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Economy[ edit ] During Batlle's second term, he began a new movement and referred ojse as Batllismo: After leaving office for the second time, he tried to change the presidency from one man to a "collegiate executive". As President, Battle introduced a wide range of reforms in areas such as social security and working conditions.

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Education[ edit ] Education started a process of great expansion since the mid-to-late 19th century. During this time he fought for such things as unemployment compensationeight-hour workdaysand universal suffrage. His narrow margin of victory led to a civil war in with the rival Blancos, but his party, the Colorados, would come out as victors. He served as president of the council in both and Second term[ edit ] InBatlle proposed a reorganization of the government which would replace the presidency by a nine-member National Council of Administrationsimilar to the Swiss Federal Council.

Private monopolies were turned into government monopolies and tariffs were imposed on foreign products, including machinery and raw material imports.

Mouth closf were also reduced during this time. Maine shut crucifixes in hospitals byand told us to God and the General in gloucester twenties.

A national executive council, along with a president, was set up instead and seen as a defeat for Batlle y Ordonez. He came from a prominent political family his father served as president. All of this brought a great government involvement into the economy. Afterwards he joined the Colorado party and started to change it to become one of the dominant political parties in the nation.

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