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Financial control 76 4. Financial and budgetary provisions. This report covers the period from October to September Progress is measured on the basis of decisions taken, legislation adopted and measures implemented. As a rule, legislation or measures which are under preparation or awaiting parliamentary approval have not been taken into account. This approach ensures equal treatment across all reports and enables an objective assessment. The report is based on information gathered and analysed by the Commission. Many sources have been used, including contributions from the government of Turkey, the EU Member States, European Parliament reports[1] and information from various international and non-governmental organisations.

The Commission draws detailed conclusions regarding Turkey in its separate Communication on enlargement,[2] based on the technical analysis contained in this report. Accession negotiations with Turkey were opened in October Turkey and the EU formed a Customs Union in Relations between the EU and Turkey The Positive Agenda launched in continued to support and complement the accession negotiations through enhanced cooperation in a number of areas of joint interest: The Commission assessed progress made in the framework of the working groups and informed Turkey and the Member States which benchmarks it considers to be met.

The Commission also acknowledged progress achieved on important requirements as regards the judiciary and fundamental rights. The Commission prepared a roadmap for visa liberalisation in line with the Council conclusions of 21 June inviting it to take steps towards visa liberalisation as a gradual and long-term objective in parallel with the signing of the readmission agreement between Turkey and the EU. Turkey and the Commission continued efforts to enhance their cooperation on energy, focusing mainly on electricity and gas. Of a total of 33 reports, eight are pending in the Council, while one has yet to be delivered.

Work has been interrupted over the years on a number of negotiating chapters due to lack of consensus amongst Member States. So far, accession negotiations have been opened on 13 chapters Science and research; Enterprise and industry; Statistics; Financial control; Trans-European networks; Consumer and health protection; Intellectual property law; Company law; Information society and media; Free movement of capital; Taxation; Environment; and Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policyone of which Science and research was provisionally closed.

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