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Girl accidentally sends naked selfie… to her dad!

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The girl was pressured to send him topless photos. Sexting gkrl led to criminal prosecution along with classification as a sex offender for some young selfif. Self expression All of these reports of increases in sexual offences among children have been accompanied by a cry for better sex education on both the laws on sexual behaviour, but also on topics like sexting and pornography. It counts as an offence of distributing an indecent image of a child and meets the legal definition of child pornography.

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Is sexting just another way for teenagers to express themselves. The paedophile cannot be found as he was using an anonymous Instagram account. And this year alone, across the UK the police have investigated thousands of children for sexting including a five-year-old boy in County Durham, and a year-old boy who was cautioned by Northumbria Police. Instead, young people should be free to express their sexual selves as they desire. But the police have told the girl that she may face criminal charges and a criminal record for creating and sharing explicit images of a child despite the fact she has been the victim of grooming.

But, for some young people, sexting can lead to criminal prosecution along with classification as a sex offender.

Selfie girl Naked

Sexual offences A stark illustration of how Nakdd the criminal law has become in this regard is illustrated by the example of 12 year old girl in the south of England who was being groomed online by a paedophile. Messenger Young people have always explored their sexuality and shared these experiences with others. A lot of these young people will then go on to share these images with someone they know. This could then affect future access to education, employment, travel and housing — among a whole host of other things. These figures, suggest that sharing self-generated sexual images has become just another way for young people to express their sexual selves.

In this way, the very laws which were intended to protect children from abuse and exploitation are now being used to punish children. So although 17 year-olds can legally have sex, they cannot legally send a naked image It is clear then that consensual youth sexting should be treated as a separate and distinct behaviour from child pornography. Shuttertsock For now at least, sexting is here to stay. Because technically even though the age of consent is 16, the age for distributing indecent images is

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