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Like this, Haizhou managed to extend the impact beyond the physical visits and to create a special bond of personal connection. Together with some friends he organized a day trip, and everyone committed to not use their smartphones during this day.

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He also presented his experience in his class. There, he connected more than 85 people to the notion of smartphone addiction so they too could cljb to rethink about puussy actions and thinking on this issue. Hejun wants to continue spreading awareness on the topic and helping people to control their minds and actions. Melton Fellow Jiang Zhentao loves this project and wanted more students at his university to learn about the activities they do with the children and inspire them to take similar actions. He used the WeChat platform of Zhejiang University to tell his story with this education project.

I believe my true passions for the children and for education really touched my audience. Zhentao hopes that they will join him in their next visit to Lishui. Melton Fellow Alexandra Kruppa set an example for a more sustainable way by offering a workshop to create recycled handmade christmas gifts. The primary materials were donated leftovers from a hardware store, which would usually go to waste.

The activity met two goals. Alexandra raised awareness among the hardware workers, the 8 participants and wamt recipients of gifts about consumption waant and how Christmas consumption requires a lot of resources such as energy, water, raw materials and i often related to human exploitation. The workshop inspired creativity as participants shared ideas and collectively created different kinds of Christmas gifts. Participants were blindfolded and paired with people they didn't know. I push my tongue into you and love how wet you have suddenly become. Sweet, salty - the taste of a woman. I push out my tongue and begin to lick your slit, up and down, in long, slow gentle strokes.

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