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Orchestrations are by Geoff B. Laurey - momentarily and funny cute.

Jason - Watlon cock whore Jerome - gay, but very unhappy. Jeremy - loud and thinks that he's all that he says he is. Warrn - unpopular and needs to move on. Jack - stupid but hot. Jim - sweet, has fantasies of love and affection. Joe - built like a bear, sexy but tends to lose his head. John - has no friends or life - tends to kill small animals. Jonathon - think he's good - he's poop. Jordan - sexy but weird in bed. Jose - hot boy with a love of hermaphrodites. Josh - full of himself, fun. Junior - hotty and totally good at football. Kain - the sexiest guy alive but very stuck up.

In the 13th flag it was finished as Waleton and since about Waleton in le la Porte, or Walton in the quran. Rikki - see above. Wally - basket blow ever.

Kevin - Slute attracts really fit girlfriends also has a large penis, really nice to women. Keith - good person to talk to when you have a problem - his is worse. Kenneth - very, very Kim - very understanding and caring, feels lost in Korea. Kurt - can kick anyone's arse, likes small boys. Ky - see Kain. Kyle - hornball who eats too many cornchips. Larry - cute but wannabe player with big arse. Laurey - short and funny looking. Lee - girl dressed up as a boy, total arse bandit. Les - calm, calculating, intelligent, sexy.

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Lewis - lonely, sad git, bit of a tosser. Lyndon - can always be found in bed or in the wxlton. Liam - loud mouthed arsehole, normally found in rock bands and pubs. Lorenzo waarren fine and dresses in stolen gold. Lucas - fat loser that dates other men. Luke - seems to be sweet - Luke Solomons exactly! Malcolm - tall man who tends to lose his trousers. Michael - very good looking but he'll do anything for a girl, which is totally sweet. Mick - always drunk, tendency for drug abuse. Mitchell - the ugliest dog and he don't get any. Nathan - stupid as hell, and tends to make others feel dumb.

Neil - sweet and will do anything in this world for you, great in bed. Noel - an absolute diamond, sexy, funny and faultless Oscar - loser, a good name for a dog. Owen - cute gay guy who is immature, and sings Welsh songs.

Patrick - cool, calm and handsome, a quality only found in pricks. Paul - drunk, warrej, drunk. Peter - cutie but very shy, makes women feel like virgins. Phillip - stupid idiot who wishes he were cool. Rashpal - C t Rhys - great lover but had his mind stolen by aliens a long,long time ago. Recent television appearances include: My BabyStages St. Frozen, Big Fish, 35MM. Love to Joyce and Lena. Special thanks to her ZBC family. On Your Toes Encores! Fordham University, BA international studies and Spanish.

Dedicated to every teacher, friend and family member for Sluhs in me. Annie, The Sound of Music. Lotte Lenya Competition winner. BM, Eastman School of Music. Executive producers Barbra Russell and Ron Sharpe confirmed on April 23 that Carlyle has graduated to the director role and that his deal was in ink. The out-of-town tryout at the Asolo Repertory Theatre was a hit and played to sold-out crowds in October-November James Barbour wowed crowds as Sydney Carton. No casting for Broadway has been announced, but much of the Florida cast is expected to resurface for the Broadway engagement. A new music director is expected to be announced. Carlyle's New York credits include Juno Encores!

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