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They have in common a life-threatening diagnosis, major surgery and a prolonged postoperative phase in which they have to cope with multiple physical, emotional and practical challenges. This clinical service has just hrad to introduce virtual consultations in order to spare selected patients unnecessary travel. We hypothesise that after the initial face-to-face consultation, some aspects of preoperative preparation and postoperative follow-up will be achievable by remote consultation. But cancer is a sensitive area, so we remain open about the benefit—harm balance. Preliminary experiences with remote consulting We introduced virtual consultations for diabetes at Newham in and developed the operational aspects of the service, supported by grants from NHS Choices and the Health Foundation.

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A detailed report submitted to the Health Foundation in December 22 concluded that virtual consultations were popular with both patients especially shiftimg adults and staff; remote consultations were documented in patients between and Aims, objectives and ttransmission questions Aim To define good practice and inform its implementation in relation to clinician—patient consultations via Skype and similar virtual media. Objectives At microlevel, to study the clinician—patient interaction in a maximum variety sample of up to 45 remote outpatient consultations in two clinical areas. In particular, to highlight examples of good communicative practice; to identify and characterise examples of suboptimal communicative practice; harc to propose approaches for minimising the latter.

At mesolevel, to illuminate and explore the sociotechnical microsystem that supports the remote consultation, thereby identifying how organisations can best support the introduction and sustainability of this service model in areas where it proves acceptable and effective. At macrolevel, to build relationships with key stakeholders nationally and identify from their perspective how to overcome policy and legal barriers to the introduction of remote consultations as a regular service option. How is a successful virtual consultation achieved in an organisation whose processes and systems are mostly oriented to more traditional consultations?

What is the national-level context for the introduction of virtual consultations in NHS organisations, and what measures might incentivise and make these easier? Methods Study design Multilevel study with microlevel, mesolevel and macrolevel components. At microlevel, we will study interactional dynamics by generating a multimodal data set audio transcript, video and computer screen capture on up to 45 remote consultations. At mesolevel, we will map the administrative and clinical processes that will need to change to embed online consultations, for example, changes to clinical care pathways, potential changes to staff roles, use of traditional outpatient space, information governance, commissioning tariff.

At macrolevel, we will interview national policymakers and other key stakeholders to explore barriers, facilitators and incentives to supporting virtual consultations. All properly completed applications will be reviewed, and the most appropriately qualified individuals will be invited to continue in the selection process.

Teansmission is contingent upon successful completion of OCSD's pre-employment process, which includes a background investigation and a physical examination. For some positions this may iAken a drug screen. False statements may be cause for disqualification, removal from the eligible list, or discharge from employment. All statements made on applications are subject to investigation and verification. OCSD only accepts applications submitted via our online application system. Resumes submitted via mail, fax or email will not be accepted. The provisions of this announcement do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Marketattribute - 27 visual attributes for shoppers.

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