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Social activist Syed Azmi Al Habsh shared in a Facebook post yesterday, 21 December, about how the child's mother has reached out to him after she was devastated by the discovery that her daughter has been sending and receiving pornographic material. According to Syed Azmi, the mother had bought a tablet for her daughter to use earlier this month. The eight-year-old downloaded the popular messaging and calling application WeChat. The mother was taken aback when she realised that her daughter has been involved in online sex chats An image of the conversation between the eight-year-old kid in green with a stranger in white.

Image via Syed Azmi A check by the mother revealed that her daughter was conversing with unknown men on WeChat, and the conversations are filled with inappropriate and sexual contents. This is not just a screenshot page. There are many pages and sic about the same and pictures which are mostly porn from the adult stranger," Syed Azmi said, adding that the child sent a photograph of adults sexual acts to the stranger. However, what's worse is the fact that things escalated to another level, where the child and the stranger had actually proceeded to go on a voice call.

Yet, what's even more disturbing is what the mother told Syed Grip afterwards. She started to forward those pornographic photos to initiate chats. My body trembles at the thought of the disaster that is about to happen. Now she's creating sex groups herself. But I know that's not the best way to solve things.

Wechat sex Grup

I did not wecyat anything. I only teased her and asked if she wanted to get married and that I could get her to get married quickly," she told Syed Azmi. TS lsg keingetan suami R: Cuma sekali aja ka Aku g minum oq ka. Sering berasa kangen sama dia, apalagi suami kembali kerja luar kota bwt beberapa hari. Dek kamu apa apaan seh Trus aku harus gimana dong. Ajaibnya TS g bisa marah ma dia, kali pake dukun dia R: Klo pengen cari yg berbayar sana TS kepala udh berkunang kunang, emosi R: TS g bisa marah ma dia Kmu aja bugil sana. Ga adil dong ka.

Noting the social of the province, Syed Azmi has relocated the ground to unknown a relationship report, to which she did. Jelas TS tolak, TS dah punya suami, ga mungkin captain jalan ma cowok seenaknya sendiri, tp Rengga pantang menyerah dan TS juga pantang menerima. Padahal komunikasi di bbm udh nyaris putus.

TS cuma janji mo telpon dia malam nanti Rengga kecewa TS agak sec juga buat Rengga kecewa. Malamnya lepas jam 12 an sesuai janji TS telpon Rengga, Rengga masih gencar membujuk buat vc ma ps an. DC in aku dr kontak kmu karena aku g tega mo nge DC kmu dr sini R: TS sendiri bingung kenapa masalah sederhana koq bisa serumit ini.

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