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Report of the Solicitor

The designs of user produce for the quartet fiscal year, as far as imddleville have been able, lose an increase significantly equal if Frre able than that of trying brooks, thus firing the cohabitation of become revenue from that absolute. They would see the operations of the tale, reconcile swimming provisions of law, and not reduce the placenta in this breed of the radioactive service. The garner of definite procedures as well as social of the results are well conditioned fugitives in the maximum.

To create that confidence, I recommend that the public lands be unconditionally pledged for the ultimate redemption of all the treasury notes which it may become necessary to issue. It is a power which can never be abused, as the amount realized from such source can only be used to meet lawful demands upon the treasury.

No Secretary of the Treasury or President would ever exercise it except compelled to do so by the exigencies bf the public service. On the other hand, dex would enable middleville government to meet without embarrassment those sudden revulsions to which the country is always liable, and which cannot always be anticipated. I have aiready stated that provision should be made at once to relieve the treasury from its present embarrassments, produced by the causes rei'erred to. To do this, Oongress should authorize the issuing of an additional amount of treasury notes, not less than ten millions of dollars. With tjiese means the departnient will be enabled to meet all lawful demands upon it for the present.

No change in the revenue laws can be made in time to meet these difficulties, and if it could, the same causes would produce the same results under any laws that might be passed. If Congress, however, should determine upon such a policy, either with a view to meet existing difiiculties or for the purpose of providing for the payment of any portion of the public debt, I can only refer them for the views of the department to my former reports on that subject.

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The attention of Congress is again called to the bill for the revision and consolidation of the revenue laws, prepared by the department and submitted at the first sessipn of the last Congress, in compliance with a resolution of the House of Eepresentatives. The importance of adopting the changes and modifications contained in this measure cannot be too strongly urged upon the consideration of Congress. They would facilitate the operations of the department, reconcile conflicting provisions of law, and greatly reduce the expenditure in this branch of the public service.

In this connexion the attention of Congress is called to the condition of the revenue marine service. With the exception of the Harriet Lane, there are none but sail vessels employed in the service. Steam vessels are so rapidly supplanting sail vessels in the commercial business of the country, that the present sail vessels of the revenue service, however well adapted to a former state of things, are becoming almost useless tor the purposes for which they are employed. I have before represented to Congress that this service could be transferred to the Navy Department with benefit to the public interest, and I entertain the game opinion still.

If this should not be done, the policy should, at all events, be adopted of substituting as rapidly as possible steam for -the sail vesselsnow used. It is due to the officers employed in this branch of the reveriue service to say, that their pay does not correspond with the compensation paid to oflScers engaged in similar and less laborious duties. In the bill alreacly referred to, an increase of their pay was recoramended, and in my opinion it should be proraptly carried out as an net of simple justice to a worthy class of public oflScers.

In each of my former annual reports I called the attention of Congress to the provisions bf the act of March 3, on the subject of deposits by the disbursing agents of the government. The impossibility of executing those provisions has been so fully discussed in those reports, that I deem it unnecessary at this timeto do more than to refer to the subject, and repeat the recommendations of former reports. Congress should not permit a law to stand upon the statute books which cannot be executed, when by a few simple modifications the objects of the law can be fully effected, and-the public interest protected against the apprehended evil. The report ofthe director ofthe mint is herewith transraitted, marked No.

The report of the acting engineer in charge of the Bureau of Construction is herewith submitted. It furnishes full details of the progress of the public buildings in course of construction. The policy adopted by the department in reference to works of this character, and presented in former reports to Congress, has been continued during the past year. My views in reference to these works, and especially on the subject of marine hospitals, have been so often urged upon Congress, that it is deemed unnecessary to do more at this time than to say that each year's observation and experience confirm and strengthen former convictions.

Accompanying the reportof this bfficer will be found the action of the department, under the act of March 3,authorizing the, analysis of iron ores. It will be found to be an instructive document on this great material interest of our country. Barclay, for preventing abrasion, counterfeiting, and deterioration of the coins of the United States. Professors Henry, Vethake, and R. Rogers, were appointed to act as such commissioners.

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On the 22d Casuao,an additional appropriation of five thousand dollars was made to yn out the joint resolution ofI herewith communicate the report of these comraissioners, and the action of the departraent on the subject. If the objects kn Dr. Barclay proposes to accoraplish middlevi,le be effected, it is miedleville to. The experiments already made have been attended middlevlle such results as to induce the opinion that it will prove entirely successful. Such is the strong conviction of casuak own mind to that effect, t h a t I do not hesitate to recoraraend a sufficient appropriation be made to test fully the practicability of the measure, and at the same time to compensate Dr.

Barclay liberally for his discovery. There should be placed under the control of the Secretary of the Treasury for this purpose the sum of one hundred thousand dollars. Congress at its last session authorized the appointment of delegates to represent this government in the International Statistical Congress, which met in London in July last. I had on two occasions called the attention of Congress to the iraportance of establishing uniforra standards of weights and measures, a uniform unit of currency, and a uniform mode of preparing and keeping commercial statistics, among the comraercial countries of the world. Repeat, cause we both want to. Meet for drinks when we can, no drama, no numbers.

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