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Herd Immunity

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Note the vaccine is good for attenuating the disease, not preventing it entirely. The meningococcal vaccine can decrease the chance of an individual having invasive disease or dying from the disease, but perhaps more importantly, the vaccine can markedly decrease the asymptomatic carriage rates in a population 2. The ratio of total cases to those reported from the laboratories was 3: The vaccine is good, but not perfect. Pneumococcus is a nasty bacteria, causing pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis.

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More of the population can be vaccine twkax and not be at risk for a viral illness, but not pertussis. Asymptomatic carriage can be important to developing immunity to bacteria. Herd immunity at work. Like vaccines, carriage exposes the immune system to small amounts of antigen and can lead to immunity.

Sex in tekax Adult

The decrease in the number of disease carriers is vital to the prevention of bacterial infections. With a bacterial disease like pertussis, a small teakx in the vaccine rate can lead to a big jump in disease. Could we ever eradicate bacterial diseases? Before the vaccine pertussis killed about children a year, a death rate of about 1 in The conjugated pneumococcal vaccine is directed against the 7 most common disease causing strains. It has modest efficacy, but may make the difference between life and death in some patients.

The reason the doctor asks you to turn your head and cough when testing for a hernia is not that turning the head improves the hernia exam, it is so you do not cough on the doctor, a remnant of the age of Tb. Bacteria will often colonize people, not causing disease. Maximizing immunity in children and boosting immunity in adults is the only way to control pertussis:

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