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A city full of Christmas markets, with a streetscape that has a magical sight thanks to the heavenly lighting, and where all sorts of stalls are displayed selling delicious food and mulled wine. Are you looking for a hotel where you can continue the evening in style? So why not hire your very own girlfriend for the evening? See out with a bang! All the streets are beautifully decorated during the festive season, and there are ice rinks on various squares, where you and the dazzling escort of Society Service can skate hand in hand.

The entire city is transformed into a fairytale environment and therefore has even more atmosphere than it normally does. Since availability is limited, we recommend you place your bookings well in advance, at least a day in advance. I look forward to hearing from you again in the New Year. After all, practise does make perfect! The most famous Christmas market in Rome is that of Piazza Navonawhere several stalls are displaying decorations and delicacies.

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This city is known because the very first Christmas market in Europe yeaes held in and thus it has the oldest Christmas market in Europe. Esort your time together you can look for the most beautiful nativity scenes that are located inside the many different churches. You can request that she wears something particular too if you like. In addition to the market stalls where you and your date can drink hot mulled wine, Nuremberg has more to offer.

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