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Desde Barahona RD, Las Hermanas Rodriguez Perla y Ruth.

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Aroundin the city. Everything is cheap here. Typical safety precautions should suffice. This is a city by the beach. Book a tour to Bahia de Aquilas. Check out the local beaches. The girls here look better than I expected.

The girls just looked decent. The girls here are a little slimmer than in other parts of the DR, but tend to have big busts like most Dominican girls do. It was a sexy combination. Where to Stay in Barahona, Dominican Republic? You can stay in the city center or at a few oceanfront resorts a few kilometres from the city.

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Both are fine options, but not ideal to combine beach time and women. There are a half-dozen or more hotels on or near the Malecon in Barahona. The hotel options in Barahona are way better than apartment rentals. I stayed at Hotel Loro Tuerto and was happy with the place. Just make sure to pay for two guests if you want to get laid. Another solid option seems to be Maria Montez Hotel. Good looking girl here. You definitely will sleep with girls on the first or second date. The sting operation, based on investigative work by U. After the sting, the suspects were placed in pre-trial detention for a year awaiting trial, and if convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison for trafficking.

Of the 29 victims of sexual exploitation rescued, 14 were aged between 14 and 17, of whom eight remain in a government shelter. Over the next three months, they will get support from social workers and psychologists provided by the International Justice Mission IJMa Washington-based non-governmental global rights organization also involved in the rescue mission. The rescuers hope that sting operations can deter other sex traffickers and tourists. The traffickers never in their wildest dreams thought they were going to get arrested. We want to break this cycle of impunity," he said.

Rights groups say stopping the trafficking is not helped by the country's tolerance of the practice of selling children for sex work.

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An IJM investigation covering establishments across 20 towns in the Dominican Republic last year found that one in every 10 women working in the sex trade in bars, nightclubs and brothels was under 18, while one in every four sex workers in outdoor places - streets, beaches and parks - was a teenager, most of them aged between 15 and At least 39 visitors to the Dominican Republic have been denied entry by immigration officials since late because they have child sex tourism and other sex crime convictions, according to the U. The hotel industry has also taken action, signing a code of conduct to prevent adults and children being sexually exploited and training staff to spot potential sex crimes.

At hotel receptions in beach resort areas it is common to see signs saying: The government jailed six sex traffickers for periods ranging from two to 15 years inthe U.

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