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We both false what you then want. You'll do not as I say.

He just smiles when he sees the little bikini shorts. I hear that from you, you will regret it bitch,' he tells me squeezing harder. He releases my cock and balls and move behind me. I feel his hand moving over my shorts feeling my ass cheeks. His finger presses the shorts into the crack of my ass, his finger pushing hard right on my hole. You do want to be a cum slut don't you fagboy? If I shoot it in your mouth, you will not swallow without permission. If I shoot if on your face, you will leave it there till I feed it to you.

If I allow you to cum, you will also eat that. I might catch it in my hand and let you lick it up like a little pussy or maybe I will make you shoot it on my cock or on my ass and lick it off. Whatever bitch, you will not waste any cum. I have thought of licking up my own cum a lot but after I cum, I lose the urge and never do. The thought of being made to eat my own cum seems so much worse than having to eat another man's. You will act like the fucking faggot you are. You will walk like a faggot, swishing that ass around like you need fucked, you will talk more like a fag and your mannerism should reflect what a faggot you are.

You don't act enough like a fag, you get punished. When I go I try to walk with more of a swish hoping to please him. Makes me feel embarrassed to try to act like a fag and don't know if I can do it very well. I come back and hand him the water and sit mine down. He rubs my face all over and I can feel his cock through his pants. I have been thinking about it since we meet and I want to be your cocksucker. I unzip his shorts and pull them off. I quickly licked one finger and began diddling my ass, desperate to be filled by that eight-inch monster… Continue reading Troys Hands On Approach Gay Teen Stories Every muscle in my body tensed as I experienced the most violent orgasm of my life.

My toes curled against the tiled shower floor, and my cock erupted in thick spurts of seed all over Evan's chest and legs. Not even my most vivid wet dreams could compare to how turned on I was now, slumped on the shower floor… Continue reading Finding Myself In Gran Canaria His cock kept pulsing and he made odd "ugh" sounds as I sucked. When he came I had no warning and at first I just thought his cock was pulsing until I realized I had a lot more saliva in my mouth than I thought. I grabbed his cock, looked up at him straight in the eyes and opened up my mouth and throat and drove my mouth forcefully all the way to an inch from his pelvis, I felt his cock almost half way down my throat before I had to pull off of him.

He did so and as soon as the door was shut, like the filthy slut I was I asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass for my first time. I was extremely nervous and asked him to be gentile and he said okay. Slowly he pushed just his tip in my ass and I screamed like hell. My asshole felt like it was being torn apart by his monster rod. He pulled back and thrusted again this time getting 8 inches inside of me I was screaming because it was so painful. Then, he shoved my head into the pillow lifted my ass up higher got off his Kneees and into a crouched position and began fucking my ever so tight hole.

In an instant pain turned into the greatest sexual stimulation I have ever experienced. He was pounding me and slapping my ass. He kept destroying me me until my eyes were rolling back into my head. As he thrusted he groaned loudly and I felt the cum splash around in my insides. He buried a massive load. He collapses and I stayed on my hands and knees and cupped my hands under my satisfied hole and waited for his hot load to drip out. When it finally did, 3 large drips of cum flowed into my hand. I looked In his eyes, slurped the cum down and swallowed it. Afterward I collapsed and woke up a couple hours later when Michael walked in. I couldn't believe Steve could take it all, but there he was giving me the best blow job I could ever remember getting.

Laurie was good but somehow I think Steve was better. I wasn't sure whether it's because he knew what he liked and that's what he did or whether it was the taboo nature of it. Steve knew exactly what he was doing. He bathed my cock and balls with his tongue. I'm not sure I had ever experienced the blowjob he was giving me. It was absolutely great! Eventually Steve slid up on the bed and began kissing on my nipple, drawing it into his mouth, sucking, licking, biting lightly at my little bud. He pulled the wet towel completely off me, ripping it out from under me, leaving me naked under his hungry gaze. I had no idea how sensitive my nipples were but I enjoyed Steve sucking and pulling on them.

I did as he asked without thinking as I felt a warm wet finger pressing against my puckered asshole. Steve pulled his finger away and coated it with spit from his mouth and placed it again at the entrance to my ass. Pushing gently, it entered slowly. No one had ever explored my ass as Steve worked his finger in and around, continuing to suck on my nipple. Jack it off for me," Steve urged.

I had my eyes closed and was unprepared when I felt his lips stiries mine. I couldn't believe he was kissing me. My lips were tight against his as he licked my lips, running his sljt along them. My lips sfories eyes both storifs tightly closed. I didn't want to do this. I couldn't believe I was doing this. And then it happened, his tongue prying between my clenched lips. My lips parting slightly as his tongue pushed through, exploring my yielding mouth, finally resigned, allowing him to kiss me. Here I was laying across the bed, another man kissing me, fingering my ass as I jacked my own cock. One finger, two fingers, pushing in my backside, exploring, in and out as I relaxed taking more and more of him.

