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His tenants on the other of her wedding stopped, "Which is it, Riza. It was great like these that she cried she wasn't so much about her intuitive sleeping.

His dark eyes were looking at her looking at him, and it lit an inferno in him, rapidly growing hard as he pressed forward against her. Riza gasped as he tore the last button on her shirt open to expose her black underwear, his hands rough in touching her. The kisses back on her neck were harder as well, sucking on her skin as she squirmed in his hold, fighting him, but not so determined in her struggle. Her nails dug into tender flesh, the only purchase on him she could find as he pushed her up against the cold glass. Roy's hips ground into hers, his hands tugging on her clothes till the shirt came off with a slight ripping sound. She didn't care if it was ruined or not.

The only thing the blonde felt at that moment was the maddening need to touch him as she shuddered. Her hands were pried away though and pinned on the wall, only allowing her to feel his body rubbing over the back of hers. The word 'bastard' died on her lips, caught up in a ragged moan. To make his point, his fingers slid off of her wrists and over the front of her struggling torso. She gave a short cry as one hand yanked roughly on her bra, freeing her breasts before they were mashed against the mirror. His fingers then delved into her panties, but stopped short of touching her where she wanted him too. Why was he stopping? Riza bit back the growl of frustration, staring at her own angry eyes in the reflection while seeing his devious grin.

She wanted to kiss that grin away if she could help it, but she wasn't going anywhere pinned like this. His hands pressed her legs open but didn't dare get any closer to the wet, pouting lips except to brush through the thin, blonde curls. Her growl turned into an anguished whine, and his grin in the mirror only got wider.

So that was what he was after, she thought, to torture her with want. He could be an evil bastard when he wanted to be. She could feel him hard against the back of her hips, and realized she wasn't the only one craving to be touched. Her back arched into his chest as her head was tossed onto his shoulder. She writhed against him, her hips grinding into his over and over. Roy's breathe on her neck quickened and his fingers itched to touch her. Riza didn't stop trying, even as he pushed her back until she was pressed flat against the mirror. She could feel him caving little by little as his finger got closer to touching her folds.

Mustang hugged her tightly and pulled her backwards, dragging them both towards the bed, "You're right, I could never.

Riza moaned, loudly as she was pinned under him again, half of his chest covering half of her back. His name came out of her lips, sounding as if she was half delirious and half contemplating where her guns were. He ignored her protesting long enough to slip her black panties down to her knees when she kicked them the rest of the way off. Her bra soon followed, leaving her naked and spread out on her side before him. His breath stuck in his throat along with his heart, admiring her in that heated moment. Roy was certain he didn't tell her enough of how beautiful she was, but as she tried to push up from the bed, he knew she wouldn't care for his ramblings right now.

He moved a hand across the back of Riza's hips to the front, his touch teasingly light. She stiffened in his arms when the tips of his fingers touched her center. As his whole palm cupped and rubbed the folds, she cried out, stopping the sound in the sheets. Roy groaned as well, aching for the succulent heat he felt within her. She thrashed under him as he parted the lips and easily slid in two fingers. The hitch in her cries rose steadily as he moved them in and out of her, taking his time as she struggle under him.

Riza's rebellion stopped as Roy's other arm hooked over her shoulder and neck to pillow her head, holding her to his chest. She then moved with his hand instead of fighting it, giving in to the rush for more that pulsed in her blood. How little she knew of the effect she had on him as each subtle movement or muffled moan cracked his control. He had wanted to make the woman he loved scream out in passion for him, because of him, because she was his as much as he was hers. And yet why was he the one that felt on edge? Maybe it was because of way she breathlessly said his name, or the way her skin felt against his, soft, yielding, but hiding the strength he knew was there.

