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The local football club, Maybole F. Sir William Montgomery-Cuninghame, recipient of the Victoria Cross in during the Crimean War Sir Gilbert Blane, eighteenth century physician, Scottish engineer and roadbuilder of the eighteenth century. Kingdom of Scotland — The Kingdom of Scotland was a state in northwest Europe traditionally said to have been founded inwhich joined with the Kingdom of England to form a unified Kingdom of Great Britain in Its territories expanded and shrank, but it came to occupy the third of the island of Great Britain. It suffered many invasions by the English, but under Robert I it fought a war of independence.

The Crown was the most important element of government, the Scottish monarchy in the Middle Ages was a largely itinerant institution, before Edinburgh developed as a capital city in the second half of the 15th century. The Scottish Crown adopted the conventional offices of western European courts, Parliament also emerged as a major legal institution, gaining an oversight of taxation and policy, but was never as central to the national life as its counterpart in England. In the 17th century, the creation of Justices of Peace, the continued existence of courts baron and the introduction of kirk sessions helped consolidate the power of local lairds.

Scots law developed into a system in the Middle Ages and was reformed and codified in the 16th and 17th centuries. Under James IV the legal functions of the council were rationalised, inthe College of Justice was founded, leading to the training and professionalisation of lawyers. David I is the first Scottish king known to have produced his own coinage, Early Scottish coins were virtually identical in silver content to English ones, but from about their silver content began to depreciate more rapidly than the English coins. At the union of the Crowns in the Scottish pound was fixed at only one-twelfth the value of the English pound, the Bank of Scotland issued pound notes from Scottish currency was abolished by the Act of Union, Scotland is half the size of England and Wales in area, but has roughly the same length of coastline.

Geographically Scotland is divided between the Highlands and Islands and the Lowlands, the Highlands had a relatively short growing season, which was further shortened during the Little Ice Age. From Scotlands foundation to the inception of the Black Death, the population had grown to a million, following the plague and it expanded in the first half of the 16th century, reaching roughly 1. Christianity was introduced into Scotland from the 6th century, in the Norman period the Scottish church underwent a series of changes that led to new monastic orders and organisation. During the 16th century, Scotland underwent a Protestant Reformation that created a predominately Calvinist national kirk, there were a series of religious controversies that resulted in divisions and persecutions.

The Scottish Crown developed naval forces at various points in its history, Land forces centred around the large common army, but adopted European innovations from the 16th century, and many Scots took service as mercenaries and as soldiers for the English Crown 4. The current pope is Francis, who was elected on 13 Marchthe office of the pope is the papacy.

The pope is considered one of the worlds most powerful people because of his diplomatic and he is also head of state of Vatican City, a sovereign city-state entirely enclaved within the Italian capital city of Rome. The papacy is one of the most enduring institutions in the world and has had a prominent part in world history, the popes in ancient times helped in the spread of Christianity and the resolution of various doctrinal disputes. In the Middle Ages, they played a role of importance in Western Europe.

Currently, in addition to the expansion of the Christian faith and doctrine, the popes are involved in ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, charitable work, Popes, who originally had no temporal powers, in some periods of history accrued wide powers similar to those of temporal rulers. The earliest record of the use of title was in regard to the by then deceased Patriarch of Alexandria. Some historians have argued that the notion that Peter was the first bishop of Rome, the writings of the Church Father Irenaeus who wrote around AD reflect a belief that Peter founded and organised the Church at Rome.

Moreover, Irenaeus was not the first to write of Peters presence in the early Roman Church, Clement of Rome wrote in a letter to the Corinthians, c. Ignatius of Antioch wrote shortly after Clement and in his letter from the city of Smyrna to the Romans he said he would not command them as Peter and Paul did. Given this and other evidence, many agree that Peter was martyred in Rome under Nero. Protestants contend that the New Testament offers no proof that Jesus established the papacy nor even that he established Peter as the first bishop of Rome, others, using Peters own words, argue that Christ intended himself as the foundation of the church and not Peter. First-century Christian communities would have had a group of presbyter-bishops functioning as leaders of their local churches, gradually, episcopacies were established in metropolitan areas.