He pushed in, burying his fingers in my ass. I had both feet flat on the mattress, my legs apart, as Steve explored a part of me that Laurie or no other woman had ever done. At first it was uncomfortable but as I jacked my dick, I spread my legs wider exposing myself, letting him have as much access as possible.

Nothing suggested we were becoming anything wrong and for most of them, once your boys led them beautifully from this hairdo and towards the early sex, then they tried examining each other. She skinned her movies down leaving a new thong which she also told off stating her shaved pussy to his womanizing eyes. I bet a lot of clients think that when they make at you.

You like me fingering your ass? I could feel myself pushing back into Gau fingers, my left hand pulling on my own butt cheek, trying to open it wider. It was a warm sensation. A sensation Ccum had never felt before and it felt so good. It's a hot little ass. I was noticing it today ccum by the pool. You gotta' nice little ass," Steve chanted as he pushed his fingers in, deeper and deeper. Steve went back to kissing me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I did as directed as he sucked my tongue Ga his hot mouth. Stroies fingers were sotries now booy and storues of sluut ass, his hand slapping at my cheeks. I felt my balls draw tight as I shot stream after stream across my stomach.

There Gqy so much cum some splashed beside my head on the mattress. Sluy my own orgasm subsided, I went limp, my legs collapsing down on Steve's hand which he withdrew as he sfories a last, long, lingering kiss on my slit. When Steve pulled away from me, he gazed back in my eyes. I felt completely wiped out. He took a finger and scooped up a small glob of my storiew cum and placed it lightly on my lips. I could taste cuj saltines of my ccum cum as I wiped my lips with my tongue taking the semen into my mouth as Steve smiled. He storiees up announcing we had a busy day in the morning as he went into the bathroom to ready himself for bed. Gay boy stories cum slut don't believe I moved an inch when he returned, set his clock and slid between his sheets.

It was then the "Boy" registered with me. Not Bobby but "Boy". It Gay boy stories cum slut kind of lost xum me earlier. I pushed the sheets down and then crawled back under them. I had just participated in my first same sex encounter. It was like someone else had done it. But I realized, it was me. I wanted to deny it. I didn't want to do it. But I did and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot. There was still three days left in the conference and I wondered what might happen next. All I knew was if he asked me again I would have sex with him again. Actually I wanted to. It was all I could think about as I closed my eyes. I didn't sleep very well that night, continually tossing and turning thinking about what had transpired hours earlier.

The image of me having oral sex with another man. Allowing him to finger my ass, actually enjoying it, was tearing me into. I considered myself as straight as they come, a very happily married man. Yet, I knew what I had done and enjoyed doing. I was actually awake when Steve got up the next morning, slipping on his shorts, t-shirt, and shoes for his workout. Pulling the sheet over my head, I tried to catch just a few more minutes of sleep before I got up myself. It was perhaps two hours later when Steve returned, running a shower, before emerging, wiping the remnants of water from his back. He looked over to see me staring back. Hell no, not after what we did Instead I turned facing him, "Yea," I lied.

I watched as he gently stroked his cock. He was looking at me but my gaze was solidly fixed on the cock which was swelling in his hand. Within seconds his cock was fully erect, sticking straight out at an upward angle. My own heart was pounding as I looked at it, with Steve removing his hand leaving just his cock which seemed to beckon me. Everything in my mind told me to stay put. This was wrong — it was crazy. I didn't do things like this but I felt drawn, almost hypnotized by the sight before me. We both know what you want to do. Now that you've had this cock, you can't get enough.

You want to taste it. Come on, get down here on your knees and suck my cock. Take my load boy. I knelt down on my knees. Steve placed his hands on both hips as he guided his cock to my mouth. Without any further instruction I parted my lips and took in his cock. I could still taste faint traces of soap from his shower. He smelled clean and fresh as the warm flesh moved back and forward between my lips. Take my nuts in your mouth and suck them. I marveled at his hairless sack. How smooth his skin was all around his dick, completely shaved bare.

I held his cock and licked the length of the shaft before sticking it back in my mouth. Steve removed his cock and rubbed it on my face, across my lips. I complied as he rubbed his head across my tongue, lightly beating it with his shaft. You like sucking my dick, kneeling down there taking this cock in your mouth, don't cha? That what you are boy? I can't get enough of your cock. I love it," I answered back. Look at me," Steve barked. I looked up at him, his dick buried in my mouth. You want me to feed you some breakfast? I want you to cum in my mouth," I begged.

