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She mistook very happy. Walt woke up backwards than his marriage routine.

He was wearing a sleeveless and a short and was completely covered in sweat. He then went to his room and took a nice cold shower. Amy was still asleep and had no idea that Your slut mom was already home. Her room door was open but Alex failed to peep in since all he wanted to do was have a shower. Alex got all dressed up and ready for school. Just when he was leaving his room, he banged his door and Amy woke up with the sound of that. Her eyes opened and she realised that her son was home. She looked at herself and was just about to get off the bed when a sound came from her door.

Saying this he entered the room and got the shock of his life. His mom was sitting naked on her bed with a vibrator in her pussy. He was turned on by seeing his mother in this situation. He slowly started to get a boner in his pants. Amy was turned on after seeing his boner through his pants. She bit her lower lip and stared at his crotch for few minutes. Alex was aware of it and was not understanding how to react. Slowly, Amy started losing her grip on the bed sheets and moved towards Alex who was standing a few feet away from the foot of the bed. Alex got the signal and did not want to hold back. He walked near his mum who was all naked by now and was waiting for him near the foot of the bed on her fours.

Amy grabbed his waist and pulled him closer.

She started kissing his dick over his pants and rubbed it. Alex was on cloud nine by now. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. Amy then unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. Alex was wearing a boxer and as soon as she pulled them down, his dick smacked her on her face. Amy grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. Alex was already wet with pre-cum. Amy went closer and placed his dick on her lips. Alex only had one blowjob in his life which was from his ex-girlfriend, but his mom was a pro. She slowly sucked half of his dick in her mouth. Alex started to push it more into her mouth and Amy took it all without resisting.

Her mouth Your slut mom stretched completely and his cock was touching the back of her throat. She gagged his cock and started to move back and forth. This was the best blowjob Alex had received in his life and it was from none other than his mum. He was fucking her warm mouth with his thick cock. Within 5 minutes of sucking, Alex was about to cum. Some of it was leaking from the side of her lips. Eventually, she managed to take it all in her mouth and removed his cock from her mouth. She somehow managed to open her mouth which was completely filled with his cum till her teeth.

She showed it to him and closed it quickly. But Amy had something else in her Your slut mom. She took a glass from her side table and spat out all of the cum in it. It almost half filled the glass. Alex was amazed to see that. She spread her legs wide and displayed her stuffed, dripping wet pussy to her son. Alex immediately got on his knees and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. Alex kissed her pussy and started to lick it and move his finger in and out of her pussy. Alex took everything in his mouth and got on top of her and started to kiss her. Alex pushed his cock into her pussy and Amy blacked out completely.

This was the biggest dick to enter her pussy. She was stretched to her limits and wanted to scream but her voice was not coming out of her mouth. Amy grabbed him and pulled him towards her and his dick was completely inside her. He increased his pace and hammered her pussy. Alex continued thrusting his mum. Alex fucked her for 10 minutes. Her pussy was red and stretched open. She was not able to handle the pain and pleasure and came once again. This time she blacked out for 2 minutes. When she came to her senses, Alex was still fucking her and was about to cum. She opened her mouth and Alex pulled out of her pussy.

He sat on her boobs and slid his dick into her mouth. He immediately started ejaculating in her mouth. This time he did not cum as much as the first time but it was still a lot. Alex pulled her and started kissing her. Amy too was kissing him passionately. Alex had made her pass out twice in last 30 minutes and Amy was loving every moment of it. They both walked out of the room and went downstairs. There were some bacon strips in the pan which Amy had cooked for Samantha in the morning. She took all of them and sat on the dining table.

Alex made a hot cup of coffee and sat in beside her. What Amy did next made Alex go crazy. She took a strip of bacon and dipped it into the glass full of cum. She scooped out the cum on bacon and took a bite of it. He was so turned on by seeing this. She emptied half of the glass with bacon. Then she picked up the glass and started drinking the cum from it. She took a big sip and opened her mouth full of cum and showed it to Alex. He rubbed her pussy and Amy swallowed the cum. She drank all of it in 3 sips. Alex loved it when his mom talked dirty. They went and took a nice hot water shower together.

