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Nudist beaches in Spain

If you still recall to look good and youthful, use some water. Those looking for offbeat firm should now out the young-house Haitzalde. Yet the right of this two-kilometer gratification of different coast has led to a parking effort that attracts only accessible lends to protect the feelings.

A sandy spit The beach of El Puntal, in the bay of Santander. Once there, the beach bar El Puntal is living testimony Spahish how this sandy spit has grown in popularity: The Robinson Crusoes of this beach take up an area located meters from the beach bar, near the white dunes, while the side facing the bay is reserved for kids, and everyone else gets the spot with views of Magdalena peninsula.

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Nudisst Muntanyans Torredembarra, Tarragona This superb chain of dunes stretching maked nearly two kilometers has an area of meters reserved for the Adam and Eve types, who can lie here with the sound of the crashing waves in the background. This may well be the most relaxing spot in the entire Costa Dorada. To get there, park the car near the Cal Bofill Environmental Activity Center and take the boardwalk located behind the magnificent dunes —The Mountains, as they call them around here — until you reach the nudist nduist, which entails around a minute walk. The water puddles that form at the back, and which will dry up in August, attract birds who have learned to live with the sound of the nearby passing trains.

For a taste of the local cuisine, try El Vaixell restaurant. Decompressing in the sea Playa de los Alemanes Foz, Lugo Translated as Beach of the Germans, this naker just one of many strips of sand named after the European pioneers of bathing Spanisj the nude. This particular strand evokes the Germans who used to work at the nearby kaolin mine, which is still in operation. It is the most dazzling of the nudist beaches in all of Lugo province, and is also referred to as Area Brava. Bathers form a large family within the na,ed of fine sand backed by a shield of cliffs where pine and eucalyptus trees are reflected in the water. To get there, drive by Cangas de Foz, take the exit to Burela and park maked Areoura.

The path leading down to the beach is tucked in naksd a cluster of homes at various stages of construction. For lunch or dinner, most everyone likes to head back to the car and drive Spsnish kilometers to the restaurant Lugar do Sixto. The nudist area is located around meters from here. The bar serves coquinas small wedge clamsgrilled choco small cuttlefish and for dessert, shots of rum, nakd cream and cinnamon. Patrons can sit back and enjoy the sunset to the sound of chill-out and bossa nova. This place really rocks A couple sunbathing in the nude.

In Sant Antoni de Calonge, leave the car at the free parking lot near Martina tower, then walk south for 15 minutes to see for yourself that it is still possible to find a virgin stretch of coastline dotted with nothing but pine trees. This meter stretch takes you down a ravine that was once a major settlement for the aborigine people of the island. We are inside the Natural Park of Tamadaba, where the contrast between the green hue of the palm trees and the harshness of the rocks creates a unique charm. From here, it is necessary to continue on foot a further 15 minutes before reaching the most enchanting nudist beach in all of northern Gran Canaria, a place of pebbles and volcanic sand under the imposing presence of the Faneque, with its 1, meters of free-fall.

Swimming here is dangerous. A footpath bypasses the estate on its sea-facing side and leads down a flight of stairs to the wild area of Siete Playas, known for its black flysch sedimentary formations. Old Neptune is always a menacing presence around here, so experts recommend coming on days when the sea is calm, and two hours before low tide if possible. Those looking for offbeat accommodation should check out the watchtower-house Haitzalde. A concrete ramp leads down to this wild setting, where spots for sunset-watching are at a premium. There is nothing in Ponzos quite like walking along the water at low tide and gazing down at the ojos vidales, seashells used to make amulets.

There used to be a gold mine here, and a cylinder-shaped tower that is still standing marks the beginning of the nudist sector. Happy feet The hotel area at Son Bou beach, in Menorca. Gonzalo Azumendi Age Fotostock Son Bou Alaior, Menorca The longest beach in Menorca is slightly over two kilometers long, and boasts fine sand that feels very satisfying under your feet. To reach the nudist area, leave the car back at the hotel and walk around meters. Bathers should heed the flags alerting to the swimming conditions. Yet the success of this two-kilometer strip of untouched coast has led to a conservation effort that includes long wooden boardwalks to protect the dunes.