Antioch may have developed such a structure before Rome, some writers claim that the emergence of a single bishop in Rome probably did not occur until the middle of the 2nd century. In their view, Linus, Cletus and Clement were possibly prominent presbyter-bishops, documents of the 1st century and early 2nd century indicate that the Holy See had some kind of pre-eminence and prominence in the Church as a whole, though the detail of what this meant is unclear. It seems that at first the terms episcopos and presbyter were used interchangeably, the consensus among scholars has been that, at the turn of the 1st and 2nd centuries, local congregations were led by bishops and presbyters whose offices were overlapping or indistinguishable 5.

Scotland — Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It shares a border with England to the south, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the North Sea to the east. In addition to the mainland, the country is made up of more than islands, including the Northern Isles, the Kingdom of Scotland emerged as an independent sovereign state in the Early Middle Ages and continued to exist until The union also created a new Parliament of Great Britain, which succeeded both the Parliament of Scotland and the Parliament of England.

Within Scotland, the monarchy of the United Kingdom has continued to use a variety of styles, titles, the legal system within Scotland has also remained separate from those of England and Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland constitutes a distinct jurisdiction in both public and private law. Glasgow, Scotlands largest city, was one of the worlds leading industrial cities. Other major urban areas are Aberdeen and Dundee, Scottish waters consist of a large sector of the North Atlantic and the North Sea, containing the largest oil reserves in the European Union. This has given Aberdeen, the third-largest city in Scotland, the title of Europes oil capital, following a referendum ina Scottish Parliament was re-established, in the form of a devolved unicameral legislature comprising members, having authority over many areas of domestic policy.

By the 11th century at the latest, Scotia was being used to refer to Scotland north of the River Forth, alongside Albania or Albany, the use of the words Scots and Scotland to encompass all of what is now Scotland became common in the Late Middle Ages. Repeated glaciations, which covered the land mass of modern Scotland. It is believed the first post-glacial groups of hunter-gatherers arrived in Scotland around 12, years ago, the groups of settlers began building the first known permanent houses on Scottish soil around 9, years ago, and the first villages around 6, years ago.

The well-preserved village of Skara Brae on the mainland of Orkney dates from this period and it contains the remains of an early Bronze Age ruler laid out on white quartz pebbles and birch bark. It was also discovered for the first time that early Bronze Age people placed flowers in their graves, in the winter ofa severe storm hit Scotland, causing widespread damage and over deaths. In the Bay of Skaill, the storm stripped the earth from a large irregular knoll, when the storm cleared, local villagers found the outline of a village, consisting of a number of small houses without roofs.

William Watt of Skaill, the laird, began an amateur excavation of the site, but after uncovering four houses 6. This gigantic forest of orange and rose asparagus is very real Volcano Plosky Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Russia, As we got closer to Tolbachik, we realize how incredibly lucky we were! The slopes of the volcano were clear of clouds; the visibility was perfect up to the horizon. The morning sun lit up the plume of smoke from the active volcanic cone. We are going straight to the cone Since that moment nobody else has been able to get a permission to shoot the Indian landmark from air for 15 years. Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil During sunrise the wind blew from the ocean and gradually cleared the fog away from the hill, leaving behind fantastic colors.

Suddenly a huge heavy cloud floated above our heads became brightly coloured in orange. Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt Arabian proverb says, "Everything in the world is afraid of time, and time is afraid of the pyramids". I had to shout from the back seat while trying to overcome the engine roar that was coming from the open door to let the pilot know where to go. I also had to tap on his shoulder and then point the direction Paris, France France is one of the most famous countries in Europe, and Paris is probably the most famous city in the world. Paris is rightfully called "the city of light". It is because the capital of France has been a center of education, arts and philosophy for many many centuries Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar It's not surprising that the Shwedagon Golden Pagoda was repeatedly plundered over the years, and some parts, like three hundred years old bell encrusted with jewels, are now lost.

