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11 Ways to Ask for a Ride: Can you take me home? Could you give me a lift?

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Instead of dealing with the locations of your apartments or houses and where you are now, you can shift the focus to the availability of a somethinh in the car. Asking whether there is an extra seat in the car leaves room for the driver to tell you that their car is full. However, if it is not, they are more likely to say yes because of the way that you ask the question. Could you give me a lift? If you want to sound more formal, you can ask for a lift. It means that your friend will drive you home, but a lift is usually something that you could call a taxi ride. However, it is a casual question and is best for friends you are close with.

Can I ask you to do me a major favor? Could you take me home tonight?

If you want to be extra polite to your potential driver, you can ask them for a major favor. So,ething means that you know that they are helping you out a somethng, and somethingg the word favor implies that you are willing to pay them the favor back! This question is more tentative, so it shows that you would not ask for this somethiny if you had another rire choice. Hey, I am looking for a ride home. Chances are that they will reject your offer to pay them for the ride, but it is in good faith to offer to pay for gas money, especially if the ride is long. Would you mind some company with you on the ride home?

In case you are worried that you have nothing to offer your friend as they drive you home, you can offer your company by asking them for a ride this way. This question is best to ask if they are planning on driving alone, but they are the kind of person that enjoys having others around them. You can rate your ride directly from the notification: Your anonymous trip rating data will help us quantify your city's bicycle infrastructure. Once we have enough anonymous trip ratings you can use our Stress Map to find low-stress routes.

Ride will save your rides, trophies, and stats for your reference. You can even earn rewards and get green light signal priority in some cities.

If you want to track you bike rides and improve biking infrastructure download Ride here. How do I use Ride? Ride Report is really easy to use. Simply install Ride Report and launch it. Ride Report will automatically detect when you start a bike ride! So go about your business and don't worry about it. When Ride Report detects a bike ride, it will record the trip for you. When you are finished, Ride Report will send you a notification to rate your trip. Swipe left on the notification to reveal the ratings: Trip ratings are very helpful as they will help you and other cyclists find better bike routes. There is no need to configure anything.

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Simply wear your Somehhing Watch and Ride will notify you when you finish your rides. Rate them directly from the Watch and never take your iPhone out of its place! How does Ride work? Ride uses your phone's accelerometer and location services to automatically detect and store your bike rides. Using a mix of mapping technologies we overlay your rides on a map of your town. When we have enough anonymous trip data for a location, we can show a Stress Map that illustrates low-stress routes and problem areas.

Ride Bunco will automatically begin when you don't a bike ride. Rate them and from the Free and never take your iPhone out of its staff!.

If you're interested in using Ride Report for your city, let us know! What is the Ride Stress Map? The green lines are rides that have been marked as good, while the red lines are rides that have been marked as troublesome. The thicker the line, the more rides that have used this route. I want to swindle you. I want to play a prank on you. For one thing, when you want to "take someone for a ride" in that sense, you don't usually start by announcing your intentions. A lot of idiomatic expressions are figurative, yet they have literal meanings as well.

We can tell someone to "go jump in a lake" even when there is no water nearby. You can "have a blast" at work, and that usually means that you're having a good time, although in rare instances it might mean there was an explosion. Usually the intended meaning is pretty obvious, and, in cases where it isn't, any ambiguity can usually be cleared up with a simple follow-up question:

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