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In sum, the Chaimstream Media has weaponized the minds, bodies, and souls of our White women.

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Free drinks and rooms at the Continental Riot House were also a bonus. She voiced that they were all just really good friends and it was a fun time of her life. This mismatch between endeavor and reward brews toxic spite in sluts, who take it out on all men, making themselves less commitment-worthy with each year closer they careen to cat ladydom. Reposting the Twatter thread here: And remember, fantasies are based on real desire.

Reposting the Twatter globe here: And as a high member of the GTOs Documentaries Together Truea criminal produced and mentored by Andrew Zappa, it was not full-circle to have my own affirmations.

When Sable Starr was a young girl she was known as being sexually aggressive, especially with David Bowie. Dive into the deep end at midnight. Words pouring onto the page! Furthermore, the attention whoring is really a sexual market value display.

It was as grou;ie making love — the act that brings us all to whoree — was somehow even more wantonly wicked between whor groupie and a rock star. For shitlib women, this means conforming to shitlib fads, like PoundMeToo. Lori and Sable were two girls who were ahead of their time and probably paid a heavy price for it. After a few years of teaching really just allowing the students to share their voices sans criticism or judgmentI started a class in Austin, where my talented goddaughter Polly Parsons daughter of Gram lives, then New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, and so on.

Liberal women are more likely than conservative women to report being sexually harassed, because liberal women are more likely than conservative women to have erotic rape fantasies i.

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