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Through VIP Security Transports, security escorts will provide you anv the comfort of knowing that you have a law enforcement officer escorting you connectkcut, who will also make every effort to make sure you are not followed home after court proceedings conclude. Our expertly-trained and qualified team of security-conscious drivers hold defensive and evasive driving qualifications to bring you the ultimate in chauffeured security transportation. This is the best way to protect domestic violence victims who are concerned about having contact with an abuser.

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Travel confidently, comfortably, and safely escorh discreet SUV's equipped with top security escorts provided by 21st Century Security. Our services are also ideal for clients who are, physically disabled, visually impaired or hard of hearing. Our security liaison affiliate VIP Security Transports will be pleased to discuss and coordinate your security concerns and requirements. Advanced protection services by professionals who expect the unexpected.

Depending on the level of security required, protective escorts may be prrsonal or unarmed and of our Dwscrete security escorts are trained in advanced driving. Designated Driver and Wine Tours There is no better way to show someone that you love, that you want him or her to come home safely. We are an integrated security and transportation service for executives, dignitaries, public figures, celebrities and other high-profile business and pleasure passengers. Court Escort We have law enforcement officers available to chauffeur and escort domestic violence victims to and from court.

We can also provide you with a back-up chauffeur in case your primary chauffeur becomes ill or unavailable.

Astute 21st Century Gadget for more information on jet repute and night services. Our universal liaison ethnicity VIP Security Sideswipes will be pleased to thank and thinking your area sluts and relationships.

Direct our chauffeur to the wineries connecicut bars of your choice drievr our chauffeur will see that you get there safely; return you home safely, all while you avoid drinking and driving. All of our active and retired police officers backgrounds are routinely checked, Our services are ideal for children who require a chauffeur locally or across country or internationally. This is the perfect way to assist your parents when pre-occupied with work or if you reside many miles away from your elderly parents.

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