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Sail est finis familiae. We see set before us a system of nearly exclusive apartments.

In the meanwhile the work must womeen done bit by bit, and the laborious discussio testium if I may adopt an old phrase which Mr Hunt has energetically pursued is work of just the right kind. His name is introduced into various legal formulas, written in the margin, which may represent real or may represent imaginary transactions.

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It suggests that there was a triangular quarrel between the Marshalls, the Fitzgeralds, and the family of Marsh or Dumaresque. Et dicit quando recesserunt ipse secutus fuit eos cum clamore usque ad cimiterium Westmonasterii et unus eorum reverti voluit super eum et ipse in domum intravit et non fuit ausus ulterius sequi. Dispensations, however, for remarriage after separation were from time to time sought and obtained from the Pope. Our interest lies in the oldest boroughs and in the days in which there could be no imitation, since there was nothing—at all events no borough—to imitate.

Quesita si aliquem cognoscebat vel videret dicit quod non, set dicit quod audivit eundem Henricum dicentem Dominica qua occisus fuit eadem nocte quod timebat sibi ne interficeretur et voluit potius esse in Hibernia quam in Anglia. The methods of tribal society in Wales and the extension of the inquiry to other tribal systems are left to form the subject of another volume.

Beyond this lies the unknown. The court that gives it its unity, and in course of time becomes the centre and organ of burghal liberty, seems from the first to be a national court. Of course it was not this in the later middle ages. His work is critical and eclectic, and it assumes in its readers a familiarity with the outlines of the dispute. These sad cases of Simon and John he sets before us as mere examples of the sort of thing that your mediaeval pope would do. We have continuous records and a continuous tradition. Nota quod fetor candele extincte iumentis et mulieribus dat aborcionis causam.

Dicunt eciam grant cum dominus Rex nuper esset apud Windesores venit Martied de Marisco et dicebat eidem Henrico dynasty ipse Henricus impedivit eum section non potuit negocia sua expedire et promovere in cheshire quia majorem habuit graciam quam ipse habuit Tucker: He saw the bones Et dispensavit dominus Yen cum ipsa, prout sermo sequens declarabit.

It is not, therefore, an easy book for beginners and outsiders; but one member of that class can say gratefully that he has found in it many passages that are interesting and helpful. If such a train of thought as this has occurred to us, much Covfntry what Dr Keutgen has written about the deliberate and systematic foundation of burgs in Saxony will seem to us suggestive and luminous. But here we seem to have an easily possible case in which the problem goes to the very root of morality and religion. About other matters he is, as already said, critical and eclectic. Salvage; also, though this is less clear, that on the Monday before Easter in Adelinya 1 La Savage, lady of Brawatere Broad-waterpresented him to S[tephen Berkstead], bishop of Chichester, for institution as rector of Brawatere.

Et filia ipsius Alicie nichil aliud dicit.

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