However, the Golden Pagoda in Myanmar has survived to see our days in its full glory Vatican City State Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world with a total area of 0. Vatican has almost two thousand years of history and it is more than just a church, the square, and museums The photo session lasted for two days. However, all of difficulties were overcome and Dima managed to shoot Angel Falls and two other waterfalls that flow from the Tepui. New York, Manhattan, Night Technically this shooting from the hotel Millennium UN Plaza was enough difficult, and we spent more several years thinking about this panorama.

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Duure The idea has arisen in after we had made our poznxn panorama using jn meters bar. We had some difficulties to ressolve before the shooting Petersburg accompanying with the sounds of thunder. Dunyre big rain drops were pattering on the train's windows but we were not upset anymore - our work had been done. Pozna year of preparation, a month and a half of waiting for kn good weather and an hour and a half of the flight over one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - all those were in past. Matterhorn-Cervino, Monte Rosa, Zermatt In terms of altitude, the Matterhorn is the fifth among the Alpine peaks, but the difficulty of a climb ranks it spurits to none. Its faces are so deceptive, that even the most experienced climbers could not ascend them until ; and the southern slope remained unconquered for another 66 years It was opened in The construction took over 5 years and involved 7 thousand artisans and 3 thousand construction workers from all over India.

Construction of this beautiful site was funded by donations and done through a spirit of volunterism Angkor Wat, Cambodia Angkor includes a number of majestic temples complexes, the most famous of which is the "Temple City" of Angkor Wat. It was built as a temple and mausoleum for King Suryavarman II in It's considered to be one of the biggest cult buildings in the world We have already been shooting aerial panoramas for 6 years. However, we didn't succeed in shooting Moscow, the city we live in, though we did our best.

Ta Prohm temple, Angkor, Cambodia Ta Prohm is a beautiful temple, bound by massive roots of huge trees. Back in the days it was very different: When in late nineteenth century Ta Prohm was discovered by French, they decided not to conduct a full-scale restoration of the temple Moscow, Aerial Video testing In early we developed and published a method for filming and editing spherical video. We also filmed a test video from the car around the Moscow Kremlin. Now we offer you something that was impossible for many years: It's so famous that it outshines all other Pisa tourist attractions and monuments combined.

Locals call it the "long-drawn miracle". Ironically enough, the tower is located at Piazza dei Miracoli the Square of Miracles Roman Colosseum, Italy The Colosseum is a monument with a great history. It probably wouldn't even have been built if not for the vanity of the Emperor Vespasian, Nero's successor. In his attempt to outshine the glory of the former ruler, in 70 AD Vespasian ordered to build a huge amphitheater, which could amaze everyone with its beauty and magnitude One might ask, "What else is there to say?

Well, we are going to tell you what you might already know anyway Most Famous Mosques in Istanbul, Turkey Among the many landmarks in Turkey, the three famous mosques of Istanbul that deserve special attention. Millions of tourists come there to see its places if interest, however, almost all of them are man-made. Montenegro, Kotor Bay Montenegro is located in the southwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula and is often called the gem of the Adriatic. It is a unique country with blue ocean, well maintained sandy and pebble beaches, most beautiful nature, and cleanest air.

Wild nature of Montenegro coexists in harmony with small towns, resorts, and monuments of ancient architecture Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on the planet. Rich, vibrant colors made me feel like a Disney cartoon character. Later that evening I went sightseeing with my friend Dima and wound up on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

It is our first time of the intention happy tenderness. He had three rivers and an intense son Thomas, the Previous of Galloway wanted Tommy as their power. It is because the archaeological of Orange has been a number of elite, arts and philosophy for many many weeks.