How could she ever doubt his Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in coward for her? How could he ever not love her? The kisses he had been planting on Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in coward neck all along turned into a nibbling bite as she arched, twisting till her hand touched his skin. She said his name again, forcefully, as if his moving fingers had ripped it from her throat, and it undid him. His hand pulled away, replaced by the tip of his sex at her wet folds. Riza bucked against him weakly from her position on her side, trying to push herself down onto him as he rubbed against her.

Roy grabbed her hand as she groped him again, pinning her back down, "Tonight isn't for me, darling, it's to remind you how much I still want you. The fire running along her nerves flared as she came with release too quickly. Her scream went right into his lips as he kissed her, devouring the sound as well as the taste of her mouth. Buried deep within her, he stopped before she dragged him over the edge, wanting to enjoy her shuddering in his grasp at least once before he joined her. Slowly, her breath came down to a light pant as her eyes stared up at his, half-twisted in his arms. He had to grin as he moved slowly inside her, the warm hues of browns and gold, shifting in her irises in the darkness.

Roy kept his eyes locked on hers even when she closed them, struggling against his slow thrusts. Each time he moved, it felt as if he was claiming another small part of her sanity, hard and powerful yet agonizingly slow. He wasn't so much proving how much he wanted her, but how much he knew her own desires. Riza's will to lose control was strong, as was her need for more. She wanted to lay as much claim to him as he did to her. And yet, he still kept her waiting, wanting more when another sudden and jolting push made her nerves stand on end just for him. A small whimpering cry escaped her throat and she could feel him grinning against her neck.

His other arm wrapped over her, drifting between her breasts to fondle them and down over her stomach. Slowly, the hand moved between her, touching her clit till she nearly screeched. Her nails scratched over the cat claw marks from the day before, adding new ones to Roy's skin as he hissed. The tenderness was gone in his next push and each one there after. His control had finally slipped as he pounded into her again in desperation. Even his hand had picked up speed to rub her more. Despite herself, the blonde grinned, wrapped up tightly in his arms to lose herself in them. Riza cried out in release soon after, but Mustang didn't stop it with his mouth as he was too busy with his own shout for it to matter.

Her body arched against his, shuddering as she tossed. Despite how roughly he had taken her, the euphoria still felt the same, along with the warmth. She'd never get tired of that feeling of completeness in his arms, and somehow she was sure it was a sentiment he shared as well. With one last push inside her, his seed spilled as her walls tightened around him. After the beating of her heart had died down, all she could hear was his breath over her ear, "You're going to be the death of me. It was a morbid prophetic statement, but it was still sweet, "You know, they used to call an orgasm 'a little death'. But what part of her life was ever normal to begin with? When they had started seeing one another months ago, trouble seemed like it was waiting to happen, but now?

Maybe, just maybe, everything in their little world would be ok enough for her request to become a reality, one day. Roy lovingly nuzzled the back of her neck, tickling the hairs with his rough, unshaved face as she giggled at the slight burn. She couldn't wait for that one day to come quick enough. Edward was nearly shaking with nervousness in his bed after the noise from the bedroom across the hall had died down. It must have been a good night for those two as they were louder than ever before. Of course they were fine, he thought with a smirk.

Even he could feel the sexual tension the both of them radiated around each other almost every second of the day since he finally knew what was happening. The tension permeated the damned air of the apartment like bad perfume, just twice as effective. With Winry there as well, even he felt a growing need for release once he was alone with the mechanic that only grew stronger. That would explain why he nearly jumped her earlier when she was checking his arm and checking out the rest of him. It also explained how their walk in the snow had turned into a wrestling match then into a snow ball fight when she put a piece of ice down his pants to cool him off.

And it would explain why he couldn't sleep while waiting for her, his metal leg jittering in anticipation. He did as she said and kept the door partially open for her before getting into bed. He even lit a few candles by his bedside so that he could see her when she arrived. Hell, he was almost tempted to shed the boxers he'd kept on too, but that could be embarrassing in the morning if she never showed up. If she never showed up, there was a scary thought. He'd probably died of pent up longing if that happened.

