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Survey: We asked people 'why do men rape women?' The answers are fascinating

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There's almost always romance, even if the focus of the story is something else entirely. And these things usually follow a clear path, too - female protagonist will run into hot guy and spend much time describing his hotness Expect words like striking, brilliant, shining, and other words bizarrely related to illumination Here, the romance usually takes one of two paths - guy and girl hit it off right away and quickly become best friends, then lovers. Ooor guy does or says something to upset girl and much of the story is based around him being a bumbling idiot and having to make that up to her - and it's always the guy who's the bumbling idiot.

The protagonist almost never screws up her romance, or is to blame with an obstacle to it, unless it's an emotional obstacle like overcoming grief from a previous lover. But while the guy will often unintentionally screws up, he will almost never purposely screw up Or be otherwise selfish in the relationship In the instances where he does, him overcoming this and making it up to the protagonist will also become a big focus. As for the violence side Typically it advances the plot, or otherwise it's just there to ensure to the reader that, yes, they fought. The protagonist probably will be awesome with whatever fighting style she has, but this is rarely actually important.

Ooor guy does or says something to wed girl and lowwer of the wedding is seen around him being a sexual activity and having to make that up to her - and it's always the guy who's the very creative. People who are less likely and with less light to find tend to become better minded, low in manor, and they owe to become aware.

A lot of the female power fantasy seems to revolve around social power - wooing the love interest, making friends, turning enemies to one's side. That sort of thing. When a character is shown explicitly hating the protagonist, they're often evil, or eventually brought around to liking them. Now me, personally, I find many female protagonists, even those written by women, to be bland and whiny, so perhaps I'm not the best to describe it here. But what will the unmarried and people whose wife dont cooperate to do sex? It is a feeling like hunger and thrist and you cannot i bet you cannot just like that control for a long time.

They tend to have sex. But wise people, however big they are quietly masturbate if they cannot have real sex with a their partner. In that way you can avoid a lasting temptation to force some one and have sex.

Wise persons masturbate but foolish fellows want to Findds the women flesh and so they rape any other girl or women whom they come accross and whom they they think they can easily do. So let women dress properly and let the TV channels and cenemas dont show sex or sexy women. In slurs country like India where the gender ratio is disturbed and also the conservative culture where sex is still consider as a taboo, porn must be stopped. No men in their right state of mind can go for such a heinous act. Probably this desire increases even more when they drink. I think rapes have always happened in the history of mankind but the numbers have increased drastically in recent times. This can be attributed to multiple causes.

The rapists are at times driven by the provocative clothing that women wear nowadays, although that might reflect a considerable lack of exposure on the part of the rapists.

Another reason can be the exponential westernization of our locxl. The countries like US have been developing over the last years and to slhts frank our country's development picked up only in the 60's so our society hasn't matured at the rate that we've grown at. It comes out in a lot of ways, mostly violence and that too against someone who's physically not as imposing. Free mixing, effect of drugs, advertisements all play. I want to mean clothes. How to resolve the confict in mind? Now things are getting reported, thanks to media.

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I mean Look at the sluuts. The education ,the open society is helping the western civilization men and women co-exist with equal values. In Indiasex education is still not in lpcal school curriculum as it is considered a matter of shy to the teachers. But this turns out the reason when the same children turns an adult and he starts seeing any women on road with lustful eyes. Hence stringent actions should be taken against the offenders. People who are less educated and with less exposure to diversity tend to become narrow minded, low in maturity, and they tend to become insensitive. The number of rapes done by well educated people and by those people who have seen diversity in life w.

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