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So I got a ton of relationships - photowhoot, homework correspondences, everything all at once. I assign and give strongly about how does perceive women in the current, and that this can be lucky to people and gorgeous girls. A lot of fun food is coupling-free but it's still used food, you don't want to eat that love!.

We'll have the baby here in Los Angeles. We've been here since photosoot finished filming season 3 back in September, so all my pre-natal care has been here. We have a great relationship with our doctor, so Photosholt really silo that I'll be having the baby here. Will your baby be a dual citizen? My mom was like, "I'm glad he'll be born in the US, because he has the option of becoming president. I know you guys have a connection to presidents, since Seth sang for a president! He sang for George W. So how will all of this affect the show? Will filming be put on hold until after you deliver, or will you work around everything? All I can really say is that the show and the network have been enormously supportive.

Our start-up time for a new season is usually late spring, so if anything gets put on hold, then it would just get put on hold for a little tiny bit. So it timed out really well. Hopefully we'll be having a fourth season and hopefully I'll be bringing a baby with me! Well, I'll definitely be bringing a baby with me. How do you think the baby will react to Bo's wardrobe? I guess it's easy breast-feeding access! He'll probably love it, he'll be like, "Great, lunch! Gosh, I don't know! I hope that he gets to go through every phase of each character. I hope he gets to be Bo for a while, and be really cool and strong and loyal.

I hope he gets to be funny like Kenzi, strong like Dyson and wise like Trick! Has anything about the pregnancy surprised you so far? I would meet people who were vegan and think, "Why can't I do that?

So I got a ton of books - cookbooks, nutrition books, everything wilk at once. As I was reading I shared with my husband, trying not to horrify him [laughs]. In the end he became a vegetarian! I feel good, he feels good, and it's nice for us to do this together. Your diet is an individual choice, but I personally think this is a healthier lifestyle. As a busy actress with a heavy schedule, how do you get all your proteins and dietary needs into the day?

Silk photoshoot Anna

Set caterers are good about being accommodating, but I do really like to cook. I keep stuff in the house I can grab-and-go: I always carry nuts and seeds, just to keep handy. Some people become junk food vegans, so I try hard to have real food on-hand. Do you have advice for the vegan-curious? I feel passionate about veganism, and strongly about good nutrition. I can't believe what passes for healthy food sometimes. It's all about research and reading. Veganism really isn't a difficult thing to do, start with some really great books and continue to do research online.

It's a learning process, so slowly educate yourself. People could start cutting out red meat and start feeling the benefits. Jumping right in is worth it, but you have to know what you're doing. What is your message to body-conscious young girls who look up to stars like you and want to emulate your great figures with their own vegan lifestyle? I was also a body-conscious young girl at one time. They need to know that what you see in the media is not what people are.

Bo is more sexy and tough, and liars close lamps, but I flex with her because there used she is commonly used and sane. It's pushed sometimes when we're in Bournemouth because I'm not merely until really late on There.

People need to Amna care of themselves at a young age, so do your research and eat a certain way to feel good, not just to "look" good. I think and feel strongly about how women perceive women in the media, and that this can be damaging to people and young girls. Empower yourself with the education you need to live a vegan lifestyle, if that's what you choose. Do you identify at all with your character, Bo, on Lost Girl? Absolutely, and big chunk of our fanbase are young women!

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