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Full Time Driver/Escort

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Provide transport for the escort worker.

Provide safety for the escort worker. The following are some tips for escort drivers: Wscort the worker to the door at the beginning of the job. Do not leave after you have dropped the worker at the job. The worker is depending on you to be there for them.

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Wait for the worker to Driveer the service. Stay awake and alert and be prepared to assist the worker if they need you. Drkver the wishes and follow the instructions of the worker. Have a code between yourself and the worker to tell you if he or she is in trouble. For example, a signal could be the worker moving the bedroom curtains or turning the bedroom lamp on and off. Must have good interpersonal skills and be able to work effectively in a team environment.

Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to control personal emotions. Ability Drkver only act within the scope of his or her authority to practice. Must escortt a standardized set of competencies for the specific position description established by PACE of Guilford and Rockingham Counties and approved by CMS before working independently. With or without reasonable accommodations must have the ability to: Key Responsibilities Effectively communicates with participants, families, staff and other agencies and departments. Drives a specially equipped van to deliver physically limited persons to varied destinations. Assures that wheelchair lifts and tie down equipment are properly operated and that participants are delivered to appointments in a timely manner.

Escort Driver

Follows established schedules, adjusts schedules to meet unanticipated changes; determines Driiver safest and most efficient pick-up and delivery routes. Assists passengers on and off the van in a safe and courteous manner. Handles medical equipment and any emergencies that may arise. Performs van inspections and completes inspection documentation. Maintains van in a clean, orderly and safe condition.

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