How to get rid of loneliness feelings

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25 Creative And Surprising Things To Do When You Feel Lonely

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Realize that loneliness is a feeling, not feepings fact. When you are feeling lonely, it is because something has triggered a memory of that feeling, not because you are in fact, isolated and alone. The brain is designed to pay attention to pain and danger, and that includes painful scary feelings; therefore loneliness gets our attention.

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lonleiness But then the brain tries to make sense of the feeling. Why am I feeling this way? Is it because nobody loves me? Because I am a loser? Because they are all mean? Theories about why you are feeling lonely can become confused with facts. Then it becomes a bigger problem so just realize that you are having this feeling and accept it without over reacting.

Reach out because loneliness is painful and can confuse you into thinking that you are a loser, an outcast. You might react by withdrawing into yourself, your thoughts, and your lonely feelings and this is not helpful. At its best, anticipation of loneliness might motivate us to reach out and cultivate friendships, which is the healthiest thing to do if rkd are sad and alone. Read a good novel instead. Losing yourself in a good story or identifying with a powerful character will boost off confidence and fill you with a sense of adventure. Take A Bath Where do good feelingd come from?

In the shower, right? Taking a nice, long, and relaxing bath is a great way to be bask in your alone time, instead of drowning in self-pity. Ladies, prepare a glass of red, chocolates and magazines. Gents, take a bubble bath ala Chandler by taking a manly boat with you! Take A Random Bus, Train or Flight Off to Anywhere Taking public transportation to a random location forces you to do two things—be in the company of strangers, and change your environment. Doing this will ward off loneliness and cure your wanderlust as well. Doing crazy stuff alone will give you a good laugh. Get Coffee Go to a coffee shop far from your apartment or office.

Then order coffee and sit on the bar, or that big table on the center where you can talk to people. Once you find them, attend them. Also, large groups of people may intimidate you. Chat with a small circle of people and attend gatherings or events with the goal of forming quality friendships. Spend more time with the people already in your life. Engage with the people you see on a daily basis. Every day you encounter—and ignore—countless people in the subway or at work. How about talking to them for a change? How about reaching out to friends, family and acquaintances and building up those friendships?

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You get out of relationships what you put into them. Make an effort to call, reach out, email and visit people already in your life. Start upping your commitment to people geelings already know as long as you enjoy their company, of course! Focus on your life and your desire to make friends. Appearances can be deceiving. Your friends who are surrounded by other people might have shallow and passing relationships. The bottom line on loneliness: Take the risk of breaking through your mental barriers; a richer and more fulfilling life awaits you. Vishnu coaches people to transition to more meaningful work and live a more purposeful life.

Bond with a dog. There are many reasons why this strategy works: Other pets, such as cats and fish, can also help ease loneliness. Also, reflect on whether you have any unrealistic standards that are making it hard feelinhs connect with others and stop feeling lonely, such as expecting too much from a new friendship too quickly or relying on another person too much. Depression can make you feel very self-focused, meaning that everything is all about you. The person might have a previous lunch date or too much work to leave his or her desk.

Reach out to a lonely person. Some people may view loneliness as contagious, and therefore lonely people often become even more isolated.

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