They had the house all to themselves for the next 15 days. Alex took a sick leave for a week from school. They both were roaming naked around the house. For the next couple of days, Alex fucked Amy almost in every corner of the house. He fucked her in various positions. Amy was loving to get fucked by her own son and the taste of his cum was making her want more. Alex would fuck Amy while she was cooking in the kitchen, he would rub her while she was eating or he would cum on her plate. She wanted more of it. After a fuck session, when they both were lying on the bed, she decided to have a conversation with Alex.

I want you to make money by making me fuck. We already have everything in our life. I just want to get fucked by strangers every day of my life. Can you do that for me? Am I asking too much? Alex understood that his mom was lonely and he decided to fulfill her wish. I will fulfill all your wishes. Amy came on Alex and he inserted his dick into her pussy. This time he fucked her pretty rough. He would bite her nipples, biting her lips and smack her ass.

I suite you enjoy this site and love it comes when you did to the last one. This new is a wristlet of my feelings. Amy came shortly and saw her feet hugging each other.

He even slapped her face a couple of sllut. Amy seemed to enjoy this treatment. She was an ass virgin. ,om had never inserted anything in her ass except for enema rods. She was a hygienic lady and would have enemas twice a day. He slowly started inserting it into her ass. Alex grabbed her panty which was lying nearby and stuffed it in her mouth. Amy looked at him in shock. Once in, he grabbed her ass cheeks and started fucking her ass. He rode her ass very roughly. He increased his pace every 10 seconds and was giving deep thrusts. Amy was screaming, but the panties were making it difficult for her.

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Her eyes started watering and she was crying while Alex was destroying her ass. He fucked her ass for good 10 minutes. Alex had smacked her ass too hard. Her asshole was sore. Alex pulled out of her ass and removed the panties from her mouth. He emptied his balls into her mouth. I put on a porn movie and turned the sound up a little to loud. As I watched, my mom was straining to hear what was going on. I had Eric and Todd sitting and pretending Your slut mom watch the movie while they rubbed themselves through their shorts. Soon mom walked over and pushed the partially open door all the way open.

She smiled at Todd and said, "I better keep an eye on you boys" and then she looked toward his dick. Mom went back to the couch where she could see Todd and sat back down. Todd acted like he didn't know she could see him and started rubbing himself again. Mom put her leg up on the couch and let her hand lay on her pussy. As she rubbed herself ever so lightly, Todd eased his hard cock out of his shorts and started stroking it. Mom had a look of pure lust as she watched Todd stroke his big cock. Mom raised up and slid her panties off and shoved them under a cushion and the she laid back, spread her legs wide open and started fingering her hot hairy pussy and she was so turned on that she didn't care who saw her.

Mom and Todd were looking diectly at each other as they played with themselves. Eric was behind me as we watched my mom shoving three fingers in herself. I was kneeling and could feel Eric's cock bumping the side of my head as he jacked it. He was so turned on by my slut mom that he was just pumping away. I turned to look at him and he grabbed my head and pulled it onto his big hot cock. It was sticky wet with precum and I just started sucking him for all I was worth.

I heard my moms voice right beside me say "oh hell yes" Your slut mom she looked at me and Eric and then went down on Todd. Eric pulled his cock out of my mouth and squatted behind skut mom and sank his whole cock up to the balls in my moms wet pussy. She instantly pushed her hairy pussy back to meet him. Eric fucked her really alut and from where I was sitting, I could see his big balls banging into her pussy. Mom was moaning with Todds big cock all the way down her throat. Eric oYur pumping mom like slht and Yuor I heard him say "take my cum you fuckin slut" and he started to jerk and I could see his ass flex and his big balls would jerk every time he pumped more cum in my mom.

Mom was screaming "don't cum in me, I can't have a black baby, my husband will kill me" but Eric held her tight until she was full of his young cum. When slit pulled his cock out of my mom Your slut mom turned around, I swallowed it and licked it clean. By then Todd had mom by the hair and was slamming Your slut mom face onto his crotch and by the way she was moaning, she loved being treated like that. The stuff I had licked off of Eric"s cock tasted so good that Mim started licking it out of my mom. Mom was humping back on my tongue and my sut was super Your slut mom so I just slid up behind her and rammed my hot cock all the way up her. I put my hands on her shoulders and started pounding her "doggy style".

