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He claims seeming was one of many see,ing given to him. And as for the love of money, they just adore it. Lots of them are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Some are raking in a million plus. Hiring the Wolf of Wall Street for a real estate convention is like hiring the Pope for a Catholic convention. Jordan Belfort lives in luxury today while his victims suffer. He lives in a beautiful home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Do you know how expensive it is to hire a private jet? And this from a man who claims to be full of remorse for his victims.

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What a slap in the face for thousands of investors who lost so many millions. How does he afford to hire those private jets these days? But has anyone done some simple sums? Let me share something with you: The way the real estate industry is structured today, almost anyone can earn a huge income; it depends on what they are prepared to do. In the short-term, if they lie and cheat, agents can be richly rewarded. Honest agents often get trampled to death by dishonest agents. Forget about it, in most cases.

Real estate is a selfish industry polluted by selfish people, the sort who worship Jordan Belfort. And, basically, this is the number one reason that people are flocking to see Jordan Belfort. To most agents, such a promise is almost irresistible. Wiman then, I suppose, who cares about integrity at a seminar conducted by belofrt convicted fraudster? But, hey, do you want to hear something really funny? Other crooks are ripping it off and selling it for a mere pittance! You know the answer to that question. Picture a poster in the window of a real estate agency. It also has these words: He recently came to Australia and trained thousands of agents.

Our agency refused to be trained by him, no matter how many extra sales he promised we could make or how much extra money he promised we could earn. At our agency, our Number One goal is to take care of our clients. If your reputation is important to you, please, for your own sake, stay away from Jordan Belfort. This is my favourite Jordan Belfort story.

It really reveals his character: And how did he do that? Belfort agreed to become a rat, a real rat. Consequently, the FBI made many more arrests. Unlike Belfort, the FBI and the prosecutors were true to their word. They put in a good word for him to the Judge. Yes, as Belfort, to his delight, discovered, cowardice paid. Most decent Australians which means most Australians consider men who abuse women to be cowards. These days, we have some real heroes in our country. Why not hire a local hero for a conference instead of an overseas coward? Recently, another Australian real estate identity, Gary Pittard, hired a speaker called Ben Roberts-Smith to speak at a Pittard seminar.

Jordan is a coward who rats on his mates; Ben is a war hero who saves his mates. Ben won a Victoria Cross. Jordan went to jail. But, no, Gary Pittard chose the Aussie hero and not the Yank coward. No, instead, Ben Roberts-Smith spoke of those great but perhaps old-fashioned values such as honour, mateship, courage and love of country. I adore Ben Roberts-Smith. I despise Jordan Ross Belfort. And, finally, who do you think is going to make the real estate industry look better — a convicted Yank fraudster or a decorated Aussie war-hero? I promise you that your audience will adore Ben Roberts-Smith — and for all the right reasons.

Come on, Australia is full of heroes. When your wife called you from America, little did she know that you had a call-girl with you. Only two things were against her—she was uninjured, and the attendance books of the institution showed conclusively that the defendant had not been at the gallery that day. THE following passage from his paper throws some light on the origin of many of these charges: To those who do not understand the phrase I may explain that it simply means that a girl who may have been quite innocently dawdling about till past the hour of return rigidly enforced by a strict mistress, does not go home, but wanders about all night or sleeps in an outhouse.

She is either found by the police or goes back home in the morning and concocts on the way a story of rape, particularised by the most minute details, not one of which is corroborated on examination, nor can the police find a scrap of evidence in support of her story. Yet she becomes the interesting prey of some Vigilance Committee, and it is more by good luck than by good guiding, as the Scotch say, that she does not pick out and name some unfortunate man for the gratification of the prurient curiosity of the fussy women who have taken up her case. In one of these cases brought to me the inter