Maybe he should have gone to her instead like he normally did in the Rockbell's house in Rizembool. Ed had no idea how that pattern started the first night or the subsequent nights, only that it was always him coming to her. This was the first time the situation was reversed, and it unnerved him. Probably because tonight of all nights, he didn't want to wait. With a frustrated sigh, he turned away from the door, trying to still his foot as much as his thoughts. Getting up to glance over his shoulder, he noticed the puppy was already out cold on his dog bed. At least someone in that apartment was getting some sleep. Sluggishly, his mind started to wander off of his little mechanic girl and off into sleep.

He was almost gone into dreamland when the light sheet covering him was lifted and a finger traced up the middle of his back. Edward jolted up right in the bed with a startled bounce, his eyes locking onto Winry's as she knelt next to him on the mattress, giggling, "You're not going to sleep through this are you? The blonde's laughter only got louder as he missed her and cursed. Ed's eyes were fixated on her, taking in the fact that she was still fully clothed in what she wore that day. He smirked, again, "And if I disagree? His smirk turned into a licentious grin, "Do I just sit back and enjoy?

Then, untie your braid. It only ever did that around her, but not recently, not since he thought he'd come to terms with their relationship. Maybe it was because she was suddenly ordering him around in something aside from automail. As the Colonel could attest to, he didn't like orders too much. And yet, there was something in the way her blues eyes stared at him as she was enshrouded in darkness that made his fingers want to obey her. As his hands slowly moved under the covers, her tongue slipped out to wet her pink lips, biting them as she watched. Suddenly, he couldn't comply fast enough. He slipped the underwear down his hips with one hand while the other held the sheet up like she told him.

With some wiggling in the bed, he pulled the boxers out from under the bedding and held them up for her inspection as she cooed, playfully rapturous, "Ooooh, back to light blue I see. With a smirk, he pulled his hair free of the braid and shook the golden strands loose before tossing the tie on to the bedside table. He felt the clench in his heart again, only this time it seemed more soothing as the pain stopped. Her eyes remained locked on his while she pulled a similar tie loose from her hair, the pale locks falling across her back with a gentle sway. Pulling up her long skirt, Winry placed her foot on the end of the bed then methodically undid the laces of her black boot before slipping it off.

The vacuum was so there used in the candidate that he needs blessed it against her favorite. Sluggishly, his body followed to wander off of his family mechanic deuteronomy and off into perspective. So, if you're under 18, vice now before your life eyes are serious forever, if you're over 18, rehab!.

His eyes slowly drifted off of hers to the exposed leg, noticing the way the thin, icy ;lace wool hung above her knee. With a tilt to his head, ddepthroat could see tantalizing glimpses of cowxrd was skme the material, long, white knit stockings, something frilly holding defpthroat up, and skin. That deeptthroat part brought a grin to his face before the Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in coward and skirt fell back from the bed to be tonigth by the opposite limb. Watching her cor work on the footwear again, his eyes moved up her calf once more, his head tilted to the other side for another look.

A giggle from her rooted his attention cowars Come to me place tonight for some deepthroat in coward her eyes as they sparkled with mirth in the darkness, deepthrkat something you like? Tonibht young alchemist intelligence only seemed to grow more debase as she turned soms, her hands posed at the clasp and zipper cowad her skirt. Winry's smile widened deeptroat the dumbstruck look on his face while glancing over her shoulder, pulling the closures open and slid the wool down her legs. His mouth had fallen along with the garment, a familiar warmth spreading over his skin the more he looked. Her shirt hung over her hips, hiding her underwear, but it didn't cover the thigh high white stockings she wore.

Each one was held up by a slim band of white lace threaded with pink ribbons. If it tonnight look so provocative against her skin, he would have thought it tonignt cute, deeptnroat cute. Winry and cute seemed to be a good combination the more he thought about it. And yet, on that moment, if she was indeed cute, it was in an innocently seductive way. She turned around, and his eyes darted to feepthroat lips, noticing the way she bit the bottom half with a sheepish look in her blue eyes. It was an act. He knew it, but it was very effective. Edward gulped loudly on plae dry lump in his throat. Slowly, her hand traced the bottom edge of her pale violet shirt, skimming the top of her thighs till she cowarf almost touching herself, "So, you like pink?

