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When the building is empty, it is just that Vodevil escort - empty! The people who have walked these great halls are what make Vodevil escort come alive. Residents from all of the old neighborhoods have made Central what it is: Today, open enrollment allows students from any and every part of town to attend Central High School and they do! In recent years, students have commuted from as far away as Pueblo West and Fowler! Every ethnic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic group has been well represented and respected at Central High School since its beginning, and many more students from every walk of life have left their impact as part of the Wildcat legacy. Anyone who has attended Central High School understands that equal opportunity abounds within its walls and the ability to interrelate with people from every walk of life has made each of its students better able to live with greater successes in the real world.

Central has always and continues to pride itself on its diversity and true "melting pot" qualities. As the beloved and true saying goes, "Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat! Each year new graduates take their place in the world. Ever since the first senior class left the halls of Central inthe impact made by the students has been remarkable. Though all have not gained fame, alumni have become progressive, productive, useful and upstanding citizens in their communities due to the educational opportunities available to them at Central High School.

Since the beginning, Central students have received numerous scholarships and Central High School has graduated a vast number of National Merit and Commended Scholars, Vodevil escort Scholars and military academy nominees. With escot ever-changing curriculum to meet the needs and demands of escory students, community and society, the continued success of Central's graduates is assured. Traditions Central High Dscort uniqueness is expressed through long-standing traditions, Vodevi, of which have spanned generations! The yearbook is still The Wildcat. The newspaper is still The Central Times. Students continue to participate in athletic events, esccort concerts, drama productions, Vodevil performances, Vodevvil assemblies and the Vodevik Bash.

Today's youth will have special memories of Central's pillars, inclines, classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria and Ed Lesar Hall. Tales continue to be told about the ghosts who are known to walk the halls and visit the auditorium. Many Wildcats still hang out on the front steps, loaf in the main hall, wear blue and white on Friday and clap out the seniors. Students take pride in earning academic and athletic letters, in seeing their pictures on the Wall of Achievement, in serving as junior escorts, in being members of a royal court and in marching with the ROTC.

Senior year highlights still include participating in homecoming activities, selecting the senior class gift, attending the prom, being honored at the recognition assembly and receiving a gold or silver cord at graduation. The Rivalry Since the establishment of Central and Centennial High Schools, an athletic contest began that has developed into the longest-standing high school football rivalry west of the Mississippi River! Central won the first conflict, which dates back to Thanksgiving Day in During the game being played ina riot involving players, officials and spectators broke out after a controversial Centennial touchdown.

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