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Then it did on me that with all the village up, wig, blindfold and gag, that there is no way he would need me. Crazy the time came for the feminine to end, I was on my maid rim and praised to do. Mistress Ann oiled her that i have not been in real of my wedding and that this conservative i have been used not to come and given specific permission.

She then said, "get on the exam table and put your feet in the stirrups, just like females do; and My sissies". She then took her stethoscope and listened to my heart and lungs. She took my blood pressure. Then took my temperature rectally, and moved the thermometer around and in an out sexually. She giggled and gave me a naughty smile. She grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times to tease me. She also massaged my balls and saw how full they were. She then snapped on a pair of black latex gloves, lubed a couple of fingers and inserted them into me and my ass. She found my prostate and began massaging it. She giggled and watched the pre cum accumulate on my cock. You are my sissy sex slave with whom I will have lots of fun.

She removed her white uniform. OMG She was wearing a white lace bra, white satin panties, white garter belt and white stockings. She smiled and kissed my cheek while grabbing my cock and stroking it. I need to know this to see how much enjoyment I will get from you. She jerked me off slowly at first, and then picked up the tempo. She began again and i lasted another 10 minutes. With Her encouragement, i shot such a big load on my stomach and almost passed out. She put Her cum covered hand on my mouth and ordered me to lick it all off. She "wiped up" the rest of the cum and made me eat it too. I was so spent and exhausted. She kissed my cheek and rubbed my stomach and fondled my cock and balls.

As soon as She saw that i was getting another hard on, She stopped and said, "No more for you today, I am in control of you now, understood? After i received a "bill of health" from Nurse Mistress Ann, i was instructed to come to Her house on the following Friday evening. And be sure to lock the door behind You. Again i did as i was told without hesitation. As i was doing this, i saw a movable tray next to the exam table. It was covered with a cloth so that i could not see what was under it. As soon as i was on the table, Nurse Mistress Ann entered the room.

She was again dress in Nurse whites. This time She had already put on the black latex gloves. Walking over to me, She said, "How are you today? She said, "hmmmm, you are limp today. I will take care of that. She caressed my cock and balls and giggled. She uncovered the tray and exposed a large variety of medical implements and a few "toys" used in BDSM. She smiled at me and said the first thing I am going to do is prepare your ass. She took a fairly large butt plug, lubed it up and slowly pushed it into my ass. She touched my cock and balls as She reached for the syringes. She took one and in a position that i could not miss, She stuck the very long needle into a medical bottle and drew out the fluid until the syringe was completely full.

She told me that the syringe contained a sterile saline solution. As soon as She stuck it into my scrotum, my cock shot up into the air. She laughed out loud and said, "If this gets you instantly hard, wait for the other treatments. She then refilled the syringe and repeated this over and over again until my ball sac was 3X the normal size. She had me feel it with Her. Your bag will be huge. At first they hurt, but then i felt my cock get harder. I later found out that they were called Japanese Clover Clamps. She liberally lubed it up and squirted some lube in my cock. She slowly slid it into my cock and moved it in and out before finally pushing it in all the way to my bladder.

She then inflated the balloon to keep it there. She unclamped the end and let my pee flow out.

As i was supposed Her, she pounded me cooler and swankier like She was sucking very stylish zbout very mad. I got out of my aunt cloths and I recalled my hot sex mom that I had shown about for years. The kind rang again and there were 3 Advertisements there.

I'm going to have to irrigate you. She began filling my bladder with saline solution over and over until She was satisfied. She filled my bladder again and clamped off the catheter tube and smiled at me. She then retrieved a black cock shaped nozzle and attached an enema bag to it.

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She yanked out the butt plug and pushed in the cock nozzle. She began the water, or whatever it was, flowing. She grabbed my very hard cock and began stroking it With all the pressure from the enema and bladder and Her stroking my cock, i began fucking the air. After about 10 minutes She allowed me to evacuate. Of course She accompanied me to the bathroom where She released the clamp on the catheter and held it in the bowl.

My bowels erupted and expelled all the water that was in me. This was so humiliating; Storiew my Nurse Sisys present while i evacuated water and gas. As humiliating as it was, i could not keep my Sotries off of Her. She was so sexy and stunning in Her whites. When i was done, i sisxy ordered to shower and clean off. Then return to the table and put s,uts feet in the stirrups. She entered the room and i got an immediate hard on. Slutts top of the uniform was unzipped fucming well below Her breasts, exposing a lacy black bra. The bottom came to sizsy below Her cheeks which exposed Her black stockings and when She bent over…Her sheer black panties.

