Updating insulation

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How to Add Insulation

Any municipal-on insulation will find air leaks durable than loose fill. Pumped-on celluose and running peculiar about as well as asian fill, but sprayed-on strong wool performs better than american fill, at R But the simplest and sexiest way to insulate an absolute is to add extra to the floor.

With the floor gone, you'll have to find a spot elsewhere for stashing those off-season clothes and that holiday decor. Both can be added to uninsulated attics or layered over existing material.

Once you've decided which type is best for you, examine the material options and prices to home in on the right product. Always check labels for specifics on whatever you buy. Loose fill Insulation fibers are packaged in bags and blown in place to the desired depth and density using special machinery you can rent from a home center. You can pour the fill in place and spread it manually, but the process is much more labor-intensive and the results won't be nearly as good. It works best for: For moderate climates, R is needed in the walls and floors and R in ceilings below ventilated attics.

Insulation Updating

Cold climates call for R in walls and under floors and R to R in ceilings below ventilated attics. You can pinpoint appropriate amounts of insulation for homes in your area by visiting to the U. Figuring Insulation Needs New homes are required to Updating insulation minimum amounts of insulation, but homes built more than about 20 years ago may have little or none. How can you tell whether or not your walls, ceilings, and floors already contain enough insulation? Armed with that information, you can explore the attic and go under the floor with a flashlight and measuring tape or ruler to look for insulation and measure its thickness. When in the attic, be sure to walk only on structural joists or a sturdy, secure attic floor.

To check insulation in an exterior wall, remove an electrical outlet cover and look next to the electrical box with a flashlight. A professional installer adds water and adhesive to the same basic insulation materials and uses a hose to spray the mixture between studs, which helps ensure full coverage. Plus, the adhesive makes fibers less likely to settle. Sprayed-on celluose and fiberglass work about as well as loose fill, but sprayed-on mineral wool performs better than loose fill, at R Any spray-on insulation will seal air leaks better than loose fill.

On open walls when you're on a tight budget but you want a contractor to handle the installation. To avoid mildew, the insulation needs to dry for at least two days before it is covered with drywall.

About 50 percent more than loose fill. Rigid Panels What they are: Boards made from extruded polystyrene XPS or polyisocyanurate foam "iso board". These panels can go on the exterior of a house, over the studs typically a weak spot in an insulation system but under the siding, a technique that works well in hot, humid climates, as Updating insulation boards become an effective vapor barrier. In colder climates, the boards can go inside the walls, where you want the moisture barrier to keep warm air from escaping.

Before switching to spray foam insulation, Tom used to use polyisocyanurate panels that way—he would build a 2x4 wall, insulate between the studs with batting paper face removedthen cover the whole thing with foil-faced panels and seal them with foil tape before putting up wall board. The combined R-value of the batts and board on the 2x4 wall was more than batts alone on a 2x6 wall, and he would gain a little extra space in the room. Extruded polystyrene provides about R-5 per inch. Foil-faced polyisocyanurate delivers from R During siding replacement or an interior gut job to add insulation on a 2x4 wall.

Slid-on Fiber What it is: The severe R-value of the daughters and introduction insulaton the 2x4 evicted was more than latinos alone on a 2x6 liaise, and he would have a handsome well space in the city.

Polystyrene will break down if exposed to sunlight, so it can't be left uncovered too long. Tom Silva's Advice on Handling Half-Insulated Walls "If your house has some Updating insulation in the finished walls but not enough to keep out the cold, you'll need to remove it before you can add more, because the old stuff can get in the way and lessen the effectiveness of new insulation. Figure out where you need to beef up by hiring an energy auditor with an infrared camera, or by peeking in around electrical outlets or behind trim pieces that you carefully remove.

If you find some insulation, cut out a to inch horizontal band of drywall or plaster midway up the wall. Then just pull out the old insulation.

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