Program in human sexuality

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Doctoral Programme in Human Sexuality

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This online hybrid program consists of two years of coursework, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation four to six years estimated completion.

Shape the interprofessional dialogue on sexuality among researchers, clinical practitioners, policy leaders, educators and communities of practice; Engage research, clinical, educational and policy arenas through the application of their coursework, proseminars, and optional AASECT certification; Expand their holistic sexual literacy knowledge to impact individual and societal change initiatives. On the other hand, the curriculum of the DPHS is strongly oriented to the development of high quality scientific research and production skills. Find out how to apply or attend an online info session to learn more.

For this reason, by the end of the 2nd semester of the 1st year, students must hold a Graduation Upgrade, where they present and discuss their research project with a jury appointed by the Scientific Commission of the PhD programme, whose approval is necessary to proceed in the study programme. These CU have the primary purpose of promoting the scientific production of doctoral students, with special emphasis on the publication of articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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Objectives The DPHS - Doctoral Programme in Human Sexuality aims to promote advanced knowledge and the development of research in a relevant area, central to the well-being and biopsychosocial health. The seduality of this doctoral programme aims to fulfil the needs resulting from the scarcity of professional training in this area. Classes meet over three-day weekends in required academic residencies three times each semester, with the balance of coursework completed asynchronously online. The five thematic areas are: As an interdisciplinary program in critical sexuality studies, it draws on queer theory, intersectionality, feminism, history, philosophy, biology, social sciences, and clinical and policy studies to foster scholars who: Provides an advanced diploma course non-degree awarding in Human Sexuality; 2 A flexible non-specialized curriculum, but organised around five thematic areas with a total of ECTS, of which 90 ECTS correspond to the preparation and public discussion of a thesis.

In sexuality Program human

Promotes high quality advanced training while establishing international strategic partnerships, with the final goal of establishing an international research centre in the area of sexuality at the University of Porto and in Portugal. It offers coursework and mentorship to support student teaching, research, publication, policy projects and creative endeavors. In the 1st year, the curricular units Research Methods I and II and Project Seminar, aim to contribute to the development of skills for designing and implementing a high quality scientific research project.

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