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CraigDover, K. GorjanaOhnesorg, T.

Cools MartineDawson, A. Mowat DavidSmith, G. Surprisingly, little difference in diagnostic rate was observed between singletons and trios. Jamalthi Diem Chi, N. GorjanaOhnesorg, T.

PiedmontO'Connell, M. In many years our customers are informative as to the large cause of the DSD, which will receive clinical management. IrumRaza, J.

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Sequencing revealed 93 previously unreported DSD gene variants. Implementation of this panel in a large cohort of patients has expanded our understanding of the underlying genetic etiology of DSD. Our targeted gene panel compares favorably with other sequencing platforms. Eggers StefanieSadedin, S.

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