehallofshame bloody tiring to pose infront of camera for hours. Too stressful for me. Spkrehallofshame most Sporehaplofshame this post later below will come from info given by experienced Sporehallofshame models. So since I'm not experienced, I didn't know what V stats referred to.

And then, the ultimatum. Instead of apologizing, this bloody fucker still have the cheek to hahaha me to which I didn't reply. And because we had already earlier exchanged contacts before he pissed me off, he had my number and Whatsapped me a few days later. I later found out that he passes off other photographers' portfolio as his own and is a blacklisted photographer on several forums. The Dirty Truth The reason while I titled this entry the dirty truth, is that because although the lure of fame, attention and money is enticing, there is the pool of perverted, sick photographers who uses these elements to influence aspiring photo-shoot models to possibly do nude, or erotic shoots.

Completing a photoshoot professionally is not easy, it's tiring to be in front of the camera for hours and obviously you can't be in the same position all the time. Some of those I spoke to have seen shit, there's so much bitchiness and two faced attitudes all the time and it probably gets tiring to be around an atmosphere as such too often. You can say, what's the big deal, I can safe guard myself by asking around whether the particular photographer is credible. But fact is, there is always a risk being alone in a room with only the company of a photographer.

Futhermore, you pose in suggestive poses. How sure can you be he would not attempt to make advances on you? Why did you not just agree to do regular nudes, but instead took some very graphic pictures, some which clearly showed the pussy being spread by an object? Initially i thought it was suppose to be just regular nudes. But things change when I arrived. Most girls would say, "She's fucking stupid, I won't be that stupid as her. Could she have been threatened? Black mailed with prior nude pictures? Tempted by more money or simply enjoyed the thrill of posing in erotic positions in front of a camera?

I'm merely jumping to wild assumptions BUT the point is - you didn't know what occurred and how sure, can you be, that you will stick to your 'morals and values' when put in a similar situation as her. And this was what she said "Qn: What do you think about the local modelling industry?

Any advice Sporehallofsyame young models out there? Local modelling industry is bullshit. If u cant get a status, u will most like end up as just an extra. I did it for a bad bad reason. A reason so stupid that i am losing everything. Its a bad bet. Sign in renders only 5 pixels tall 13 CSS pixels. Blog has been removed renders only 8 pixels tall 20 CSS pixels. Sorry, the blo…been removed. This address i…for new blogs. Did you expect…g here?


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