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The programme gives an opportunity for students to study in two different European countries.

Voster Muchenge, who introduced the scholarship to me and tirelessly helped me throughout the application process. I have had a smooth preparation for my journey to France, special thanks to Narine and Jannike Campus France officers. My arrival was also seamless, thanks to Gisele Andre who picked me from the airport and made sure that I had a residence. I did a two-week French course and I'm now having my farm internship at St Chanion where I'm learning about organic farming and learning French at the same time. I am planning to continue with my studies and obtain a PhD preferably a collaboration between a South African university and a French university.

Read more about it: I was drawn to France to pursue my studies because France is a first world country - I therefore knew that the university would have good facilities and resources. The study programmes in France are also highly affordable due to the financial investment made by the French governement. I also appreciated the French education system because they integrate the theoretical part of the studies with the practical part by making internships mandatory for us as students during holidays. All usernames are now the members' email address.

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