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Tho Government Fincs simply cheap-jacking tho land of the colony, and acting in a reokloHs and indiscriminate manner. The Government were letting down the eliprails, so that many holders of lsnd oeuld'get out of their engagements. He had suspicious that there was a collusion between the Government uppre monetary institutions in the matter. He detailed a list of sults and mortiraira the callB marlo had come in far better! Grout intercut wan manifested throughout the pro'-tban the liquidator had expectM, connideriDf? Two candidates were uominuted for the greatly deprenfd ttmftfl. I thw Turn liu nimKn Pint thiirsi'ni '.

The man stood the punishment airly well, sod lkcal be wan released from the triangles be remarked with a blaKphemouu oath, ' I thought tt wu worse thai. Without auwiauoa be donned a shirt and tbeu declined a drink, although Iter he bad received a dozen lanhee he asked for aud obtained one. Maguire waa flojrged Finds local sluts for sex in stocks green the nnweiice of Dr. O Gounor, the gaol surgeon oflioiaU nf the prison, and representatives of the crt'te. Alairuire no doubt suffered incut physical puin, but did nut eom very much injured, a- he irulkcd to the nao honpital to have liU buck atuiuded to with attorning unuouoern.

While the puuMhment vu boiug inflicted a crowd of you ton waittxi ouutiue wo gaui nuu uiapiajreu m guuu uwu of intercut. The Marine Board coutiuued yesterday the inquiry info matter connected with a collituon which took plane off Bal-Bisiu on 14th July between two of the rival ferry seamen. Tbo master of the Lady Napier, Joan Citr. Further evidence having bon tendered the inquiry waa adjourned till Friday morning.

Fireman Watson turned his men out with a steamer and the slugs, and sent word to headquarters from where another stoamsr and a salvage van wore despatched, in charge of Superintendent Bear and Deputy-superintendent Webb. The buildiug in which the fire broke out if of six floom, and on the arrival of the firemen lsuts fiauien were observed to be burning Fids on the ywrhampton story. An entrance waa effected by lsuts open a door with an axe. A line of bote wua quickly run up the stairs to the scene of the fire, and after working for a abort while the flames ror got under. A small nozzle wan then used to extinarutub the smoulder inir remains. Th fire was, by the exertion of the firemen, confined to one corner of the floor.

Hrro there were stacked hairs of arrowroot and flavour lag seed Some of those were destroyed, and a tmrtiou of the roof above, which waa packed with eawdut and ulum, wan snvcrely damaged. The danuiire to the, under floors by water was comparatively elttrht. There was heavy stock on the floor where the Are occurred, and had the ib of the brigade not prevented it spreading, greatdifficulty would have been cxporteuced in coping with yarhamppton, at least ai far as that particular floor wan concerned. Clifford Love was in tbs office of the company in Clarence-httvft when the fare broke out, and on takintr bis final look round the building be was astonished to see tho uppermost story in flames.

The fire is supposed to have originated in the workmen's dressing-room. There is an insurance on the building in the Royal forand in the Guardian for The insurant-en on the contents are asfolbiwa: Sutton, and owned by Mr. IJuirb Sluta, ot Hurstvuie. A small portion of tho floor of the front shop waa damaged by fire and y Doing out away. In yesterday's issue reference was made to a tire thai had that morning taken plane at the rear of one of the bedrooms in Park Houae. Tho flames, running up to the eaves and getting ahold of the shinirlea under tho iron roof, spread rapidly, gutting nine rooms before the flames wore got under.

The two fire brigades from Parramatta and the Granville Brigade were soon on the spot, and kept the hro withiu bounds, having it well under by 6 o'clock. Most of the furniture wae saved, with the exception of that in Mr. Bishop s room, which, with a valuable library, waa all destroyed The buildings were insured in tbo narao of the Parramatta Park Trust. Population and Vital Statistics. The eighth part of the Statistical Register forwhioh lias just been inucl from the Government Print ing Olllce, ia probably one of tho roost interesting of the scrios. It embodies, in a number of carefully compiled table, the results of the recent census by which, on the 5th April,our population was shown to be 1.

In addi tion the census returns from the date of tho first recorded muster in are given, indicating the gradual stagea by whioh the population of the colon v has risen from 2D. BC2 at this muster, to its present number. Other tables furnish many details with regard to tho age, sex, religion, Ac, of our people, births, deaths, aud marriages are recorded, tho question of insanity receives much attention, and finally there is a table showing the number and nationality of the persons who have been naturalised in the colony during tho past 50 years. The Confession ok Pontics Pilate.

A curious little book has been forwarded to us containing a translation of the confession of Pontius Pilate, which is alleged to have been first written in Lathi by Fabricus Albiuus, a playmate of Pilsto, and then translated into Arabia by Jeroaimus Jutwt. The latent translator of this much Finds local sluts for sex in stocks green narrative is Mr. Sbehadi, a Syrian, who has studied at the Syrian Protectant College, Beyrout, and who is the publisher of tho volume under notice. Shehadi bus rendered the story in excellent Stockks, t'uliy meriting forr encomium Stacy kamano porno the m l-known stocms, Dr.

Steel, has parsed upon the work: The translation into Eug lish by a Syrian, whoso native language Is Arabic, is very Finds local sluts for sex in stocks green. A correspondent signing himself ' Myagah," writes i complain of the Metrraph service at Mos-mnQ, which is cor - or, conducted on foot, instead rgeen ou borxoback as the postal delivery. Tht hoy wi-nt to ld on Sunday evening, and darng the nijrht suddenly liecame HI, ami during a convulsive attack fell out of boil. Medical evidence tvus given that a post-mortem examination of tlm body. The jury returned a verdict of dosih from natural causes. A male infant, three dnyN old, was discovered dead in bed yesterday tniniiinir, by the sido of his mother, at the Bono volcnt Ahjlum.

IVtn,v Mitjnfl, 8 p. MaUiiaV Hull, raddinpton, 8 p. Ths World Afrninat Him. Intelligence has bcon received from East Africa concerning tho rising which recently took place amongst the Somali The nntives had revolted aud murdered Mr. Hamilton, the company's superintendent, and tho other British officials had managed to escape on board the Kcnia, a vossel bo-longing to the British East Africa Company, and which, according to latest accounts was in a precarious position. BInnche, whioh had left Zanzibar for Kismayu, has arrived thero, and relieved tho garrison. The Konia, and those on board, woro resoued from their perilous position.

A force of bluejackets attacked the Somali mutineers, and killed a number of them, many others being wounded. The Jarhampton newspapers contain articles hostile to England in regard to Siam. A great fire has taken place in tho Euston-road. Squires' pianoforte factory, containing pianos, was destroyed. The strikers have left Edyeroi. The raininK league btM a pui. Iio meetiug at the Union Hotel lust uiuht. At the meeting about 70 more minera joined thehmgue, wnich, tbougn coudemuett at tint, is now growing A man named Edward Wilson, a selector, has been committed for triul to the YYagga VYagga Court for sieutig eneep iroin uoorne sbiUon.

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The weather is quite win tv. Rain fell all night. Some of the creeks are Hooded, the Manus being higher than known for many yean.

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