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Sopragvivenza the best part is that this is one of the Tier 1 archetypes. The first game I played with this deck against a mono Black deck featuring Chittering RatsOkiba-Gang Shinobiand various other Black card advantage ended when I obtained a Cloudpost -fueled Capsize lock. A few points of note: Land Destruction can be exceptional in this format.

The best Combo deck decklist to follow, use your imagination for now! A timely Stone Rain on an enemy Cloudpost or Azorius Ospravvivenza can be enough to provide overwhelming advantage. This Elemental is the go-to Sorcery-speed card draw spell for most decks in the format. Prohibit headlines many Countermagic suites. It will very often be a hard counter for 1U, and it will almost always be a hard counter for 3U.

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