How to stop a compulsive liar

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The Truth Behind Pathological and Compulsive Liars

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They feel they need to lie to win the acceptance and approval of people they value. Over time, lying becomes addictive. It feels more comfortable and more normal than telling the truth, to the point where many compulsive liars end up lying to themselves too. Unfortunately, without compulsive liar treatment, it can last a lifetime. Why is it a problem? It can ruin your career and destroy relationships. Deep intimacy requires trust. Fruitful working relationships require trust. Without trust, everything you say is called into question and every important person in your life feels constantly betrayed and unclear about your intentions and real thoughts and feelings.

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In her time she'd lied about knowing famous people she didn'twinning money she hadn't stoop, and not cheating on or syop stolen from boyfriends she had. Now Claire felt she'd burnt all her bridges, friends had fled, and work opportunities dried up. She tk desperate to stop compulsively lying and have a fresh start - somewhere new. So, do you lie? Compulsive lying and the art of diplomacy I'm not talking about those everyday little pieces of expediency most of us indulge in: Neither am I talking about unconscious dishonesty, 'cognitive dissonance', in which we kid ourselves.

No, I'm talking about compulsive and purposeful lying. The kind that tangles you up and eventually and inevitably gets sussed. There are things you can do to stop the compulsive liar in you from rearing its ugly head. What causes compulsive lying?

There are many reasons why someone might compulsively lie. Claire lied to get attention to feel special. She had often lied that she was ill. I've actually been stip by the governor of California to comment on this. The two lying types are pretty similar, he says, and actually, ''You could be a compulsive pathological liar. They know impulsivity and a need to impress could be linked to the habit. Liars' brains may differ structurally from the average brain. In a study in The British Journal of Psychiatryscientists did brain scans on pathological liars and others, and found that the liars had more white matter in the brain's prefrontal cortex.

They concluded that the increase in white matter may somehow provide these "super-liars" with ''the cognitive capacity to lie. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy is a positive start for people who constantly lie. The biggest problems with pathological liars is that in most situations they don't recognize that they are luar because they lie so frequently. Psychotherapists help pathological liars accept sto truth for a better future. Cognitive Behavior Therapy Cognitive behavior therapy is a special type of therapy for cases who need special guidance.

In these sessions, professional therapists understand the individual's mind and learn the main reasons for continuous lying. These therapists also help the patients to understand the effects of their continuous lying on their loved ones and their relationships. Here are some of them. Bipolar disorder can have a connection with compulsive lying disorder. People who have bipolar disorder suffer from extreme mood swings, where depression is followed by a manic behavior, where they feel that nothing can hinder them from achieving what they want to achieve.

As, during such situations people are driven by impulsive desires, compulsive lying can also be triggered by it. Many times, this problem starts during childhood. Children often have the tendency to lie to their parents or other caregivers due to fear of getting punished.

To stop a compulsive liar How

However, if this behavior goes unmonitored, chances are there that it may lead to compulsive lying disorder. One of the most important problem with people suffering from this disorder is that, they have a fear of facing the truth. It is because of this, that they start lying and refuse to accept this fact, even when they are caught in the act and are shown substantial proof. Narcissistic people who cannot see anything beyond themselves, people who are manipulative in nature, and people who are addicted to alcohol, gambling, drugs, etc, may lie compulsively to hide their actual personality.

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