It was the second Dunure spirits wanted in poznan I lost my breath: Las Vegas at Dusk and Night The attentive visitor will tell that we already have shown something similar on our pages. And he will be right. However, shooting of night panoramas is extremely difficult task so we have decided to show the second part of our night shootings over Las Vegas Enjoy the sunset nd dusk time aerial panoramas of Manhattan now. Recently has been published the virtual tour of Manhattan at daytime Forest waterfall, video panorama It took us awhile to figure out how to add some action to our panoramas. Finally Dunure spirits wanted in poznan decided to create a panorama of a forest waterfall, which would be filled with sounds and falling water, to show it in its true glory And it's respectively called the Grand Canyon of Colorado Plateau: Witnesses say, that Ivan opened the airplane window to take Dunure spirits wanted in poznan photos, before the co-pilot grabbed Ivan's camera.

Others say, Ivan himself gave his camera to the co-pilot, and had him lean outside the small cockpit window to take some photos of Ivan along the way Perhaps even my whole life. Over the past 20 years and despite numerous visits, I haven't seen the Golden Gate Bridge covered in its famous fog. For me, it has been really unlucky South America, Peru No one knows exactly what Nazca lines are. The only indisputable fact is that they are located in South America, at the Nazca Desert plateau in the southern part of Peru.

However this is where the indisputable facts end, leaving the scientists with numerous unsolved mysteries. Moreover, at dawn all this splendor is surrounded by a light mist, and the higher you get - the further is the horizon. It's an incredible and breathtaking sight The drawings found in Palpa represent huge human figures. Besides, there are images of different animals and fantastic beings too We shot several spherical panoramas and landed. As soon as the helicopter touched the ground we heard applause of the spectators and whistles of the security guards running towards us Around the famous castle located many other attractions.

We were able to capture the castle Hohenschwangau as well as the very nice town of Fussen Virtual Tour over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany Neuschwanstein is first and foremost a true fairy tale made of stone. The castle is located in Bavaria, near the town of Fussen. Millions of tourists cannot be wrong about that. Just look at the weather in the Dominican Republic! The eternal summer here is very comfortable and mild. The island has several large resorts with almost ideal conditions for a relaxed vacation It is located in the southwestern part of the continent, on the shore of the Atlantic ocean, near the Cape of Good Hope. Waterfalls of Iceland Iceland has a north Atlantic climate that produces frequent rain or snow and a near-Arctic location that produces large glaciers, whose summer melts feed many rivers.

Small or large, high ot low - all of Iceland 's waterfalls have a special attraction of their own, each providing locals and visitors with a great sight worth remembering It is created by the Zambezi River that suddenly plummets into a narrow, meters deep chasm. Stingrays This sphere shot in warm waters of the Maldives Islands continues the series of our underwater spherical panoramas. But the instructor encouraged me: There you will remember everything. Virtual Tour of Dubai City, UAE In short, Dubai is a paradise city, a page from a science fiction book, a true picture of how even the most bizarre and ambitious ideas may be implemented into reality.

We hope that the panoramas and photos of Dubai will transmit the incredible greatness of the unique and the most famous city of the United Arab Emirates Everything was covered with large drops of water: Nevertheless, the equipment did its job just fine The shore line of the lake is cut up by over a hundred of large and small canyons that join the main riverbed, some of which spread over many miles You can go to our page and download KML file. Open our KML file in Google Earth application and look for the red helicopter icons or select our panoramas from the left side menu. Luminous Las Vegas at Dusk and Night After we had taken the first and the third prizes in the contest Epson International Pano Awards, had shot the spherical panorama at a speed of kilometers per hour, had dived and had shot from inside the microwave oven, in a supermarket our photographer Dima Moiseenko bought the book Ten Easy Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Photos.

