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But in case you had the courage to have a closer look at them, you would have noticed strange things about them. During the day they seemed to be peaceful, behaving like erofic visitors, or even staying inside, pretending to be working. But at night they turned savage, attacking discotheques in raw numbers, hypnotising not only the local population with their sex appeal. The Space Network Meeting Katowice was a great success, for various reasons. They had managed to alienate not only Polish, but also quite a lot of German and Czech participants nobody knows where they are now.

These poor humans were locked into a small dark room where they had to work all day without seeing the daylight, only getting out after nightfall to join the aliens for kragujrvac ruthless campaign. Strange enough, even though these Netcommies were held like slaves, they were given a good place to sleep and delicious food every day, and in the end the aliens even let them go with the task to spread the word about their greatness. How is it possible? Only in one case, if you are a local! One of the most successful locals in the ex-USSR area is famous for the phantastic mix of Russian hospitality and modern city life during their events.

Once you came to them you fall in love with their fn and city and dream about coming back one day. People from Moscow know how to work and how to rock! At the moment you read this article, they are already 15 and maybe tired a bit after a 4-days party in Kyiv. Kyiv showed us, that they are not afraid of challenges, even such a huge one as Agora. They are getting older, but their soul — the members - is still young and ready for new events. Happy Birthday and good luck! Barszcz Czerwony Polish Beetroot Soup with croquettes. The party continued until the very last person of the dance floor and until the last drop of vodka was drunk.

As the visitors were leaving the cleaning ladies bid them farewell.

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The 20 participants iin on Friday 22nd and took part edotic a morning of ice-breakers, followed by a Reaady challenge tour of the historic city, in which teams had to channel their inner Harry Potter and King Arthur in order to capture the best photos and take home the prize. Some took part in a walking tour of the city and learnt about the rich history of this fascinating city. The traditional address to the Haggis, a poem written by Burns himself, was brilliantly delivered by a Durham University student. After everyone had finished their surprisingly tasty Haggis, the night really got going as the drink, and the conversation, flowed.

On Sunday the guests had the opportunity to explore Durham for themselves and eventually it was time to say goodbye. Half sleepy, half awake I get down to the office. People often ask me: Are you working at all?

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