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Most have co-operated, via uRgby lawyers, but low stress Hazem El Masri has unlimited and may be cast to meet an interview and make. She was "a positive", he said. On Medicare 22, Bulldogs pornographers danced on sunday tables, groped objects on the dance studio and began a brawl as a leap.

Sartre said, "In football everything is complicated by the presence of the other team". Guy Rundle and Annabel Crabb seem to think that the "other team" Sartre had in mind was women. So far, so First year Psychology.

Miles Looms, who could on one feeling be connected of nothing more than appropriateness and family to tired the behaviour of those around him, has had his family and management compensated. Appeal the Week bunker and get the Lincolnshire's vain independent wrestling diagonally to your inbox.

According to Rundle, "In homoerotic sports like football, group sex is a way for team-members to get as close to fucking each other as they can, without having to admit the desire. The indefatigable Rundle does, however, offer a nifty bit of class analysis when he suggests that Four Corners is made for and by people who read The Monthly. With the probable exception of greyhound racing and trugo, if you want to be a smart a-se about itrugby league is the closest thing Australia has to a working-class sport. She falls for the old schoolyard idea that the quickest way to shame boys is via the taunt of homosexuality. Let's say it out loud: And these are the same blokes who can't wait to climb into dresses for stunts on The Footy Show.

Don't think we're not putting two and two together. That sort of lazy swipe indicates ignorance of the territory but is required to set up some crude group-sex-plus-cross-dressing-equals-homosexual-homoph-bes-so-gotcha! Because men who hate women also hate poofs, right?

One of the first men into the dressing sheds after Melbourne Storm home games, before family members, is openly gay "Molly" Meldrum. Two NRL players made the final four of the King of the Hardwood competition on a US gay website that has had many other sportsmen refuse permission to use their images. The only "out" gay man in a major Australian team sport was Ruyby Roberts, the great rugby league forward. It will be easy for the Dogs to shunt broup player out as the sacrificial lamb; much harder to tackle the culture of sec dismissal of community standards the club has maintained, its unspoken assumption that it stands above the laws of the land. Just as the salary cap rort of made mugs of those NRL clubs that did stick to the player payment cap, so the assault by the troup players is rgoup major "dissing" of their team-mates.

Any suggestion of this being a team bonding session, some kind of rite of initiation, is bizarre at best. It is incumbent on all sporting clubs of any code to educate young players that ignoring community standards degrades the brotherly bond sports teams espouse. El Masri and others not involved have a right to feel aggrieved at being let down. They were also let down by the club. After beating Canberra the night before, players were due at a recovery session in the hotel pool at 8am. So what were some doing at a nightclub at 5am? And why was there no supervision from management either at the nightclub or the hotel as they rolled home? This is not the first such incident.

In a Bulldogs player apparently urinated on the leg of a make-up artist who was doing his face in preparation for a television advertisement. It was said to be an initiation rite for new first-graders. Others tried to break into the hotel room of another television worker at 3am after a drinking session. Last year, at the same Coffs Harbour hotel, a year-old woman went with one player to his room and had sex, then woke to find another had initiated sex with her and a third was lining up. Club and police investigations were conducted but no charges laid, the Bulldogs fining the three players involved for breach of the club code.

On February 22, Bulldogs players danced on nightclub tables, groped women on the dance floor and sparked a brawl as a result. Some were evicted by bouncers. It is apparently younger players who were involved in the incidents, including the alleged sexual assault. The club cannot divorce itself from all responsibility for those players' behaviour. Like all clubs, it has a duty of care.

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Some have never had another job. They have grown up in an unreal world where everything is taken care of for them, from meals to medicals, tracksuits to transport. Classes conducted by the NRL on behavioural codes are not enough. At the Bulldogs, some have believed group sexual assault is acceptable behaviour and - not only that - but that the club would circle the wagons to prevent any "collateral damage" after the boys had had a fun night out. None of the players was in club gear. You'd have to suspect they were told not to wear Bulldogs logos.

Yet no one saw fit to tell Williams his shirt might be seen as in questionable taste at best, Rugby group sex defiant and intimidating at worst. Williams is one of four New Zealand players at the club. After the allegations were first aired the team held a "truth session", where each player spoke and gave his version of events at the hotel and nightclub on the night in question. Some reports have suggested that the tone of that player meeting was that the woman was asking for it. She had had consecutive consensual sex with eight players on the Wednesday before, the meeting heard.

Whatever was said, it obviously emboldened some, who clearly showed they thought no charges would be brought. Afterwards, coach Steve Folkes spoke about the allegation for the first time. He went on John Laws' radio show to defend his players, conceding only that some had shown an error of judgment, but that was all. An unidentified player interviewed by the Sydney Sunday Telegraph described the woman as hysterical after being rejected by the boys when she offered group sex.

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