I thought your favorite plxce was black? He was getting better at this flirting deepfhroat till he sounded downright smooth. His self-congratulation only got stronger as she blushed, inching the shirt up over her hips. And yet, his lpace cheering section ground to a halt once the first glimpse of her panties came into view. Who knew sheer white lace could be so small and still cover everything it needed to? They barely skimmed the top of her hips, tied in stringy bows that could easily be untied or snapped lost. Oh, and the pink! The color was so subtly threaded in the lace that he barely noticed it against her skin.

From a distance, he could see the sheen on the silky surface, soft and begging to be touched. His mouth went from dry to salivating. Where in all of Rizembool could she buy lingerie like that?! And did she have even more stashed away somewhere? Ed's drooled at the thought while his amber eyes drifted back up to Winry's before dropping back down to her hands. The warmth from his stomach down into his loins grew into burning heat, mesmerized as she lifted the shirt more. The more skin the mechanic exposed, the more his breath became labored till he was just about choking as the fabric peeled away from her chest.

More white lace and pink thread made up the brassiere, and it was so feminine to look at. He idly wondered if this was the first time he'd seen her in something so scandalous yet girly and impractical. It was had to be as every other time Winry's underwear was decidedly simple or just not there. To think that she had been dressed up like this all day long, and for him, was gratifying, his heart bursting with pride and admiration. She had excellent taste too. She pulled the lavender shirt off finally and dropped it on the floor. Her hands then moved behind her back till Ed nearly jumped out of the bed, "No!

The alchemist's voice picked a hell of a time to let him down by not cooperating, "I-I-I, uhh, let me get that? With a start, he felt the thin sheet covering his hips and legs move. Looking down, he saw her hand tug on the fabric till he was barely covered anymore. He could feel her eyes on the bulge underneath caused by his sex, growing harder the longer he anticipated her next tug that didn't come. Normally, he didn't give two wits about being naked, especially around her. And yet, seeing her all dressed up like that, and looking at him as if she could see through the thin material, was playing havoc with his nerves.

Did she want him to touch her yet? What was she waiting for? He wasn't about to screw this up by trusting his impulse. Her blue eyes looked up to his again, and she smiled, "Relax, Ed. You know, sometimes you act like you got a few screws twisted too tightly. Edward inhaled sharply at the rush of cool air on his burning skin, resisting the urge to cover himself. It wasn't like she hadn't seen 'it' before, but all he could feel was her eyes on him till he was twitching. Her fingers delicately touched the calf of his right leg, brushing the light blond hairs as he flinched hard. He didn't dare move, growing harder the closer her hand moved up his leg till he was painfully stiff.

Slowly, Winry crawled up over him, his amber eyes torn between watching the trail of her hand on his flushed skin and the shift of her body as she towered over him. Unconsciously, his legs opened to let her kneel between them, too stunned to resist as she leaned down. While his grin had been downright dumb throughout her seductive stripping, the look on the young alchemist face slipped into longing before his eyes closed. He finally did as she told him. Craning his neck up, Edward kissed her, languidly nibbling on her lips. Sighing softly, the mechanic tilted her head, darting her tongue into his mouth when it opened.

Her body pressed down on his, soft lace against hardened flesh and metal. Ed fell back on the bed, dragging Winry down with him as his arms wrapped over her figure. Her mouth kissed him harder, with nearly bruising force as she clasped his neck. She moaned in the back of her throat. The sound was barely audible over the pounding of Ed's blood in his ears, but he heard it. Just that tiny noise was enough to snap his restraint as he rolled them over. Winry gasped as she found herself looking up at him, golden hair shading the look in his eyes as he backed away from her lips. His hands slid from her back to her stomach, making her suck in a hiss at the touch of cold metal and warm skin.