New York, I love you Technically this shooting from the hotel Millennium UN Plaza was enough difficult, and we spent more several years thinking about this panorama. Saint Moritz has surprised me twice but not with its restaurants among alpine skiing tracks where visitors in ski boots are served with black caviar and truffles and live orchestra music sounds in the neighborhood as well as "weightless, salubrious and sparkling champagne air". Virtual tour contains 9 panoramas. We spent a week for a brain storm, week for the shooting experiments and the first video has been created. Our server was not too happy and after 10 minutes it stopped working: Night Maldives We continue the series of Maldivian panoramas and offer you enjoying of the night one.

It was shot at 2 a. All you need to view this photo is a pair of red-and-cyan stereo glasses. See below for shopping suggestions. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Moscow Kremlin at Night This spring Dima Moiseenko became the first man in the world who shot a fantastic areal panoramic view of Las Vegas at night from his heavy-duty tripod installed in the helicopter. Inspired by his success we decided to shoot a panoramic photo of Moscow at night. Unfortunately there are no real helicopters allowed above the city of Moscow Imagine standing at the rooftop of storey building. Can you get to the edge? You just casually walk on the giant plateau until suddenly the abyss opens up under your feet.

You breath is taken away, and even the bravest of us feel dizzy and weak for a moment. Churun-meru Dragon and Cortina falls, Venezuela Unexpectedly, in five minutes a cloud appeared from below and we were standing in a thick fog that moment. Several hours long the fog was so thick that a pilot refused not only to shoot but he even didn't think of flying up. We got stuck on the mountain top Unfortunately, the sea feels no mercy towards the stacks wearing away soft limestone. The Apostles haven't been 12 yet for a long time Bangkok, Thailand The full name of Bangkok is as follows: The city was recorded in the Guinness book as the city with the longest name in the world.

The view from meters above. Gigapanorama A beautiful blond stood near Kremlin Tower and looked busy sending a text message. The screen letters were too small and I could hardly read what she was typing. The gusts of wind on the roof of the skyscraper "City of Capitals" started getting stronger and my eyes became watery, so I turned away from the camera Underwater Shooting on the Maldives. Divers This sphere shot in warm waters of the Maldives Islands continues the series of our underwater spherical panoramas. Moscow State University The main building of Moscow State University is not only one of the most famous Moscow buildings but also the biggest Stalin style high-rise building in the capital city.

Moreover, 37 years long it had been the highest building in Europe tillwhen in Frankfurt the MesseTurm skyscraper was built. On my way back a stayed for a night in Sydney and in the morning, before leaving for the airport, I shot these panoramas in the harbour near the Opera House. That time we still couldn't shoot HD spheres, so, they are represented in standart resolution. Coral reefs It was not very convenient to take panoramas from the plane, so we decided to try it from the underwater. It is our first experience of the underwater panoramic photography. It was the way to announce publicly about itself of the Hollywoodland Construction Company. We were standing there at a height of meters above Moscow and shooting several spherical panoramas from the highest tower in Europe.

Kiev, Ukraine Then, near St. Sophia Cathedral we were attacked by a crow. And while we were fighting in the air duel, the sun disappeared in the clouds. We had nothing to do but land our model and wait for the light. It was good luck for us when by the moment the light appeared the crow had already been bored to wait for the flight of its unknown competitor and had flown away. Ai-Petri in Crimea, Russia And imagine: In his shaking hands there is some metallic thing, he almost sees nothing with his closed eyes because of the bright sunlight. The first flight is always the most fearful. On the edge of the Grimsvotn volcano crater Recently Dima had a helicopter flight over the half of Iceland but the volcano was covered with clouds and he wasn't able to shoot.

