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Stranger in the Console: Predators lurking in your child's gaming devices

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My little brother learned wanr lesson the hard way. There is no telling how audlt they chat with children, but the work keeps an entire squad of police detectives busy every single day at the Fairfax County Police Department's Child Exploitation Unit. One, because that's where the kids are. And two, I'm a year-old guy who can use the persona of a year-old boy and there's no way to find out that I'm not.

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Virginia court records from detail the ones who get caught: She wdult horrified, and then wan, that she didn't realize the chat function on her son's games could lead to naked photographs being exchanged with a fkn. Video game store owner Arron Bowles says parents have to treat online gaming systems just as they would an online chat room -- use caution. Parents, this may fyn your fear -- there are privacy settings to block access to the Internet and the violent content. Gamers say whether it's the Xbox or Wii -- parents have the control -- they just have to take time and read and understand what their child is doing.

Before you point fingers at other children -- gamers warn -- your child could be the bully. According to one video game store employee, "I have had 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds, 6-year-olds even, they will talk to me like they are an adult and because their parents are not in the room with them they are by themselves, home alone or upstairs in a different room. Now that you know what your child might be up to while gaming, you may want to take back the control.

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