I was mo away, fucking my old Yoour moms hairy pussy was wonderful and I told her so and then she started screaming "you can't be fucking me, I'm your mom, this ain't right Mike, you have to stop right now". Her pussy was so hot and even though she protested she kept shoving it back at me. I lsut her "I'm gonna stop as soon as I fill my moms hot pussy with her own sons hot cum" and then I started cumming like I'd never cum before. To my surprise I heard mom say "I Ylur feel it lsut, I can feel it squirt in me, its hot baby, mommy loves it". As my cock softened I felt terrible, I'd just fucked my own mom. Mom mounted Todds big cock and it didn't take but a few pumps and he filled her with his hot cum and she seemed happy.

Me and the guys went to bed or at least I did. I guess mom and Eric and Todd decided to have one last fuck and thats when my dad caught em. After my dad left, my mom got depressed. She quit fucking and started drinking more. We only got to fuck her the one time so I went back to sucking the guys cocks for them. They liked it when it was all three of us and they could usually cum a couple of times each. After one sucking session, we all talked for a while and I told Eric and Todd that I was going to stay by the creek and take a nap. They left and I was laying there, playing with my cock when I heard footsteps behind me.

I looked up and there was an older man standing there. I tried to hide my cock but he said "I already seen what you was doin, it don't bother me". He sat down on a log and said "my name is Manard and I live just down the crick from here" he said "I seen you suck them other fellers cocks before, too". He said "I heard you fellers say that you fucked your ma, is that right". I nodded my head yes and he said "I like at kinda talk cause I used to fuck my ma too". He said "is your ma perty and does she like fuckin". I told him about my dad catching her fuckin my friends and now she won't fuck us any more. He said "shes just feelin guilty, you boys find a way to make her horny and she'll fuck ya some more".

He stood up and said "my ma died a few years back. Have you ever sucked a growed mans cock before" and with that he unbuttoned his overalls and let them fall down to his ankles. He was a husky man with a nice round belly and hanging below that belly was a cock that hung down like a tree limb and a pair of tanned balls that would have looked more natural on a bull. He put his hand on his cock and it was massive. He walked right up to me and said "if you wanna suck it, I guess I'd like at". I reached out and took it in my hand, and it was big and heavy and hot.

While I held it I reached out and rubbed his big balls with my other hand. They were warm and heavy and I couldn't resist licking them. When I did, Manard groaned and his cock started to grow in my hand. I couldn't wait any longer so I tried to get it in my mouth, and all I could manage was the head. His big cock was still growing so I just started sucking the head and rubbing those big wonderful balls. While licking his balls I took a moment to try and figure out how big it was. His cock was at least twelve inches long and as thick as a roll of sausage. It was tan with big veins all around it and the long dark purple head flared upward at the end.

While I was looking at it, it jerked a couple of times and a big glob of precum oozed out of its opening and ran down the underside. I put my tongue on that and got the head back in my mouth and then I tasted everything. His sweaty skin, his sweaty manly balls and his cum was salty and sweet and also tart. After that I began to gobble his big cock and I could tell he was liking it. He was saying "slow down boy, make it last" but I wanted his big load in my mouth, the whole thing just turned me on. Sucking a stranger with a horsecock, thinking about my moms hot hairy pussy and picturing this big cock fucking her brains out and then he was mouth fucking me and he had half his big cock in my mouth and my mouth felt good but his big cock also hurt me.

He had his big hands on my head and his big cock all the way down my throat when I heard him say "I'm cummin ma, take it ma take all that cock ma, oh yea" and his big hot cock started to jerk and I could feel it expandingFixing My Slut Mom in my throat and his hot cum felt like candle wax in my throat. We were knotted like 2 dogs, his cock wouldn't even come out of my throat until it started to soften. Afterward me and Manard talked about a way of getting my old horny mom back and I told him I thought his big cock could do it.

He came home with me and when we got there my mom was drinking. I introduced her to Manard and told her he was sleeping over.

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