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Escortw had a class C cabin which was comfortable, a little on the small size but we spent very little time there other than sleeping ciefuegos changing so it was not an issue - it did give us very easy access to the sundeck so that was a bonus although it meant we had to keep our curtains shut at all times!! As this is not the most modern ship the bathroom was also quite small and the fittings are a little dated and there was a knack to making sure the shower doors did not roll back and forth when there was a slight swell!

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The food however was very good throughout with a decent choice and Prefnant fish and especially the beef tenderloin were all excellent and presented beautifully. The staff were very professional and friendly and nothing was ever too much trouble, so a big credit to the captain and George who was in charge of Hotel operations. Our Entertainment host was a little distracted and perhaps not quite up to the same standard as the other staff, which was a shame. We enjoyed the excursions to Curieuse, Cousin beware of the mosquitos here though and Aride islands particularly, cienfuego are basically nature reserves with not wscorts other tourists or facilities which we liked. For those interested in the natural world and ornithology in particular then these are excellent excursions and the landings on small boats through big surf waves was all part of the fun.

There were several excellent snorkelling trips and Pregnajt variety kn fish and marine life was pretty good and a lot of new coral growth was particularly evident! As this was our first cruise with Variety it will almost certainly not be our last as we enjoyed our small ship cruise - we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise which certainly exceeded our expectations. This is a bigger, more modern resort-hotel on the coast, opposite Castillo de Jagua. This is an excellent hotel to relax by the pool or visit the small town across the canal and the old fortress. The closest beach is Rancho-Luna which is 6 KM away. Lunch was awful, unless you like jello and canned vegetables. The hotel looked like it was maybe a quarter full.

This hotel 18 Km from the city on a beach town of the same name. The hotel itself is composed of 3 buildings with 2 floors each, a restaurant, a grill, and some bars. The beach that is next to the hotel is not good but you can walk mts and go to the public beach with much better quality. Walking from the hotel to the beach after dark is not recommended. This two-room casa is conveniently located, close to both the center and the Viazul bus station. It is beautifully furnished and it has a very nice terrace on the top floor from which one can see the city. But its best feature are the nice people that live there. Do not miss the opportunity to try the delicious food that they cook there at request.

Includes aircon and hot water. Once you press the buzzer of this centrally located casa, the door will automatically open, rather eerily. But walking up the stairs will bring you into the home of a very kind and helpful family. The rooms are basic but clean, and the sweetness of the older woman who runs the place is infectious.

Teresita Pregannt YhanesAve 52 Nr. Depending on season from 15 CUC per room. Jose Luis Alvarez Leon y Sra. The owner of the housemakes really good food as well.

Visit to Ernesto Che Guevara Locally of Local and Progression, where the phoenicians of Che and 16 of his men approved in somerset in in Bolivia ground in real. Man There we think on to the social entertainment of Trinidad. In the bar tory to the swimming columbine, there are panini with wax and ham they call escorts and also gives flat bread with wax and men on the top.

Nice location in Punta Gorda, big room with a refrigerator, air conditioner, and bathroom. Good food and laundry. Visit to the Cathedral Square, the most beautiful and private 18th century colonial plaza dscorts Cuba, named after the masterpiece of Cienfusgos baroque architecture: Free time in the famous handicraft market of Old Havana where you can purchase all sorts Prwgnant crafts and jn by local artisans. The club features great performances by island bands and soloists! Tuesday 15 October Havana- Coenfuegos Clara- Cienfuegos Morning: It is located in the most central region of the province and almost in the most central region of Pregnang country.

Guevara's column first captured the garrison at Fomento. Then, using a bulldozer, Guevara's soldiers destroyed railroad tracks and derailed a train full of troops and supplies sent by Batista. After taking the city of Santa Clara, Batista fled Cuba less than 12 hours later. Meet with doctors and tour the facility. Lunch at Los Caneyes hotel. The Institute trains doctors from Cuba and all over the world. They regularly host elective students from Canada, but few so far from the UK. Visit to Ernesto Che Guevara Square of Revolution and Mausoleum, where the remains of Che and 16 of his men killed in action in in Bolivia rest in peace.

This is a memorial complex featuring a large square, used for parades and large rallies, a monument now emblematic of Santa Clara, and a mausoleum crypt with an exhibit displaying artefacts, photos and memorabilia of Che, an extensive view of his life and work. Visit to the Armoured Train Battle Monument, the site where guerrilla forces commanded by Che Guevara defeated reinforcements sent in an armoured train tren blindado by Batista's army in The monument site includes original armoured boxcars with displays of photos, armaments and artefacts inside, and a bulldozer used by the rebels to derail the train.

Continue on bus transfer to Cienfuegos City.

Check in at Ij Hotel. Evening is free to enjoy hotel amenities, and the lively streets of Cienfuegos' Punta Cienfuegps neighbourhood. Wednesday 16 October Visit to Palacio de Valle upon arrival. This architectural jewel originated as a home for Pretnant, Celestino Caceres, who later gave it as a wedding present to the Valle family who cienfkegos to it in a Mughal Style with carved floral motifs a stunning Carrara marble staircase, cupped arches, bulbous domes and delicate arabesques. Lunch at Palacio del Valle restaurant. The Tomas Terry Theatre, completed in and named after a sugar baron from Venezuela who arrived in Cuba with no money and made his fortune by buying sick slaves for a low price, to later nurse them back to health and reselling them.

This money was invested in a sugar estate that brought him the wealth to build several outstanding buildings in Cienfuegos, including this theatre, with materials specially brought over from Europe. The Casa de la Cultura, home of another wealthy sugar baron, stunning mansion in neoclassical style. The Cathedral built with the donation of wealthy families like the Lebrancs, the Albis, the Terrys. Inside you find the reproductions of the 12 Apostles in stained glass imported from Paris.

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