There is a nudist sector and another one for pets, with complimentary doggy bags. Although you have nude beaches in the south like Valencia and smaller towns between Barcelona and France, my ultimate favourite island is Ibiza. There are more beaches around Ibiza like Palma Island and Formentera, but this is just a personal favourite. Party, Nudity and Sex Before you start thinking, no. Ibiza prides itself to be a fantasy island with endless drugs sex and party. Honestly, there is more to offer than just the fantasy dreams of party drugs and sex.

I spent a lot of time at the beach, swimming in the clear waters and chilling. Perhaps also because I spent the last 6 months in freezing cities, and the sudden warmth was too good to give it a miss. Check out the latest Ibiza deals for awesome hotels and accommodations. Ibiza is perhaps the most open culture I have experienced. Everyone is super open-minded and open. Because it was also summer, it is common to see people walking around the city in bikinis and minimal clothes. So in general, the beaches in Ibiza are topless beaches. There are kids, young people and old people alike, tanning under the sun and in the waters. There are kids here.

Nude beaches are typically at the ends of the stretch of beaches in Ibiza. It is a little far away from the public space, but you get all the privacy and space you need. Sometimes all you need is to walk down another path to the nude area, sometimes you must drive a little further away to get to the ends. The entire experience was absolutely liberating.

Having lived in the Netherlands for a Spanish nudist naked, the idea of a nude beach was not entirely foreign to me. In the Netherlands, you can visit nude beaches in Zandvoort. I did not go to a nude beach upon arriving in Spain. I started with a topless beach, skinny dipping at midnight njdist then nude beach the next day. It was a gradual change and so it felt amazing. If you Spznish time to adapt culturally, take your own time. There is no competition. In Sa Caleta beach, I was initially unsure about going full nude. I went topless first. However, when I started nudisf strip nudit, it was amazing! No one was there judging; nudity is not sexualized. I felt extremely free. It felt for my entire life, I had to wear an amour of the traditional Asian culture; girls should cover themselves, nudity is wrong, everything is sexualized.

And at that moment, the amour melted and I am finally free. Since then, I stopped buying bikinis. Nudity, to me, feels like a way to be back in touch with nature. No one is judged for anything. It is the purest form of humanity and Mother Nature. I went nude again in Portugal funny story but that was it. The closest I can get to nudity in Asia is a bikini, and even that, is it not highly recommended. Here are my favourite nude beaches in Ibiza. This beach is popular amongst the locals and it is also a great place for snorkelling. It is a small quiet beach and it can get really full on the weekend in August!

Sa Caleta Beach is a stretch of beach along the coast of Ibiza, with deep red cliffs as its backdrop. The horseshoe cliffs also provide the privacy needed. You have the touristic area for the usual beachgoers. Walk a little further down and you will find yourself in the little bays, free from the public crowd. We went in the late afternoon, after the hot scorching sun. After parking the car in the public carpark, we walked to the right, away from the main touristic entrance.

Continue walking along the cliff till you find some stairs bringing you to the beach. There, a private nude beach. I love the beach not just for its refreshing clean water during the hot summer days in Spain, but also its privacy. There are like 6 people in the area, at maximum. Usually couples, sometimes friends. Everyone just strips nude and tan the afternoon away. People simply minded their own business in this judgement free zone. Around the private bay of nudist beach are cliffs with natural red sand. Simply mix the salty sea water with the red sand to create a thick paste.

Nudist naked Spanish

Apply this thick mask paste onto your skin and allow it to dry under the scorching summer sun. Getting There With a car, drive past nudiat airport towards Cala Jondal. The parking is on the earthy Spaniah, expect dry dusty roads in summer. Aguas Blancas is arguably one of the most popular beaches in the North of Ibiza island. Once again, the stretch of the beach is divided into public beach and nudist beach. In general, nudist beaches are always at the end of long stretches of beach. It is possible to get from the public beach to the nudist beach. It will be a hassle to cross the giant rocks from the touristic side to the quieter side.

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