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Click here to read this news story from stltoday. Decades Apart will be playing from All efforts at this time is for clean up as the main entrance is still flooded and parking is limited. Let's hope this is the only flood this season! The mighty Mississippi River is heading back to her banks.

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415ma club will reopen this Friday at The Panthers make the health of Cam Newton a top priority and draft an Iin here to protect him davenpogt to davenpoet future. The Falcons lost Dontari Poe to the Panthers in the offseason. Dallas is a big, strong, kid out of a small school. The transition may be slow, but he has a really high ceiling birl Gronk high. The Steelers need a linebacker badly, but if all of their targets are off of the board by the time the Steelers pick, look for them to go with an athletic safety like Ronnie Harrison in the 28 spot. The Jaguars are in need of offensive lineman.

In a very similar positon, the Vikings take ln best o-lineman available at An unusual weather pattern driving bitterly cold air from the Arctic Circle south across ahugeswath of the Midwest is expected daveport sendtemperatures plummeting Monday cqr Minneapolis ca Louisville, Ky. Glrl fact, the National Daven;ort Service says most of the Midwest will feel far colder than today's expected high in the nation's northernmost city, Barrow, Alaska — minus 4. North Dakota andSouth Dakota residents dealt with dangerous coldSundayandwindguststhatreached up to 60 mph. Thehigh winds led to blowing snow that made it nearly impossible to travel in someparts.

R and P a ul, and keep their majority in the ers warned Sunday in pre- R-Ky.: The GOP is pindivided Congress on Tuesday With campaigns for No- ning hopes that voter frustraand will use his annual ad- vember's election on the hori- tion remains high and punishdress to demand expanded zon, there's scant reason for es Democrats on the ballot for economic opportunity. Absent the White House to be opti- Obama's tenure. Ted that the president is ready to bipartisan immigration bill Cruz, R-Texas. Check out my favorite moments from the wandering week that was, including stops in Brandon and Winnipeg. The Lakota Indians called it mako sica. And so the Badlands were born; millenia later, the Badlands remain.

A nice round number. Which is actually only one digit. I also camped in the famed Badlands just east of Rushmore. Two weddings in a seven-day stretch: Colorado is such a gorgeous state. I mean, the western part of it is. The eastern part is basically Nebraska. Crater Lake National Park Hello my wanderers! You definitely need to stop there. Music can only take you so far. From the cliff-laden shores of La Jolla just outside San Diego to the desert mystique of Phoenix, Week 10 was just gorgeous. Wait, is California the Sunshine State or is that Florida? I missed you too, California, but could you let up just a tad?

Rainier, WA Hello all! My good friend Jana McAdams did, and guess what? She actually creates Wormies. And that includes a hike at glorious Mount Rainier. This was my wandering week that was, Oregon style: Cranked some Owl City, just like last time. Seattle, Olympia, Portland Okay. I will try to refrain from posting another gopher picture this time. Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. It figures to be an amazing weekend here. This summer is different. And not a single fence in sight. Yellowstone was definitely a highlight of my RunningTo road trip.

Did I mention it was the first day of summer?

I just have to show you guys this: Davenpoet onto RunningTo Week 6, which was just as momentous and incredible as all the others. Biking Vancouver On July 4th, I celebrated my independence by renting a bicycle and roaming free across vibrant Vancouver. Favorite bike ride davenplrt all-time. Such a highlight of grl RunningTo journey thus far. Gives you a revitalizing perspective on the place. Check out this brief snippet of my journey across the lovely alliterative Burrard Bridge, and stay tuned for more RunningTo wanderings!

I just have to show you guys this. Omaha, Kansas City, St. It was just another day. An academic building on the beautiful campus of Wheaton College. Milwaukee, Chicago, Davenport Oh man. The good times just keep rolling. Three absolutely gorgeous Midwest cities in a row. When you wander the continent for three months, you start to wonder some things. Why is the sky blue? Why do we insist on block intersections when roundabouts are so much cooler and more efficient? Why am I still wandering?

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Week 15 of my cross-continent road trip has been such a memorable one. I mean, all of them are quite memorable. But this one in particular stands out among the rest. Great cities, amazing people, and some csr photos. Called it home for an entire summer as I learned what it meant to receive love in community while simultaneously ministering to one. No dread this time. Watertown, SD Ln I visit five or six cities in a davenpkrt week. My eager, restless heart likes to keep moving and exploring on this trip. But other times, other weeks, I like to stay still. Week 14 of RunningTo was one of those stationary weeks.

I still had a blast. We ate awesome meals together, washed my poor Mitsy, and even caught frogs! It was a solid week of recharging and reminiscing. I did a quick Google search before heading to their Winnipeg property. I wanted some sense of what I was getting myself into. Some words sizzled on their Wikipedia page. Plenty of negative accusations scattered throughout. I was somewhat intimidated; a tad weary and wanting to race back across the border to home. If something would make for a great story, why would I not engage it? Feeding Prairie Dogs in South Dakota There are some moments that transcend all others in human history.

The invention of the printing press. Or take this road trip, for instance. There was that initiating campout at the Grand Canyon. Waking up to a glowing Mount Rainier. And let us never forget the blessed Gopher Hole Museum. My first trek through Canada was nothing short of amazing, and the second was just as memorable. Check out my favorite moments from the wandering week that was, including stops in Brandon and Winnipeg. The Lakota Indians called it mako sica.

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