Advantages and disadvantages of love marriage and arranged marriage

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Why Love Marriage Is Best: Advantages Of Love Marriage

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At least, in a love marriage, you are sure of your partner. What destiny has in store for you, none can predict but your chances of happiness are better in love marriage. Final verdict The entire concept of marriage can have its own advantages or disadvantages. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage, it is quite clear that love marriage is ideally better. The world is a free place. Everyone should be given complete rights to choose their life partner and live their life the way they want. No social obligations or family pressures should force someone to compromise with their own happiness. They say that elders always wish happiness for their children.

If that is true, then there should be no problem for them to agree to their choice. After all their children's happiness should be their prime concern in life. They have to understand that there is no guarantee that an arranged marriage will work and a love marriage will not. Both have similar chances of breaking up but at least in a love marriage, their son or daughter will be happy with a partner of their choice. As responsible adults, it is also up to us whether we make proper choices while selecting our spouses. Knowing someone in and out often helps us to make better decisions with our life.

Disadvantages arranged marriage Advantages of and love marriage and

Also, one diswdvantages give every relationship some time. There is no hurry. Know someone disadvantsges such a point that you know that he or she is the one made for you; whether your relationship can withstand the hard waters, only time will tell. Be in a relationship Advantwges someone for a few years and only then decide to tie the knot. This will save you from a lot of heartbreak later on. Let us see… Advantages of Love Marriage Love marriage is an union between two individuals who are attracted to each other after having met either at school, college, office, or through common friends or in the neighborhood.

They mutually decide to tie the knot that would not permit legally any other person to get involved between them. In other words, they are legally together. Young people are going in for love marriages rather than an arranged one.

One has the complete freedom to select his or her life partner. One is not marrying a total stranger. One knows the weak and positive points in order to adjust easily in matrimony. Marriage is based upon love for each other and although the chances of it breaking down are there, yet the young couple hopes that their togetherness lasts forever.

Arranged marriages can eliminate this frustration along with the headaches and heartaches that come with it. They let parents find the right spouses for their children. Many of those who practice arranged marriages do so not just because of religious and cultural reasons but also because they believe that young people would prioritize pleasure and physical attraction when choosing a partner. Many parents arrange marriages for their children so they can find a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law who comes from a good family, has an excellent reputation, practices the same religion, and has a well-earning job. For some people, the getting-to-know-you stage is critical at choosing a lifetime partner.

Feeling of Alienation Since everyone but you are hands on your wedding, you may feel that it is not your wedding at all. You have very limited say on your wedding, if anything, everything comes to you by surprise. Family Interference Your family was deeply involved during the wedding and this involvement continues throughout the marriage.

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They may interfere with almost everything about your marriage to the point of intruding your privacy and compromising disadvabtages individuality. They exchange gifts like dress, gold ornaments and sweets as a token of love and friendship between the two families. A strong filial bond is established between two families. Arranged marriage has its own advantages and disadvantages. The entire responsibility of the marriage is undertaken by both the parents.

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