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Aware of the hardships that she has virgonity with in her young life, Monica endures prostitution to save her small daughter from a similar fate. The women arrive on travel visas and upon entry are issued work permits from the department of immigration. Foreign women of every shape, size and color stand at the doorways of their huts, in the open-air walkways, or at the bar, trying to catch the eye of a potential client.

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Stteal feels like a tropical party: Ana could never do the job virignity. These women are selfless; opting to give a better life to their families by venturing into prostitution. They are our preference. Also known as Le Mirage, the club aims to offer a friendly place for both the clients and for the women who bring them to bed each night. The lady takes her new client gently by the hand and whisks him away from the bar before the two disappear around a darkened corner. Each rented room has a panic button, and girls are free to refuse men if they so choose.

Some are parading in skirts, others in shimmering mini-dresses, see-through jumpsuits, and tight blouses. Back in Colombia or the Dominican Republic they catch up on their sleep. By midnight, the club is crowded. Monica charms him as he restlessly asks if she is available.

She incorporates the national to a san. Tropical Party Select very Campo Alegre flowers its campuses for an international of drinking, documentation, and sex-capades. Ana could never do the job herself.

For privacy reasons, the names are fictive. Monica Many women in Campo are unmarried single mothers between the ages of 20 and 40 years old, who left their children behind in their country, with family. Temporary Neighbors Women who work in this government-sanctioned brothel have permits, organized by Campo Alegre, that allow a them to work as sex-traders for up to three months. Women strut the room on tall heels, and appear powerful, confident, in control.

Young prostitutes walk seductively through the palm tree lined alleys and give naked dance shows under flashing disco lights, hoping to attract business. The owner is a Dutch man who does not want any publicity at all. She strips naked before swinging her hips around the pole.

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