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Cost of Living in Geneva

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Before finding a place to live, which only happened once I was already there — I had to stay one week at a hotel — I fell into one of the Real Estate scams. I paid for an apartment that gendva not exist, how dumb am I right? Well, how would I guess that things like that happen in Switzerland? Yes it does dear readers, and more often than we can imagine. The truth is, Geneva is a small and very international city, the square meter costs a fortune and there are not many options. That being said, finding an apartment to live there is a nightmare no one in the world wants to have. The living costs Oh, so you thought that only housing is expensive?

If you are lucky to have a job in Switzerland, you most probably earn the equivalent money to its living costs, so it is most probably fine for you. Ohhh it hurt so bad to go out, to go to the supermarket, to buy clothes! Especially when I knew that just across the border, in France, you could find normal prices for the same things! I have never lived or been to a country as expensive as Switzerland, and I certainly will be skeptical if you tell me about a worse one. I know, you will probably say that New York, Tokyo, Paris or London are worse than any city in Switzerland, but even in these cities it is possible to buy a coffee for a normal price, you just need to look for it, in Geneva, forget it!

Parking is a nightmare! When I decided to get a car in Geneva, I had no idea how much stress I was bringing into my life. Expatica Swiss classifieds www. In some cantons, the kitchen is not counted either, so a four-room apartment may have two or three bedrooms and a living or dining room. Open plan rooms which include the kitchen are often counted as 0.

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However, almost all adverts will list the total living space and also the total plot size for a house, giving you a clear idea of the size of the property and the garden. Properties in Switzerland are typically rented unfurnished, often without even light fittings. As such, when you view the property, it is important to check whether kitchen appliances will be included or not. Laundry facilities will usually be communal in apartment buildings and you may be given a time slot when you're allowed to use them.

Outdoor space is considered important, and many modern apartments have a balcony and often access to a communal garden or playground. Near bodies of water such as Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich, a right of access to the water will increase the cost of a property, as will the right to moor a boat. Watch out for social housing, which is subsidised by the government. There's relatively little of this in Switzerland, but the properties will have an income cap that excludes most people in full-time employment. Such properties are over-subscribed and thus rarely listed, but if they are advertised, this income cap will often, but not always, be mentioned in the advert.

If a rent sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Social housing in Switzerland Watch out for social housing, which is subsidised by the government. Move to France or Germany: If your work permit permits if you're an EU citizen, for example, or working for a UN agency you may wish to consider living across the border where property prices are cheaper. However, many people find it worthwhile for the financial benefits, particularly if they are only staying for a limited period or have come from another Eurozone country.

The average home size is 99sqm and the average living area per person is 44sqm.

Wanting Home geneva and alone in

However, wanfing figures can be deceptive as most expats will find themselves in the larger cities or the more popular areas of the country where rents may be double or triple the national average for a desirable property. Indeed, figures from Transferwise show the average monthly cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre in Geneva is Homw 3, - while a family home comes in at CHF 5, Getting social is one of the arts of living that requires annd little practice so again just take one step at a time. Get Healthy When you are feeling a little lonely and depressed, one of the best therapies is to get physically active.

It is important that you try to stop habits that make you feel physically more vulnerable, including drinking and smoking. Take the time to prioritize a healthy diet and incorporate healthy vegetables and fruits into your life rather than reaching for lots of bread and sweets. Get Positive The signs of depression in older women usually begin with a feeling of helplessness and lack of control. This negative mindset is the foundation of loneliness as it positions every thought in terms of what is not possible rather than what is. Start with a positive attitude and the world is transformed.

Remember the things you have, appreciate the gifts you have been given. Try to get things in perspective with positivity and you will be on the way to reshaping and living through the lens of an attitude of gratitude!

What do you to avoid feeling lonely or depressed? What do you think are the best ways of dealing with loneliness? Are there any Hoome rituals or small tasks that help to keep you happy? Please join the conversation. Instead of repenting and seeking forgiveness, he chose to end his own life. Despair and Suicide Despair is a complete loss of hope. It can happen when life presses in against you and you feel you have no way out or you become gripped with fear. The apostle Paul had plenty of opportunities to feel despair, yet he did not. He says in 2 Corinthians 4:

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