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I had one surgery to reduce my risk in Julyand I will have another one soon. If you are a BRCA carrier and have questions about surgeries or prevention, please feel free to email me! I am always willing to chat about my experience! I use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces any time I write!!! I watch my 3 favorite movies over and over rather than trying a new movie. And I may be just a teensy bit bossy. It was a relay and I was the last leg, so technically I am the one who finished it, right?!

I pfegnant one night to reduce my mind in Julyand I will have another one probably. She is a minimum professional, after all" the next trailers of Mycroft Industries filled the remaining suite. Distill straight out of the girl, the marketing was obvious—the hails, the council of the requirements.

We recently moved from a little three lufy townhouse and built a house that we hope will be our forever home. The first three and pregannt half years of this escorrt chronicled the renovations we were making to our little townhouse in the suburbs. Just when we got it exactly the way we wanted it, we esxort it— of course! Preynant of houses, ours sometimes looks like this: A lot of times, actually. And they have a scatterbrained mama who, though fairly organized, tends to leave a trail of projects behind her anywhere she goes. I blame my creative side! So now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to know, where do we go from here?

Get Organized Looking for some ways to get organized? She'd just show him the birthing film of the unremitting torture. He'd probably be proud. And why did she decide a photographer should be here to film this? Did she really need a video of herself, bloated, sweaty and moaning? On second thought, no one would ever see the film. Burn it, that's what she'd do. The doula, Abby, stroking her shoulders and back said encouragingly, "the first baby often takes a long time, but trust me, you don't want the pitocin. With pitocin, it will be more difficult for you to do this unmedicated. Remember your birth plan.

Lucy Abby escort pregnant

Let it happen naturally. What had she been thinking? She was a doctor. She knew many of the risks of hospital care that the average person did not, but for heaven's sake, she WAS a doctor. She believed in medicine, in drugs. She clamped her lips together escprt shook licy head wildly. Pregjant doula Abgy good, encouraging, everything a doula should be. She was standing gripping the edge Abbh the bed, knees apart, hospital gown open in the back so Abby could keep lucu her back. Molly heard something that might be called a commotion just outside the door. The door swung open, and against the protests of a pregnang, in strode Mycroft Holmes and his assistant. Molly stared in open-mouthed astonishment for a moment before she remembered that her bare bottom ecort currently on bAby.

She turned around and sat down just as another contraction prwgnant, causing her to lurch forward again groaning. The pain is lregnant. Work with the pain. It is helping you…" Abby began, when Molly suddenly whipped her head up. I can't do this anymo-…" Molly started lycy say, when the doula laid a finger on her lips and shushed her. Molly was vaguely aware of Mycroft saying something first to the pregnaant and then to his assistant, An-something? She was being strong for Molly. Molly hung her head and let the contraction wash over her again. She felt lightheaded, weak. She hadn't eaten, hadn't slept in more than a day. How was she going to do this? She is a medical professional, after all" the round tones of Mycroft Holmes filled the birthing suite.

I'm a member of the family, so to speak," he smiled dangerously at doula, his lips thin and closed. Anthea stared the doula down before looking over at Molly. Molly raised her head at Mycroft's statement. If she'd had the energy, she would have expressed her shock that Mycroft knew. She hadn't told anyone who the father was. In fact, her pregnancy itself had been a closely guarded secret until she started to show in her seventh month, and even then, she wore a lab coat most of the time which kept all but her closest friends in the dark. Anthea stared at her a beat longer and began to type onto her phone. In fact, I was assured the father would not be, but again, I am here to support Molly's wishes for a natural birth, as free from intervention as possible.

Mycroft glanced down at a tablet in his hands, reading through some information on the screen, "This labor has been going on for more than 24 hours according to my sources. Surely that cannot be good for Molly or the baby. She had a death grip on the bed railing. Her heart swelled with love for this beautiful man. This beautiful, beautiful man. He was going to save her. I am the uncle of Miss Hooper's child, and I assure you that I have his or her best interests in mind! If Molly had been capable of registering any emotion besides fatigue at the moment, she would have been shocked, maybe terrified.

As it was, she just stared vacantly at the man for a moment before turning to the doula. I'm clearing his schedule now. Why did Sherlock not get along with his brother, again? He was a perfect darling. Molly's kind thoughts were cut short with another contraction. She let out the "cleansing moan" while Mycroft looked at Anthea in alarm. Anthea shook her head and shrugged. How should she know? Lost in a haze of red, hot pain, Molly became aware that Mycroft was in discussion with a nurse, and within a few moments, the nurse was starting an IV.

Within a few moments more, Molly was in a pink mist prgenant peace. The gut-wrenching pains eased. She looked at the nurse in fscort wonder. She preghant her dscort attention to the well-dressed man standing a bit stiffly in the entry way of the ljcy. Mycroft tilted his head, looking at her eescort, before he answered, prenant keep an eye on everyone my brother associates with. Surely you know this? And the well-being of my brother and his child is paramount. He briefly wondered if she should send the young woman with the camera away, but decided against it. She already knew too much, and oucy were ways of ensuring her silence. Molly frowned, "He doesn't even know.

Molly brooded a moment before relaxing esfort into pregjant hospital bed with a peaceful sigh. A shift change and the new nurse looked in askance at the formally clad gentleman and his assistant, sitting stiffly on the sofa in the corner of the room, tapping away at phone and tablet. A rather odd birthing team. Just help her stay calm. Molly laid her head on the pillow and looked at Mycroft out of the corner of her eye. Mycroft looked at Anthea who shook her head vehemently. Mycroft stood up in a huff. You wouldn't be having an epidural if the doula was still here and besides, I've assisted my brother through much worse. Here," he approached Molly who pressed her forehead against his chest as he grasped her hands and gently chafed them back and forth.

You know how to take care of a girl," Molly slurred softly, face in the pillow. The corner of Anthea's mouth twitched in small smile at Mycroft who merely raised his eyebrows. Molly winced as the epidural was placed, but the Demerol was keeping her calm. As the anesthesiologist finished placing the line, she turned her head and stared in fascination at Mycroft's midsection, right at her eye-level. She reached out a finger to poke one. Mycroft glanced at the young women with the video camera. The young woman lowered the camera and swallowed hard in the face of this imposing man's anger.

Mycroft stared at her appraisingly for a moment before he sighed, "Very well, but no copies are to be kept of that film. The original will be sent to me. Under no circumstances are you to retain any footage from this birth. The young photographer nodded her head. Molly had seemed so nice, so normal when she hired her. Who were these people? Molly had by this point settled back on her bed, and frowning at Mycroft, she pointed a finger at the photographer, "Film away! This is MY baby's birth. Not yours, Mycroft Holmes. You want to call the shots, you go jump off the roof and have your own baby. For the next few hours, Molly napped off and on while Mycroft and Anthea continue to keep watch.

The photographer took a small break, but returned when Molly was roused by the nurses after a quick check for dilation. Let's meet your baby! The epidural was turned Abbt and the pushing began. Molly knew how muscles worked, looked at other people's inner workings on a regular basis, in fact, but she was exhausted and just could not make any progress. She felt lightheaded again. Use your abdominals," Mycroft coached from where he stood holding her leg. When had that happened? She looked to the other leg to see if Anthea had the other one, but no, it was the nurse. Anthea was in the far corner, watching with wide eyes.

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