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The Men’s Guide to St. Petersburg, Russia (Guest Post)

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Nov 14,8: Basically, I met a ladi on Tinder back in June who I was chatting with Gettung some time and then I arranged to meet her on Nevsky Avenue for a drink one evening. I immediately grew suspicious upon entering this bar as it apb only around 7pm and the place was quiet yet it had 1 or 2 security guys on the door, plus my instinct was telling me that the staff there knew my "Date" without any of them actually acknowledging each other, and in addition there were a couple of attractive girls sat at the bar alone. Even though I had these instincts, I still stayed as I had never heard of people being scammed in this way in Russiaor anywhere else for that matter and I am very well travelled.

If you want to have sex with multiple girls here, the only way to do that is to build yourself a harem. In other words, date few girls simultaneously.

And being in a relationship with Getfing Russian girl Grtting a lot different im being with American. They respect their men and love to cook, clean, etc. I know some outsiders that are so surprised with how Russian women behave in Dpb that they choose to stay here and learn the language! Nightlife Nightlife in St. In Moscow, you will find very expensive flashy clubs where everyone is competing who will wear more expensive clothes or drive a good car. Also, Moscow is crazier and full of hot girls that are masters at getting you to spend more on them. There are numerous bars and clubs. Disco bar places are popular here since there are two areas, one for dancing and the other one at the bar to relax.

Some of the best places out here are: Union Bar — One of the most popular clubs. As it is understood, there is no reference to the subject in the Russian constitution. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the sexual practice is widespread and so blatant in Saint Petersburg and other major Russian cities. Basically finding sex in St.

You will have no fun Getitng all in a few club. Riley the drinking eliminate of this problem for more hours. One is a lonely searching to avoid confusions and have an overwhelming party!.

Gettinb Russia with a Russian prostitute is not a problem. Petersburg Russia, but there are many places in the city that seem to be hot spbb for prostitutes, call girls, hookers or escorts - although not necessarily exclusively so. We always drink like that. If we buy a drink for someone — it is just a gift. If we get it from you — we may not reply with the same act. Boys often buy drinks for girls here. Yes, just like that. Men often buy drinks for ladies here and it is often welcomed. So the main troubles are 1 and 2. In a lot of countries people buy drinks in turns.

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For example if we drink together I go to a bar to get some beer for you and for me. In the next bar you do it. Unfortunately here in Russia no one acts like that. Gettinv, friends i when bar-hopping together, but not that often. We lair share the bill. At a home party the rules are usually set by a host. Always get some more drinks than you probably need. Older people usually cook a metric ton of delicious food and strictly forbid you to bring anything. The party is more like a dinner than a party for older people.

Anyway just ask a party host what to buy — and bring a bottle of wine or whiskey even if you are not told to do so. Let it be a small present. And that no one buys drinks for the company here unless he or she really wants to make a surprise or celebrates a birthday! PS Alcohol is sold in shops from 8 am to 10 pm only.

Go to a bar after 10 pm. Paper bags on bottles are usually OK but there is no law about them so do that at your own risk. This is a Gettimg secret to avoid confusions and have an awesome party! Gay culture in Russia There are gay people anywhere in the world. So many Russians are gay too. Two gay bars on Dumskaya are worth visiting, but they are dpb visited by straight men gay-friendly of course. Please mind that people are not politically correct here. Tips Tips are gladly accepted in bars, coffeeshops, restraunts, etc. Petersburg that seem to be hot favorites for prostitution - although not necessarily exclusively so. But there are certain bars and nightclubs where there's little chance of finding a girl not involved in prostitution or some other variant of the sex trade.

Many hotel lobbies and bars also provide a playing field for the girls. Hotel management tends to overlook their sometimes-obvious presence due to a mutual 'agreement'. Particular hotels even have girls semi-based on various levels to "attend" visitors. Petersburg is also advertised under various guises in local newspapers sauna, massage, Saint Petersburg escorts Most popular form of prostitution in Saint Petersburg is one girl brothel apartments where single girls who work independently serve their clients. Sex prices vary a lot in St. Petersburg anywhere from to Rubles depending upon the "service" and length of time.

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