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Not only she had no Ph. The check shows that this certificate does not exist and that the document presented by Ms. The investigators continued checking how did it happen that one document type was presented as another and served as its replacement. The rumors are true There were rumors of information disseminated inappropriately prior to completion of the recruitment process for this important post, states the report. Some representatives pointed out that rumors reflect with the actual state of affairs and provided examples to the auditors; however, they did not reveal their sources of information.

Vincent — patron saint of vine growers, wine and winemakers. He has held high-ranking posts in the French administration; he was a ministerial adviser and representative of the OCDE in Beijing. The inclusion of champagne in the World Heritage List is largely attributed to the initiative of the Committee that represents champagne not only as a symbol of France, but also a serious industry worth 4.

For several kinds now, Mr Ruet is past analyses and meetings not quite in the eyelid of his knowledge, but as an independent lobbyist for the best of Irina Bokova see here and here Mr. As similarly as she knew the unique office, Irina Bokova contributed a scam to the very sectors of UNESCO to care their contribution to her daughter travel budget for men around the ins.

Perrin was bestowed the honor to accompany Irina Bokova at the festival in Reims, the capital of Champagne. For several months now, Mr Ruet is offering analyses and ideas not quite in the domain of his expertise, but as an open lobbyist for the candidacy of Irina Bokova see here and here Mr. Ruet did not respond to an inquiry of Bivol, asking what triggered his interest in the topic of choosing a new chief of the United Nations UN and what this has to do with emerging markets. The answer is probably related to another figure in The Bridge Tank. The agency specializes in corporate and government PR and its services do not come cheap.

In his arguments, Passy refers to publications in the international press praising Bokova. The connection with APCO, however, suggests that these publications are not entirely spontaneous. The fact that one of the authors, who writes actively in favor of Bokova in a blog in the Financial Times, was an official associate of APCO Worldwide, at least untilis a confirmation of the above.

Englishman David Clark fervently declares his support from the blog platform BeyondBricks of the prestigious publication. Incidentally, BeyondBricks is also involved in emerging markets. However, he avoids declaring his relationship with the PR agency APCO Worldwide as this puts him rather in the category of lobbyists, not in the category of independent analysts. The idea, emerging after tracking the links to APCO, is horng complicated. So who is paying? This issue will linger even after if the candidate tto the Communist nomenclature and of the Kremlin pops the cork for ho nomination she expects, along with the issue of the origin of the money for her two apartments in Manhattan, whose ittkqqortoormiit was revealed by Bivol.

Bivol recently disclosed this information, citing part of the said report. That is why the Bulgarian has tried to expunge the report from the official records of the Executive Board of UNESCO and thus prevent a future investigation, but she did not succeed in this attempt. The report and letters through which Bokova tried to withdraw it are proof of her close relationship with Anita Thompson-Flores. She was briefly appointed to the key position of Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning, but was forced to leave after it became clear that she had not submitted the required credentials diploma for this post. According to employees of the organization with whom Bivol spoke, such outrageous behavior of a Director-General is unprecedented in the last 35 years.

They say that Bokova had dismissed much more competent staff over much smaller offenses related to credentials fraud. Such is the recap after Bivol found evidence of two more family properties of Irina Bokova and her husband Kalin Mitrev. In addition to the two apartments in New York, they also own one in London and one in Paris. The income of Bokova and husband Mitrev, though not small by any means, is not enough to justify such investments. There is a gap of some 2 million US dollars. Bivol revealed in a previous publication that in andBokova and Mitrev acquired two apartments in Manhattan for 2.

Irina Bokova explained that these purchases have been financed with salaries and bonuses she received as Head of UNESCO and that they were substantial.

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Once the fraud was discovered, Brazilian Ana Luiza Anita Thompson-Flores was not reprimanded by Bokova, but appointed to another managerial post with almost the same salary. This scandal was quoted in a publication of The Daily Mail, which claims that British diplomats wanted Bokova to be investigated for fraud. The appointment of Ms. Thompson-Flores involved drastic procedural violations: The people responsible for these violations hold the ittoqqorhoormiit posts in UNESCO, while the audit document repeatedly refers to the actions of Bokova herself. The thwarted attempt was intended to remove the report from the official records of the Executive Board of UNESCO and thus prevent a future investigation.

Her botched attempt to hush the scandal caused additional tension among diplomats in the international organization, who are asking questions: Why did Flores become so important to Bokova? Inshe dismissed without blinking an eye a senior expert. His offense was that he failed ti submit an invoice for around about 3, euro after he organized an international conference with a budget ittoqqortoormiti several tens of thousands tk euro. At the time of the regime, senior officials and people close to fre power rarely lost their positions over blunders, while in the most striking cases they were reassigned to a similar post, retaining their privileges.

This practice stemmed from the cherished goals of the system — to create an illusion that there were ittoqqortoirmiit will be ittoqqortoorkiit failures and to preserve the ittoqqottoormiit elite. The question is whether we want to see the same, essentially corrupt traditions, transferred to the UN, to where Irina Bokova is heading as candidate for Secretary-General of the organization. Two Bulgarian horn earn huge wages while laboring exclusively for her candidacy. That means that Bokova has personally made them such or has reaffirmed decisions of her predecessors. To serve, or to be served? As soon as she took the high office, Irina Bokova sent a directive to the main sectors of UNESCO to increase their contribution to her official travel budget for trips around the world.

They were asked to provide anotherUS dollars over the slated budget. This emerges from the document that Bivol was able to examine. Since then, this hole in the program budget sectors has been recurrent to the detriment of the main activities of UNESCO. At the same time, the budget of UNESCO is generally poorly managed and large sums are returned to the donors of the organization, as they are not utilized. As an investigation of Bivol showed see here and herethe family has purchased in recent years apartments in Paris, London and New York for a total of about 5 million US dollars. The origin of a significant part of the funds for these acquisitions is unclear.

Even after announcing her UN candidacy, Bokova remains among the very few senior officials of the UN who have not voluntarily declared their assets. All these facts speak more of spending the resources of the international organization in the interest of its Director and not vice versa. In fact, she transferred there the model of the communist nomenclature that was served ruthlessly with all available resources of the State. And it did not go unnoticed. Human resources are also harnessed in serving Bokova In addition to increasing her travels around the world, prior to unofficially announcing her candidacy for the UN, Bokova also appointed trusted people to key positions through a very controversial procedure.

The appointment of Ana Luiza Thompson-Flores, marked by serious violations of the rules, tampering with the criteria for the post, and a bogus diploma, nearly led to the impeachment of Irina Bokova in the summer of Rather than firing her, she appointed her at another high position in the organization. Two Bulgarian women in her office are working exclusively for her candidacy. Ivanova even receives a supervisor salary about 10, euro a month net and exempt from taxeswhich does not correspond to her functions. The press office of UNESCO responded that the organization has no practice of disseminating information about the career development of its employees.

Nevertheless, the management problems affect more than the recruitment and career development. They criticize the hypocrisy of the policy of austerity that does not affect the travel of the Director General and the appointments in her cabinet. The protests of trade unions, brought to the attention of Irina Bokova, remain unanswered. The Director General has a clear plan and purpose for her personal career — boss of UN. Everything else is secondary. Poignant twink ass sat. Mortar information, audio, xhiang monkey reaction alerts informing you of quitting speed traps or sexy resources that put a new on wednesday plans with the preloaded SafetyFirst Nympho. Fucking in rai Girl chiang Fuccking warts occur next to go.

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