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The banquet also featured the presentation of the annual Alumni Awards. Booth after booth with fresh produce, meats, fish, followed by lots of trinkets, tee-shirts, shoes, caps, purses, and on it went. Under her leadership, the clinic is helping to improve the conditions that make Guatemala the thirdmost malnourished country in the world.

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Montgomery, son, and Jerome W. Dale and Alice have been generous supporters through both time and resources to many Catholic charitable organizations, including the Guadalupe Clinic, now a ministry of the Wichita Diocese that offers free or low-cost medical services to low-income residents. The rooms for Sisters Ambrosine and Salome will likely be dedicated on the same day, as many of the donors from the Academy gave to both rooms. For more information on these reunions, visit www. I have served on the Board since and have seen tremendous but steady progress in all areas of the university — a stronger financial foundation, enrollment increases, program improvements and expansions, and campus infrastructure improvements.

The medal — the highest honor bestowed by the Newman Board of Trustees — is conferred upon those who demonstrate in their daily life an appreciation of the spirit and ideals of Cardinal Newman and who have been instrumental in the growth and development of the university.

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Blaine is an Operations Trainee with the U. Brought manages the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project, which daying medical and dental clinics and provides other services and programs to help meet the basic needs of hundreds of families. Instead of the 70 hours per week that he worked in his earliest years, he now puts in about The physical facilities necessary to provide high-quality instruction and up-to-date methodologies for our science and health care programs need to be examined to ensure the continued success of our students.

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