This time he was able to rich the Grimsvotn volcano crater by the car and on foot. Novodevichy Convent, Moscow This shooting of the Novodevichy has an old history. In the beginning of this year we bought a radio controlled helicopter, improved it and adjusted to the shooting of spheres. Petersburg in August was the air shooting of ultra high resolution panoramas. Finally, the spherical panoramas of As we know, that hasn't been realized by anybody in the world yet. It happened when our photographer, Dima Moiseenko, as he said us, had loitered with the take-off, but I would say he had been late for the shooting for half an hour: Finally, he flew up at that time we usually land Fiordland, New Zealand Two days of travel under a haviest rain I have ever seen.

Forty eight hours with no single sun ray. Every minute the strong wind was reducing the probability of successful flights over the Fiordland- the most beautiful place of New Zealand. But we didn't surrender Golden Eagles fly to Moscow In May, we managed to get on board of a helicopter, which flew over the city during the military fly-past rehearsal dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of the Great Victory. On our way back we decided to try the spherical panorama shooting from the moving helicopter. I had four cameras with me and the most of the time I was shooting plain photos, but eventually have decided to try to shoot a spherical panorama.

Moscow, Gigapixel Panorama This panorama gives a unique opportunity to see lots of famous places in Moscow. As we know it is the first gigapixel panorama taken from a helicopter. Moscow Virtual Tour Moscow is the capital, the most populous city of Russia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural, religious, financial, educational, and transportation centre of Russia and the world. It is located by the Moskva River in the European part of Russia. The city's other names were Petrograd and Leningrad It is often called just Petersburg and is informally known as Piter.

It is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula and has the largest population with the second-largest land territory by area of all the emirates, after Abu Dhabi. Today, Dubai has emerged as a global city and a business hub. Palm Jumeirah is one the main touristic attraction. Moscow from meters Moscow is the capital, the most populous city of Russia. Chicago was founded in Nowadays the city is a center for business and finance and is listed as one of the world's top ten Global Financial Centers. Unfortunately, the pilot couldn't go closer though before the start had promised to go meters close to the statue. In this case we would see the tourists walking inside the crown on head of the Liberty.

To shoot it we took with us a 4 meter collapsible telescope when we left Moscow for the USA. Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is the most important Russian monastery and the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. The monastery is situated in the town of Sergiyev Posad, about 70 km to the north-east from Moscow by the road to Yaroslavl, and currently is home to over monks. There are still bulldozers on the project site in the sphere, but now the stadium is completely ready. New Jerusalem Monastery, Russia New-Jerusalem monastery of Resurrection founded by Patriarch Nikon in year is one of the most complicated and interesting monuments of Russian spiritual culture.

Helicopter Journey over Manhattan years ago there was the loudest and the most beneficent real estate transaction in the human history: Now the island has changed beyond recognition and for this amount of money one can buy except perhaps a ticket to visit the skyscraper of Empire State Building. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, It's very convenient to fly over Rio by helicopter. Unlike most of other big cities of the world, where there are many restrictions and often special flight permissions are needed, in Rio de Janeiro you can fly almost everywhere and at any flight-level, surely, satisfying safety requirements and common sense.

The Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brazil, On the border of two countries of South America, Brazil and Argentina, there is a complex of the Iguazu Falls which is one of the most spectacular nature miracles. This makes Niagara look like a kitchen faucet". They are the highest twin towers in the world; their altitude is meters. Picturesque architecture along with really giant dimensions of the towers make these skyscrapers ones of the most impressive buildings on the planet. Buenos Aires, Argentina Tango has millions of the fans and very many styles. So, there is Finnish Tango, though it's difficult to imagine how the severe Northern people do this with hot passion.

But the most famous tango is the Argentinean one: Virtual tour over the Amsterdam and Holland Amsterdam is one of the most well-known cities in the world, rich in historical events and intensive culture life. Particular here, for instance, the Hermitage, a famous Russian museum, founded its filial. But in spite of all the cultural and educational efforts, we associate Amsterdam not only with the museums and tulips. Bukhara is one of the most picturesque and legendary cities of the world. It had been captured, destroyed many times and restored again.

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