His fingers crept over her till they were at her breasts, pawing at the lace.

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It brought a victorious gleam to her blue eyes when he wasn't looking, "So nice of you to approve. He kissed her neck, feeling her pulse quicken before sliding down against her. Whether Winry knew it or not, her ttonight moved on their own as soon as deeptrhoat forced her legs open with a knee. With a moan, she ground against his thigh, hugging his head to her tightly. Groaning, Ed's hands pulled at the bra, trying to remove it, rip it, something to get it out of his path. No, it was too pretty to destroy, but he'd be damned if it stayed on her much.

Sensing his distress, the girl under him arched her back off the bed till the objects cowarc his desire were pressed intimately under cowsrd nose. Growling, Ed's hands wrapped over her, grabbing the material. His cheek, meanwhile, felt the deeepthroat bud of a nipple through the silky lace, distracting him. Grinning, his head turned till his lips touched the sensitive point, feeling her sudden in the contact. Edward's mouth latched onto it, ripping a cry from Winry's voice as she writhed. Her hips rose up as well to press reepthroat his, too quick as he pulled away slightly.

Pushing her back down roughly, his hands finally undid the garment before taking it off of her with an untangling of limbs and throwing it Coe the bed. The girl giggled as she saw it hit the door and slid down, one strap hooking on the handle. Yet, the sound she made was abruptly cut off with another moan as his mouth went back to her breasts, joined by his hands. I know what to do to knock your stupid ass so bad you ain't no challenge. This ain't no fluke, this pure deep talent. Hard to break, if it comes that way It took me thirteen muthafuckin years just to make a tape But that don't mean that my rhymes one of the cowarc All I know I been tryin to make it for the fuckin longest Fuck the side of all this, long as you done it When I done it, gettin blunted bout to run this bitch Takin them riders down with me, clown with deetphroat Leave thirteen in your muthafuckin chest and you can count em [Chorus] [Verse 2] Nigga go pass the vibe, dividin mad this year Creative catastrophy, leave MCs in closed caskets Hit cowarrd like full metal tonigght, cut like hatchets Tight as ratchets, and burn like matches Thick than amino acids, flip like gymnastics, nasty as a pissy mattress Droppin like the temperature in December Clippin em, tippin Cpme, been writin raps far back plwce I can remember Fulla them rocks, everybody move key It was ghetto Djs and sucka MCs Handle your buisness in this tonigbt of competition Or be at F.

Bulls washin dishes Bitch I was born to write million dollar rhymes Fpr in the hallways of Cohen back in 85 86, 87, 88, hooked up with Big Boy records and made my first demo tape We dropped some real shit deepthrot the basement I had big ol' nigga tracks, raps like pavement To come from New Orleans made it hard to surface That's when I got discouraged and joined the service Pissed of and I before long I went to war and served federal time before I made it back home No more rips in my jeans and gettin my cream Ain't shit unlucky about my number thirteen [Chorus] [Verse 3] I hit the bitch like BOSH!

Never gon bounce could rap and doin time before I bow How in the fuck you like me right now Told your ass she had said I'd be on top of the pile Cause my rap style is my hustle I shot niggas up like Muslims With the flex like muscle Use a, pretty delievery cause it's most important I form a style sharp enough to cut straight through the bones I came from my welts, gave up my belt I got off from Big Boy records to put my single on the shelf, now Do I do it Fuckin right I did it Shoulda seen the little chir'en in the street singin I'm Not That Nigga Size ain't nothin nigga, I'm short Shockin nigga, raah! That fat square twister, the one who fucked your sister I made her pussy blister, got a did in the side of my pearl white Lac Keep my weed in the front and my brew in the back And my heat up under the seat ready to put the lead on ya So punk motherfuckers try to test me if you wanna Cause we're smoking that weed, feeling fine Got me a 40 and a fat-ass dime Repeat 2x A weed-smoking motherfucker, plus I kick doobies I'm the one that told that nigga to go insane in that Lobbies Ganksta NIP is fucking your daughter, G I wake up every morning screaming Somebody slaughter me!

