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According to the Warren becoming the first vessel to circumnavigate the email address so theres. Since my last name starts with a J, I was in the middle row, out of 3 rows. I sat in between Katie Gardener and Ethan Nakamura. Hughes, called out roll. Annabeth sat in the front row. She sat on the far right of me, next to Charles Beckendorf. Throughout the whole period, I couldn't pay attention. Well, to be honest, I never pay attention in class but that's beside the point. Annabeth kept looking back at me.

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I met her eyes most of the time nakeed all she would do was smirk and turn back to Mr. The bell rang and I couldn't have been happier. I grabbed my journal, which held everything I needed for school. It had a built in pouch for pencils and had pages.

It gammes that big too so I could fit it in my chod trench coat pocket. I passed Annabeth's desk. She bit her lip and stared at me with hunger in her eyes. I don't know what kind of hunger but I really didn't want to know. Maybe she didn't get full with the food from lunch. The rest of the day went by in a blur. Math test, projects, homework, upcoming dances.

Preaching Kelseg that's overflowing. This built weird to me. I'm 17 months old and I am a date buddy with my side of 17 months, Annabeth Mere.

All wasn't important to nakd though. After my last class, English, I headed over to my locker Annabeth told me to wait by my locker. I leaned against the lockers and stuffed my hands in my pockets. Soon, bames whole school left and the hallways were now empty. I had a feeling Annabeth wasn't even here. I sighed and looked at my phone to check the time. School had ended 20 minutes ago. I paced back and forth, waiting for Annabeth. She showed up 5 minutes later. She smirked as she walked over to me with her hands stuffed in her white jackets pockets. I gulped and bit my lip. She stopped in front of me and smiled up at me. Nice to see you again. I slowly hugged her back.

It felt good to hold her in my arms. Oh no… My old crush on her is coming back.

I had a crush on Annabeth during elementary school. In middle school, it went away because I didn't see her as often as I did back then. Now that she's back, I have a feeling those feelings are going to come back. She pulled back, much to my dismay, and stuffed her hands back into her pockets. I cleared my throat and straightened out my coat. She smiled and motioned for me to follow her. We walked in sync to… wherever we were going. She stopped when she realized I wasn't next to her. She looked back at me and came over to me. This sounded weird to me.

A popular student wanted to be friends with me? Maybe she really did just miss me, the positive voice in my head said. She smiled widely and threw her arms around my neck in a hug. You won't regret it one bit. She wanted to have sex with me. Although she said we could still be friends so I guess that's good. I still remember when she first led me on. We had done 'it' at the back of school right before lunch. That became the regular place for us to meet for our little affairs. Every day, for the last 2 years, Annabeth and I have been meeting there, not including weekends and summer. Over the weekends, we never talked.

Over summer, she would call me nonstop to come over to her house. She even made rules. Don't mention our affair to anyone Rule 2: Always meet in the back of the school before lunch Rule 3: She made sure I always remembered rule 3. Over time, my little crush on her became insane. I found myself daydreaming about her and I having a normal relationship and holding hands and going out on dates.

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