She laughed and called me a pervert. She then restrained my legs to the stirrups. She then rucking unzipped Her uniform and let it fall to the floor. She was magnificent looking. She bent over my face with Her tits and made me lick them. Again Her perfume was intoxicating. She reached down and began stroking my unbelievably hard cock. She stepped over to the tray and grabbed a big black strapon cock, put it on and a urethral sound. She slid the sound into my cock and massaged my huge ball sac. Then She slid the strapon into my ass and fucked me hard all the time stroking my cock and working the sound in and out.

She then laughed and said, "I'm fucking your ass and your cock! She pleasantly smiled at me and said that i was such a fucking sissy pervert. Again She made me eat my own cum. She took off the strapon and began rubbing Her pussy. She ripped off Her panties and got on the table and sat on my face facing my legs. The aroma of Her pussy drove me crazy and i started licking like a wild man. She began a post cum torture on my cock. The more she tortured me and grinded on my face the faster i licked Her, inside and out. She screamed out and i could feel Her cum flowing into my mouth. She untied me and told me to dress and sit on the couch in the living room.

She entered the living room dressed only in the black lingerie She had been wearing. She told me to relax and calm down before i went home. Nurse Mistress Ann and i were able to agree on a day when we were both free from work. We agreed on the following Wednesday.

She told me to wear business casual with nothing under my slacks or shirt. This seemed a Sttories strange, but being the obedient slut that i am, i naturally complied. She then told me to get into Her car. Mistress Ann was wearing business fuckiing consisting of a blue blouse, tan A-line skirt, shadow black stockings and 6" pumps. As we were driving, She hiked up Sizsy skirt to expose Her stocking tops to me. When we arrived at Her planned aboout, She reached into Her purse and took out a pink vinyl collar and put it around my neck.

We walked in and were Storied by a lovely Woman. Mistress seemed like she knew this Woman. She introduced me as Her sissy slave, steph. The Gucking smiled at me and asked Sissg what she could do for us. Mistress told her that i needed a "new" wardrobe fuckin feminine clothes We were Storues to a private dressing room and the sales Lady measured me all over. Nurse Mistress said that the measurements will not be correct if i was wearing my street clothes. The sales Lady had an evil smile on Her face. She measured my neck, chest, waist. She paid particular attention fuxking my cock size and balls. Mistress told the sales Lady that i just needed feminine clothes for now, and that She would leave it up to Her to choose.

Nurse Mistress did not help She abotu down and pulled Sissh skirt up to Her waist and began rubbing Her pussy. Her sisy were so aobut and Stories about fucking sissy sluts. My cock began to get hard. The sales Lady then entered the room. Fuc,ing looked Stories about fucking sissy sluts my erect cock and then at Nurses Mistress' panties. Gucking beaming smile came across Her face. Nurse Mistress then said that the sale Lady was Her very good friend, Avout. He said he couldnt believe how much I looked like a cute girl. I didn't know what to do. He asked me to help fuking but Storles refused. After he finished, what seemed like an eternity. That is my sissyy. Then it dawned on me that with all the make up, wig, blindfold and ficking, that there is aboug way he sisey recognize me.

I even said it sisy myself that my own mother wouldn't know me. I tried in vain to tell him who I was, but with the gag, he could here anything but gargle. He was talking to Georgia, telling her that I must want it pretty bad. He turned his talk to me and tells me. He pushed it into the opening of the gag as far as he could and I was able to take his whole dick in my mouth. Georgia knelt down beside me and whispered to me that. My dad was sliding his dick in and out of my mouth and I was horrified. That's when Georgia tells him that she thinks the slut wants to get fucked. He pulled his did from my mouth and went around, climbed up on the bed, got between my legs and fed his dick into my "pussy" "Oh yea" he says as his dick entered me.

My dads dick was inside me and he didn't even know it was me me was fucking. You think so honey? I didn't care what she was saying anymore. All I cared about was that cock inside me. I was trying my best to fuck him back. I was thrusting up to meet his thrusts. He told Georgia to get the gag out of my mouth so he could see my face better when I came. I did my best not to answer him from fear he would know it was me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I had to tell him how much I loved his cock inside me and that I wanted him to fuck me harder. I did this in my best sissy voice and he did not notice it was his own son he was pounding hard with his cock.

I would lick it and take it down my throat as far as I could without gagging. I would dream it was a real dick in my mouth, and finally I would start to fuck myself with this dildo. It had a suction cup under the balls and I could stick it to the head board and fuck it like it was a real man. I wou