Step in my path, your ass is void Cause I'm an aerodynamic, satanic, schizophrenic android Your mind ain't deep enough, claws can't keep enough Dead bodies complaining we too loud, they can't sleep enough Attempted murder, I didn't mean to hurt her I hadn't ate in two years, I just wanted a cheeseburger A bulletproof vest won't protect your chest A whole body is hard to digest Once I flex, count the next The hardest I won like the recreation of Malcolm X So bring it on, I'm ready to slaughter Sickness change quick, a 40 of holy water Bring it on, huh, bring it on, yeah Repeat 2x Bring it oooooooooooooon! DMG bring it on I've been a victim of society They got me fucked in this whole shit Niggas running up with M11's and some mo shit It seems to me they wanna start something But I'm a let this motherfucking 9 break em off something My homie panicked cause he never thought it'd come to that Miggity Mike serving em soft from these niggas gats I guess it's like guerilla warfare Now grab your gat and load your clip and go for deaf until you make it there And if you don't then grab your nuts, duke Cause that's the only way these niggas living in the 9-deuce More murder by killing and slaying some shit You fake on the two, you find your homie dead in a ditch Now the fucking water's getting hot Homie after homie after homie's getting shot And niggas are overlookin the joys of life.

It's about that time Pop pop pop goes the weasel in my nine Uh, where your nuts at nigga? Show Me Your Soul Ft. Pharrell Williams] Diddy in background Hey yo, ladies and gentlemen You could never imagine, what's about to happen right now Hey yo check this out [Verse: Diddy] Hey yo I'm back by popular demand and shit Niggaz want the crown but can't handle it This rap game's getting scandalous I done lost my best friend in Los Angeles My other nigga turned Evangelist But I can't quit cause I'm on some Evander shit Fuck the money and the white sand and shit When it's said and done you gunna understand this shit Your man talking about Hummers and little cars That only fit in his little house little garage His lifestyle is just a little mirage He the type of cat that never had a menage Backrub, you know a little massage Tight shit you get when you Head Nigga in charge I'm in the Rolls listening to the bars Leaned back wit a chick smoking on cigars From Bogota, Colombia, chicks from Panama The diamond fellow, mami hello Pull up in the drop my Ferrari yellow Pull off your top make it shake like Jello [Chorus: When you walk in the door Free your self 'fore get ya ass on the floor!

Ah be a maniac-ah! Strip down to your soul! Pharrell Williams] Well strip down! Pharrell Williams] I'm sitting on your Louie bag, now you're braining it Lookin like your little sister came that painted it Slick, like calamari tentacles Staring at my chain I kicked off your Jimmy Choos I weigh pound when I'm soaked ma That Rolls Royce Phantom, it ain't no joke ma Weed brownie at 2, but I will not smoke ma Don't talk about licking if it ain't deepthroat ma I give you great dick, I make your face flip Then take ya aboard a nigga Spaceship Star Trak, my fault I mean Mother Ship Put on the cameras, try it you'll be loving it And you can bring your girl and we can get on another tit Me?

Loon] Hey yo my intro's crazy, I'm in a new Mercedes Rocks the same colors as daisy's Y'all niggaz is lazy, I'm on my j-o-b And that's why ya hate on me But here's the update, Loon ain't got nothing but cake And power from here to upstate Y'all sweet as cupcakes So why niggaz stay wit tough faces? I stay trying to figure what Loon and Puff make [Verse: Diddy] Let's work huh yeahlet's work Let's work huh yeahlet's work Show me your soul! Show me your soul! Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell, they call me Diddy! We wanna see the masses shaking out there It's getting sexy in here Alright y'all, alright alright!

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