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After an unspoken agreement, one of the students got up to switch off the light plunging us into darkness. I closed my books too and laid down on the bench, my head almost grazing the side Nigeriq my coursemate thigh. He was snoring deeply so I fuckihg sure he did not notice. I soon closed my eyes and Nugeria asleep. Fuckjng receptionist sucked my cock I woke up at what fuckinb have been a couple of hours later. I Nigetia trying to Nigeria fucking girls what woke me up until I realise there were some sexual sounds coming from the bench beside us. Although they tried to muffle it, I could hear the sounds of bodies making contact and the quiet moans coming from the students.

I also noticed something else. My head was no longer resting on the seat, it was now resting on the laps of my coursemate. How this happened, I was not sure. There was a stillness about him that made me think he was awake. I opened my eyes, trying to see but it was pitch black. After a few seconds, I felt his hand on my head. He was gently stroking my hair and shifting on his seat. Something about the night made it impossible for me to resist. I felt his cock poke at my head. After hesitating for a few minutes, I unzipped his trousers and pulled down the band of his boxers. I heard his breathing become heavier as I covered the tip of his cock with my mouth.

His hand tightened on my hair as I began to suck his cock. I could not believe what I was doing but the moaning sounds from the other couple and the darkness turned me on a lot. I was already feeling the pressure between my legs as I fucked his cock. He was moving his hips to meet my thrusts as I slobbered all over that cock.

I could not wait anymore. I sat up and moved so I was Niveria on his laps, facing away from him. I pushed up the dress I wore and quickly pulled down my panties before Nigeri on his dick. I stifled my own moan as he entered me. I began to move gently up and down his cock. Soon, I heard another set of sex sounds in the corner of the room and this heightened my pleasure even more. Knowing I had my own dick to fuck while others got it on was such a turn on. He laid a mattress on the ground and I helped him lay his sheet on it.

His lips were soon on mine as he claimed me hungrily. I must have been asleep for fucing a couple of hours when, in my sleepy haze, I felt a hand clawing between my legs. Finally, I opened my eyes. Saheed was right beside me, passed out from alcohol. I tried to get up but as soon as his uncle saw that I was about to struggled, he moved so he was on top of me and pinned me down.

His stakes were usually on mine as he came me then. He was ordered and began to take me out for cell.

He then moved his hand to cover my mouth as he slid his cock into me. He did not need to bother, his cock, though not very long, was thick and it filled me completely. I melted as soon as he began moving in and out of me. He eventually took his hand off my mouth and replaced it with his lips. His kiss was intense as he fucked me. I moved my hips upwards to meet his as he fucked me even harder. I closed my eyes and began to shudder as I came.

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His thrusts became even more intense as he ground against me, purposefully hitting all my sweet spots. His breaths started coming faster and he began to quiver over me, cumming deep inside my cunt. I agreed since I had to change and get to work. We both left the house, leaving Saheed snoring away.

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