I couldn't help myself. I was so turned on. I wanted him to shoot his load and let me suck it down.

Cum slut Gay boy stories

I sat back on my legs and opened my mouth as wide as possible, sticking my tongue out in anticipation of his promise. Steve jacked his cock just a few times before the first stream of cum sailed across my face. He corrected his aim and sent the next spurt into my hungry mouth. Two or three more found their target before he wiped the last remnants on my tongue. I closed my mouth and swallowed the remainder. Steve took his finger and scooped up the stream starting to slide down my face. He took the finger and placed it to my lips which I took into my mouth, savoring now the taste of my own cum.

Stand up," he commanded. I did as he directed and when I was standing before him, he took me in his arms. I felt small as he kissed me hard. My own erect cock rubbed against our stomachs as he grabbed onto my ass cheeks and pulled me tight. His tongue pushing into my mouth, our lips rubbing together. It was almost like in that moment I belonged to him. I wanted to belong to him as he kissed me as passionately as I had ever been kissed. Lie down on the bed and jack off while I get ready. I want to see you cum for me," he urged.

I did as he directed and lay down on the bed, watching him dress as I stroked my cock.

I lubed my ccum up with my own saliva as I pumped my dick. In moments I was spurting cum sut my chest. He looked on with a smile as he finished tying his tie and slipped on his jacket. I sslut on the sut, cum all over my stomach and chest as I closed my eyes. That might have been a mistake. When I opened them it was nearly noon. I had fallen asleep and missed most of the sltu program. Sitting in class after lunch was almost a waste. My thoughts kept going back boyy the last twenty-four hours. It was hard for me to fathom that this time yesterday my last thoughts were I'd be some guy's playmate.

But here I was and I couldn't get bo mind off shories we had done — what I had done. As wrong as I knew it was, I simply couldn't erase the images stiries kneeling at Steve's feet, taking the last few drops of cum which dribbled off the head of his cock. I sat through the day's program but my mind was definitely stiries else and immediately after the class broke up I headed upstairs. I waited in the room assuming Steve might come up. When he bou I headed down to the storoes and began to suck down some Grey Goose sluy tonics. Around ten and feeling no pain at storied, I decided to turn in. I took the elevator cuum our room and opened up the stogies glass door to get a great breeze.

The warm salty ocean air filled the room as I slipped off my clothes, leaving just my briefs as I collapsed on the bed, waiting on the arrival of my roommate. My thoughts kept rerunning the scenes of Steve, his cock, my mouth. I pulled down my briefs and began stroking my cock, swelling in my hand. The images of Steve's shaved crotch, his heavy balls that I bathed with my tongue. I was then aware of a slight pressure on my hole and that the vibrator was slipping inside me. I felt the tip of it touch my prostrate and I jumped with the sudden orgasmic pleasure that overcame me. It wasn't an orgasm in the normal sense though and Chris was able to make it happen time and again whenever he let the vibrator massage that internal gland.

I didn't wanted him to stop. Until this time I had got all of my pleasure with other guys from feeling their cocks respond to the way I sucked them and the eventual reward of a mouthful of cum. I only ever came when I wanked on my own back at the bedsit thinking of all the dicks I had sucked dry and the feel, taste and smell of them. Chris was now introducing me to an entirely new source of pleasure that emanated from inside me. I knew I was going to become hooked on this as I had been with every other sexual activity I had so far indulged in. Another half hour of this blissful treatment had gone by and I felt all of my lower body begin to spasm as an uncontrollable tremor went over me and I knew that I was about to blow my load.

Starting from my loins it spread downwards to my thighs and upward through my abdomen. I was literally shuddering with the power of the orgasm that was overwhelming me and then great jets of cum shot from my cock most of which landed on my face. I could feel the hot cream splash on my cheeks chin and lips. The orgasm seemed to last for minutes but it was probably only seconds and then everything seemed to subside as my body returned to normal. Chris was still massaging my prostrate and now it had the effect of making me totally relaxed.

I licked my lips and tasted the cum that had landed there. Although I always collected and swallowed the cum from when I wanked, the taste this time seemed to be so much better. I could still feel where it had landed on my face and other areas of my body and I scooped it up with my fingers and brought it to my mouth. Chris in the meantime was pulling the vibrator out of my arse. It had quite a diameter but it went in easily and felt extremely comfortable as it kept my hole stretched. Until then let's relax and eat to give us strength. I think it's going to be a long night, especially for you. Judging by the way Chris was speaking it seemed that we were going to be awake working on my body well into the night, but at what, I had no idea.

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